The Most Common Patterns in 75-Ball Bingo

Vector image of colorful 75-ball bingo cards.

75-ball bingo is a popular bingo variation that originated in America in the 1920s. It’s often referred to as American Bingo and is enjoyed all over the world. Let’s introduce you to the easy gameplay and some of the seemingly-endless 75-ball bingo patterns. The next time you play online bingo games, you’ll be a 75-ball whiz.

How to play 75-ball bingo

It’s time for some 75-ball bingo rules and gameplay. You’ll be happy to know it works the same whether you play in a bingo hall or online. 

The game uses the numbers 1 to 75. The bingo caller will call numbers one at a time until a successful bingo card is found. When a number is announced, you’ll need to find it on your card and mark it off. In an online game, you can mark numbers yourself or you can enable the auto-daub feature to have it done for you. Either way, the last four to six numbers will be displayed on the screen so you don’t miss out on any potential wins.

One ticket gives you one 5×5 card to play. Experienced players often purchase multiple tickets every round to improve their chances. Be sure to buy tickets in advance before they run out.

Ways to win 

In the most simple version of 75-ball bingo, players have to complete a single line to win the game. This can be a vertical or diagonal line. But the most entertaining version of 75-ball bingo introduces an exciting element to the game: creative game patterns. 

In order to win, your marked-off numbers need to form the shape of a pre-decided bingo pattern. These can be simple shapes like arrows or letters of the alphabet. Sometimes they can be outlandish patterns, like a scarecrow or a roller coaster. Today, there are more than 300 fun bingo patterns available. But don’t stress; when you play bingo online, your provider will show you the winning patterns ahead of the game. 

Most popular 75-ball bingo patterns

To help familiarize you with bingo patterns, here are the most popular 75-ball bingo patterns. This list starts with standard patterns like a blackout or X and moves down to unique specialty patterns.

A red 75-ball bingo card on a wooden table with red daubers forming a winning line.

Double Line

Any two full lines of any combination running down, diagonally or across. 


Two diagonal lines create an X shape on the bingo card. 


This pattern is formed when you cover all the spots on your card. 


This pattern can be formed in any direction, up, down or diagonally stretching to the corners. 

B & O

In this bingo pattern, every square in the B and O lines must be covered to win.


A bingo pattern in the shape of a diamond. A square on each side of the card should form a diamond point. 

Letters of the alphabet

Letter patterns are normally formed using the outside edges of the card, as well as diagonals and corners. Common letter patterns include X, Z, S and E. The website or caller will notify you which letter patterns are in use. 


The most popular number pattern is 7, sometimes referred to as the lucky 7. Other numbers patterns include 3, 4, 8 and 9. 

Top and bottom 

A pattern where all the top and bottom squares are covered on a card.


The Pyramid bingo pattern looks like a stack. It’s completely filled at the bottom and gradually narrows to a single filled number on the top line. A similar pattern that might be easier to win is the triangle. 


The frame pattern can be created on the edge of the bingo card or on the inside. A special frame design is the dotted picture frame pattern. Here every second square in the frame is marked. 

Blood, sweat and tears

A pattern as rare as this one usually unlocks a big prize. In this pattern, you need to create three bingo patterns on one card. Four corners do not count. 

Six pack

In a six pack, players need to make two vertical or horizontal rows of three numbers, a total of six numbers. Always check to see if your platform allows using the free space as part of a pattern. 

Witches’ Hat

This pattern is a Halloween favorite. It requires 13 numbers: the last bingo number, the bottom three numbers under the I column, the entire N line, the bottom three numbers in the G line, and lastly, the final number in the O line. 

Wine Glass

The wine glass bingo pattern is a popular way to celebrate festivities like the new year. The shape is formed with 11 numbers. The pattern is a Y shape with the entire bottom row filled in. 

There are many more bingo patterns to discover when you play bingo online. Some patterns are holiday-themed or seasonal, depending on the time of year. These endless patterns create an enjoyable bingo experience with a unique goal in every game.

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