How To Play Bingo Online Without Embarrassing Yourself

A group of people play bingo

Walking into that bingo hall or joining online bingo games at an online casino can be daunting if you’re new to the game.

We may have a few preconceived ideas about what bingo is, but the game has changed significantly over the last 50 years. With the advent of technology, online bingo has become far more social and open to people from all walks of life.

As with any social gathering, bingo comes with its own set of rules and etiquette. You could make a series of unfortunate and embarrassing missteps if you’re unaware of them.

At the heart of bingo culture is mutual respect between you and everyone participating – from the chat moderator (CM) to fellow players. Adhering to bingo etiquette is paramount to avoid offending anyone and keep the social aspect cordial and fun.

Unfortunately, there are still many players who just don’t get it. Those players will find themselves taking the quick exit out of a bingo game: kicked out due to plain old offensive behavior.

Here are a few tips to avoid embarrassing yourself (or offending anyone else) when learning how to play bingo online.

Bad language is no-no in bingo

No matter how tempting it is to drop a funny expletive during a game or swear in frustration, recognize that a bingo chat room is neither the time nor place.

Before you incur the real or virtual glare of other players or get yourself banned from a bingo chat room, be sure to censor your language. This includes inappropriate usernames in chat rooms.

Don’t shout at anyone

A man shouting with his mouth wide open.

This one may seem obvious, but in the moment, our excitement levels can take off along with the volumes of our voices.

Shouting in a bingo hall (except, of course, when yelling “Bingo!”) is considered terrible etiquette. It shows disrespect to both the players and the host.

The same applies to online bingo games, where you ‘shout’ by typing using only capital letters. Every bingo chat room has a host or chat room moderator (CM). Much like an admin in any chat room, the CM is there to keep things going, maintain order and occasionally liven things up with a little shouting of their own.

So, keep your posts in sentence case and switch off the caps lock button. CMs generally shout to be heard when they type – you don’t want to annoy the host by stealing their thunder. The only time you can shout is when the CM specifically requests it as part of the game.

Keep up or risk annoying everyone

One of the most challenging things for newbies is to keep pace with the speed of the caller or CM. Most other players will be experienced and know exactly what each call means, so they can watch carefully for the corresponding numbers.

The last thing you want to do is keep asking what the last call was or why the host brought “Valentine’s Day” (bingo slang for 14) into the conversation.

So rise and shine: doctor’s orders are to brush up on your bingo slang before your next game!

Double-check your card and avoid false bingo

Nobody wants to be distracted by a false claim. It disrupts the game and takes away from the fun and cadence of the experience. What’s worse is that you’ll be the laughingstock of the room. Be absolutely sure you are ready to call bingo before doing so.

Being a serial false claim shouter can get you banned from an online casino bingo game. Be very careful not to let your exuberance overwhelm your attention to detail.

Don’t be “that” person when you run out of money

It is miserable to end a losing streak on an empty wallet. We’ve all been there. However, curb the impulse to ask other players in the chat room to spot you a bonus or a gift when you run out of cash. It is especially frowned upon and often explicitly forbidden in chat room rules for players to solicit loans from others in the room.

Don’t play while intoxicated

Alcohol is a disinhibitor, which means you’re more likely to do or say things without putting them through your common sense filter. But unlike that time you felt compelled to tell your grandmother she had terrible breath at her 90th birthday party, bingo is not an opportunity to boast about your reputation as a grammar nazi. If you’ve had one too many, rather avoid playing.

Don’t imitate or impersonate other players

Again, this should be fairly self-evident, but there are many players who think they’re great at stand-up impressions. They’re not. Don’t be one of them.

Respect people’s privacy

Bingo is a safe space, and anonymity is fundamental to this. Don’t pry or put your own details out there for everyone to see. Keep it safe and fun.

Don’t complain openly about the CM or other players

A frowning woman with steam coming out of her ears.

The temptation to confront an annoying player or even an unfair CM may be acceptable on Twitter, but not in a bingo chat room. Instead, contact customer support, or the CM if the offender is a player, to report them.

Don’t promote other bingo sites

It stands to reason that the organization hosting the game is a business and provides the platform at a great cost. It is in very poor taste to promote a competitor in a chatroom.

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