A Guide to Penny Slots and the Best Penny Slots To Play


A Guide to Penny Slots and the Best Penny Slots To Play


A one-cent sign on top of a slot machine.

A Guide to Penny Slots and the Best Penny Slots To Play


A person holding a penny in the air.

Penny slots were the most common slot on offer when the slot machine was first introduced. They offered a budget-friendly way for people to enjoy casino games, which could be found everywhere, from gas stations to seaside resorts.

All of the best online casino games have various betting options to suit different budgets, but you’ll still find plenty of penny slots online.

So, what is a penny slot, and what are the best online penny slots to try out? Take a look. 

What Are Penny Slots?

Unless you’ve been betting on slot machines for some time, it’s unlikely that you’ve regularly heard of penny slots. You won’t find them in many beginner guides to casino slots either.

This type of slot game originally started the slot machine’s journey. It was a more affordable option for players on a budget. It meant that players could use a single penny per spin on the slot machine.

However, it pays to remember that penny slots are usually calculated per payline. So, older slot machines with one active payline would cost a penny, but more modern slots have a greater number of paylines per spin. 

Today’s online slots often have 10 or more active paylines. So, while penny slots are technically still the same, they’ll more than likely cost you 10 cents or more, as the cost is a penny per payline. Still, this makes penny slots an affordable option for those who want their bankroll to last longer when playing slots online.

How Do Penny Slots Work?

A four-leaf clover made of four pennies.

Given that most penny slots have an extremely low minimum wager, they’re not going to frequently pay out big wins. However, players should get relatively frequent, smaller payouts. Ultimately, these games aren’t hugely profitable for the casino either, and they tend to come with a lower return to player (RTP) percentage.

Besides their minimum wager limit, these games don’t differ from normal slot games with a higher minimum bet. If you can, simply choose the number of paylines to suit your budget. So, if you know you can spend 20 cents per spin, choose 20 paylines. Then, simply place your bet and get spinning.

What Are the Best Ways To Win at Penny Slots?

Of course, unlike casino table games such as poker, penny slots are completely random, and there isn’t much you can do in-game to ensure that you form a winning combination. There isn’t a best time to play slots that’ll guarantee a win, either. However, you can increase your chances of winning slightly with the games you choose. Here’s how.

Stick to Simple Games

Modern online slots are filled with bells and whistles in the form of amazing graphics, bright backgrounds, and catchy tunes. However, if you’re looking to make your bankroll go further on slots, look for something simple with only a few active paylines. 

Instead of going for the games with 49 active paylines that will cost you 49 cents per spin, stick to the simple three-payline penny slots that will cost you less and help you to play for longer. 

Check the RTP and Volatility

If you know anything about slots, you’ll know that the RTP and volatility of a game will have a big impact on the manner of your wins. 

The volatility of a slot refers to the frequency at which the machine will pay out, and when it comes to penny slots, it’s best to choose a low- to medium-volatility game. This means that the machine will pay out regularly but in smaller amounts. High-volatility slots might pay out larger amounts of money, but you’re more unlikely to hit one of these big wins.

The RTP is the percentage of all wagers from the game that will go back to players over a period of time. As mentioned, penny slots tend to have a lower RTP than regular slots, but you should still try to find one with an RTP percentage as close to 100% as possible.

Make the Most of Bonuses and Promotions

A simple three-payline, fruit slot machine.

Most online casinos will offer bonuses and promotions and taking advantage of them is important. While they won’t help you win more, they will boost your bankroll, which gives you more time to play and increases your chances of landing a winning combination.

For example, some casinos will offer $10 for playing a certain game. Do this, and you’ll have an extra $10 added to your bankroll, which turns into a lot of extra spins at a penny slot for free.

The Best Penny Slots To Play Online

There are literally thousands of penny slots available online for you to enjoy. However, if you’re looking for the most popular slots in this category, then be sure to check out the following on the Borgata Online site:

  • Divine Fortune.
  • Golden Goddess.
  • Starburst.
  • Legacy of Dead.

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