Triple Play Draw Poker Casino Game Review

Game Reviews

Triple Play Draw Poker Casino Game Review

Game Reviews

The Triple Play Draw Poker loading screen.

Triple Play Draw Poker Casino Game Review

Game Reviews

The Triple Play Draw Poker logo on a blue background.
  • Nine different poker variations
  • Play three hands at once
  • Generous betting range

Whether you’re learning how to play poker or you’re already experienced, playing poker online has many perks, including having an array of video poker variants at your fingertips. Triple Play Draw Poker is a great example of how online casino games have evolved to create exciting gameplay for players. This online poker game combines several different variations, all packaged into one game.

Triple Play Draw Poker Casino Game Bonus

Some of Borgata Online’s ongoing or limited-time bonus offerings may apply to Triple Play Draw Poker. To find out if they do, simply register or log in to Borgata Online.

Triple Play Draw Poker Game Highlights

Triple Play Draw Poker, developed by IGT, is a video poker game with nine different variations for players to enjoy. This is a great game for beginners to get familiar with video poker and the triple-play concept, where players are allowed to play three hands at once at any given time. There’s a wide range of coin denominations, which means that players can control how much they spend per hand. 

With so many video poker variations in one game, players are not only spoiled for choice but are also allowed to switch between games at any time.

Triple Play Draw Poker Quick Facts and Features

Software ProviderIGT
Poker Variations9
Min Bet Per Hand$0.10
Max Bet Per Hand$100
A screenshot of the nine video poker variants available in Triple Play Draw Poker.

Does Triple Play Draw Poker Pay Real Money?

If you play in one of the two U.S. legal casino states where Borgata Online is active — New Jersey or Pennsylvania — Triple Play Draw Poker will pay real money. You can also win real money playing draw or stud poker, cash games, live dealer games, or sit-and-go online poker tournaments at Borgata Online.

How To Play Triple Play Draw Poker

Remember, there are nine video poker variants in Triple Play Draw Poker. Once you’ve chosen your desired game, the rules are pretty easy to follow. Here’s how to play the different video poker variations:

  • Choose the desired video poker paytable button on the paytable selection screen.
  • Choose a bet size. Three hands are played, so a bet size of $1 per hand would total $3.
  • When you hit “Deal,” you’re dealt five cards and have to decide which of these, if any, you want to discard. To do this, you can click on each card or use the number keys from 1–5. To deselect a card, click it (or press its number) a second time.
  • New cards are then dealt from the deck until each of the three hands has five cards.
  • Once you’re happy with your three hands, hit “Draw” to watch your three hands play out. All payouts are immediately completed, and you can proceed to the next hand.

Triple Draw Poker Draw Features

It’s not that difficult to understand why Triple Draw Poker is one of the most popular online casino games. This versatile video poker game has great features, and with the opportunity to play three hands simultaneously, players can triple their chances of winning big. 

Here are the nine video poker variants available on Triple Draw Poker: 

  • Jacks-or-better: The most popular video poker game. Winning hands start with a pair of Jacks.
  • Bonus poker: Similar to jacks-or-better with some bonus payouts. Higher four-of-a-kind pays for low cards and aces.
  • Bonus poker deluxe: Considered the simplest of the higher volatility games, with greater wins on all four-of-a-kind hands.
  • Double bonus poker: The size of the special wins is doubled. 
  • Double double bonus poker: The name says it all. Players have double the opportunity to hit larger wins. There are additional four-of-a-kind wins with kickers.
  • Triple double bonus poker: This is the highest volatility game with four-of-a-kind kickers. There are no wild cards available.
  • Deuces wild poker: This is definitely the most popular wild card game around. Although the strategies are more complicated, it’s easier to make bigger hands. It’s the highest volatility game with four-of-a-kind kickers that have the potential to pay as much as a royal flush.
  • Deuces wild bonus poker: This is basically deuces wild with some special pays near the top of the overall paytable.   
  • Joker poker: In this video poker variant, a wild joker is added to the deck, which makes new ways of winning possible.

Players should note that each game has its own payout structure.

Triple Draw Poker Bonuses & Jackpots

In addition to the multi-hand poker action, Triple Play Draw Poker also has the Ultimate X feature that adds high volatility action and excitement. Players can earn multipliers for each winning hand that’s applied to wins received in the next game. Players can receive up to 12x multipliers for certain paytables. To enable the Ultimate X feature, click “Bonus,” which will place a side bet equal to the main bet.

Wild cards also feature on some paytables. For example, in deuces wild and deuces wild bonus, each of the four cards with the rank of 2 is considered a wild. In joker poker, the single joker card is the wild which can substitute for any other card to help the player form the highest-paying outcome. 

How To Win Triple Play Draw Poker

The same gameplay is conducted throughout the nine titles in Triple Play Draw Poker. The only differences are the wild cards, the paytable for each video poker variant, and the addition of a joker card in joker poker. This online poker game uses a standard 52-card deck per hand, which is shuffled for each game. In joker poker, a joker is included in the deck. 

The player with the best hand at the end of every game wins.

Triple Draw Poker Graphics and Design

Triple Play Draw Poker has a simple game interface with an arcade game feel. This is good news for casino players who love all things retro in their gameplay. Players can easily navigate through Triple Play Draw Poker with the help of the straightforward menu system. For ease, a grid of symbols appears with the names of the available games, and it’s super easy to jump from one game to another. 

The game is staged against a blue background with gold and red bars, which represent the nine video poker variants. Players have the option to change the graphics quality to optimize the gameplay experience, though this feature may be limited depending on the device you’re gaming on. When it comes to speed, you can select the speed of the deal and draw animations. 

If you enjoy games like Triple Play Draw Poker, visit Borgata Online and discover a wide variety of online casino games like Five Draw Poker and live dealer poker games. 

A screenshot of the game play of the Deuces Wild Bonus Poker game in Triple Play Draw Poker.

The Triple Draw Poker Experience

Triple Draw Poker is an exceptional game for poker players looking for a large variety of poker games in one place. An easy-to-use page navigation and nifty interface make it a great choice to play on all devices.