Bingo Basics and How to Play to Win


Bingo Basics and How to Play to Win


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Bingo Basics and How to Play to Win


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Even though simplicity lies at the heart of bingo, the game has evolved to introduce assorted variations, playing styles and different types of winning bingo patterns. But did you know that even though bingo depends on luck, there are still strategies that can help you win? Keep reading to learn about bingo guidelines and tactics and how they can help you level up your game. 

What is bingo?

Bingo is a game of chance where players mark off random numbers to create a winning pattern. It’s not a new game – it’s actually much older than you realize. The earliest games were first documented in the 1500s. Thanks to the popularity of the internet, today, 85% of players choose to play bingo online. Online bingo sites offer many unique variations and fun bingo chat rooms and games to bring the social element of bingo online. The game continues to evolve and draw in players with diverse demographics. 

How to play bingo

To play bingo, you first need to buy a ticket or card. Then you will listen to the caller or host to see if the number called out is on your card. If it is, you mark it off your bingo card. If you play online, most sites automatically mark numbers off, so you never have to worry about missing a number. Once you’ve marked off all your numbers or created a winning pattern, you shout bingo to claim your prize.

There are many different variations of bingo with different amounts of numbers or balls. The most popular are American and British bingo. These are also called 90- and 75-ball bingo, respectively. 

How to win a bingo game

The way you win a game depends on your chosen bingo site and its rules. In some games, you can fill in one line and win, in others you’ll need to cover your whole card and win with a full house. If someone has claimed the first prize after marking off one line, the game will continue until two lines, and then a full house, is called. Some games have special patterns like Xs or shapes that can unlock bonus prizes. 

Basic bingo rules

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There are no complicated rules to remember when playing bingo. If you’re playing at a land-based venue, marking all your numbers is your responsibility. Stay focused, as the numbers are often called out quickly. If you’re a beginner, try playing with one ticket to see if you can keep up. Once you’ve mastered the pace, buy multiple cards. 

Check all the different bingo patterns before the game starts. If you do this, you won’t miss any bonus prizes and you won’t shout bingo for a pattern that isn’t in play. 

Now that you know how to play, check out the following bingo tips and tricks to improve your chances of success. 

7 Simple ways to win bingo games

Many people believe that lottery-like games can’t have any strategy. However, there are simple tips that serious bingo players use to improve their chances of winning. Let’s see how you can level up your bingo strategy.

1. Play bingo games online

Practice improves your decision-making. With fixed bingo hall schedules, it can be difficult to find time to play. When you play online, you can play anytime and anywhere using your phone. Are you getting tired of traditional bingo? Try an online bingo slot at Borgata Online. 

2. Buy multiple bingo cards

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Playing with more bingo cards gives players a higher chance of winning. If you can’t find a number on one card, you might find it on one of your alternative cards. If you’re playing at a hall, make sure you can mark off your numbers fast enough before buying multiple tickets. If you play online, the auto-daub feature will do this for you. Bingo cards are usually affordable and extra cards are worth the investment to enhance your odds. 

3. Study bingo probability statistics and theories

Buckle up! The simple game of bingo is about to get a lot more complex. Like many other casino games, bingo has also been studied for possible strategies and patterns. The most famous theories that players use are Tippett’s Theory and the Granville Strategy. Let’s see how these theories can affect the decisions you make when you play. 

The Granville Bingo Strategy

This method is the most popular strategy for bingo players. This strategy is so effective it’s not only used by lottery players but by stock market analysts to forecast upcoming price movements. Granville found that the selected numbers had an equal spread of odd and even numbers and high and low numbers. Using this strategy, players should choose cards with a wide range of numbers with few repeated digits. When you’re choosing your bingo cards, scan them quickly to make sure your selections meet the following criteria: 

  • They have an equal ratio of high and low numbers.
  • They have the same amount of odd and even numbers.
  • They have an equal spread of numbers ending in 1 to 9.

Tippett’s Bingo Method

British statistician L.H.C. Tippett studied random numbers and devised a strategy to improve the odds of winning in bingo. Tippett believed that the longer a 75-ball bingo game went on, the higher the probability that the drawn numbers would be near the medium number of 38. He believed that shorter games would have numbers closer to the outliers of 1 and 75. This strategy can be applied to 90-ball bingo and other variations. 

When you join a game, look at the number of players and see how long the game is likely to last. Then choose cards with numbers that have the best chance of being drawn based on this theory.

4. Set a budget

Bingo prize amounts can vary. You want to maximize your winning odds, but you always want to avoid spending more money than you can win. Budgeting and planning your sessions will help you see how many tickets you can afford and how long you can play. 

5. Play with smaller groups

There is only one true winner in a bingo game. The more people there are, the lower your chances of winning. If you prefer halls, play during weekends when crowds are smaller. For online games, play during off-peak periods like mornings or late at night when there are fewer players. This simple strategy will significantly improve your chances of winning. 

6. Hold off on side bets

Bingo prizes are smaller than the jackpots you could find in other games like online slots. This is why many players invest in side bets. Bingo side bets have a higher house edge and are a bigger risk. Making a side bet that you’ll cover your whole card might promise a substantial jackpot if you win, but you have less than a one-ten-thousandth percent chance of winning the bet if fewer than 47 numbers are called out. Your chances improve when more balls are called, but most games end between the 16th and 25th ball.

7. Connect with fellow players

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Don’t ignore the social element of online bingo. Many sites have virtual chat rooms with extra games and trivia quizzes where players can win even more prizes. Plus, chat rooms consist of experienced players who can offer valuable advice to new players. 

Now that you know how to win at online bingo, why not test these methods in a game at Borgata Online? 

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