Great Pastimes to Try if You Like Bingo

Purple bingo cards and some balls on a green background

Whether you need a short break from the kids or want to hang out with like-minded adults doing something you enjoy (like online bingo games,) it’s important to have a few options to detach from your daily responsibilities.

Why don’t we find time for hobbies and pastimes?

The problem is that we almost always find excuses not to do things that are healthy and contribute to physical, emotional and mental well-being. Do any of the following phrases sound familiar?

I don’t need anything more than my family and work

We often think that hobbies are for kids or retired grandparents. We tend to define ourselves by our responsibilities. Whether it’s a high-powered corporate job, the stressful role of being a full-time parent, running your own business or a combination of all the above, you need to find the space for a non-stressful activity that is just for you.

In many cases, these hobbies can even enhance your productivity in other spheres of your life.

I don’t have time

This excuse is based on the fact that we are so productive all the time that we have no space to engage in “non-productive” activities. The truth is that highly productive people tend to separate their lives and will often swing like a pendulum between intense work and slothful downtime.

Take a few minutes to genuinely assess what you’re doing when you’re not tending to your responsibilities and you will find more than enough space to pursue more meaningful leisure activities.

I don’t have the money for hobbies

This is more of an excuse than a reality. There are plenty of options that don’t require money or even a lot of money. Just think about all the passive pastimes you engage in (like streaming and gaming, that cost a ton of cash) and you will see that money isn’t the obstacle.

In fact, when you get started on whichever hobby you choose, don’t be tempted to buy all the bells and whistles. Start small and use free resources like YouTube videos to kick off. As you develop your skills, you can increase the amount you spend.

I don’t know what I like

This is more common than most would like to admit. When we’re busy being an adult, we often forget what we enjoy. Here’s a quick trick. Ask yourself these four questions:

1. What did I love to do as a child?

2. What have I always wanted to know how to do?

3. What do I watch others doing that makes me jealous that I’m not doing?

4. What do I tell everyone I’m going to do when I retire?

Now that we’ve got the excuses out of the way, engage other parts of yourself with 11 unconventional and inexpensive hobbies to get those happy brain juices flowing.

1. Join an online book club

Reading is a pastime that most of us wish we could do more of. Once the guilt spiral sets in, we tend to flee from the shame of not picking up a book. By joining a book club, you get to socialize, chat about and motivate each other to keep on reading. For those with time or distance constraints, online book clubs are also an option.

2. Trivia contests in all their forms

We sometimes forget that learning can be fun. Trivia contests or quiz nights or even online trivia apps can be incredibly fun, exciting and relaxing all at the same time.

Try music trivia or even general knowledge quizzes and become part of a community.

3. Learn how to do magic

This is a tricky one. (See what we did there?) Learning magic tricks is both technical in nature and very social in delivery. Start with card tricks and work your way up to more spectacular ones.

4. Try wine tasting at a club

This may seem like a badly disguised opportunity to drink in your downtime. Yet, joining a club and going to wine tastings can actually be very rewarding and open up a whole new world to something that we often take for granted as an accessory to our meals.

5. Volunteer at a local charity

We often go straight to soup kitchens on this one. Yet there are myriad options when volunteering in your community. Perhaps help out with grooming dogs at the local animal shelter or even be a marshal at a park run on a Saturday morning.

6. Gaze at the stars

Purple bingo cards with a variety of different ball colors on a green background

There are a ton of apps that allow you to watch the skies, both at night and during the day. Take the extra time to understand what is happening in space. Even better would be a visit to your local planetarium to join a weekly stargazing club. 

7. Write a novel or poetry

Carve out some space to take a few online writing courses (there are a lot of free ones) and start writing. We often hear people say they are “aspiring” writers, but when you ask, they’ve never written a word. You can’t really be aspiring if you’re not actually doing it. The remedy? Start writing.

8. Learn how to play your kids’ video games

How often do we wish we could find a way to connect with our kids in their world? What you may find is a whole new world that belongs to you, which you may or may not choose to share with your kids.

9. Trace your family roots

Genealogy is a fantastic opportunity to both understand your roots and meet a ton of people you may never have crossed paths with before. With so many online resources, it is possible for the average person to build a family tree that goes back generations, and discover weird and wonderful connections along the way.

10. Mentor someone and change their lives

For those of you who struggle to disconnect from work, mentoring is a wonderful way to extend that part of you into a hobby that makes a difference in other people’s lives that doesn’t require them to pay you. Meet inspiring young people and help them make a difference in the world.

11. Play online bingo and other online casino games

Online bingo is one of those social pastimes that can relax, excite and thrill all at the same time. So, whether you’re already a fan of 75-ball bingo or 90-ball bingo, or are just starting and are wondering how to play bingo online or how numbers are chosen in those online bingo games, then your curiosity can be satisfied by registering with Borgata Online.