Top Skills Every Successful Gambler Needs


Top Skills Every Successful Gambler Needs


Close up of hands holding stacks of gambling chips

Top Skills Every Successful Gambler Needs


 Close up of hands holding stacks of gambling chips

Because people play casino games for many different reasons, they will have different ideas about what counts as success. Most players simply want to enjoy gambling without losing too much money, while others actively search for games with a low house edge because they want to at least break even. Then there are those who are after big wins and for whom success means being the best at their chosen casino game.

However you define success, we have compiled a list of top skills all successful gamblers need to acquire in order to achieve their own goals, whether at land-based or online casinos. Take advantage of these tips and learn how to get good at gambling.

1. Develop the correct mindset

Once you have decided how you wish to define successful gambling, you can set goals for yourself. Having the right mindset will help your game strategy tremendously in all online casino games since you will need to be able to control your thoughts and emotions. This comes in particularly handy when you’re experiencing a losing streak because you must have the mental and emotional ability to remain calm. In the long run, it’s all about having the right frame of mind. 

Here are some tips for developing a winning mindset.

  • Understanding your game – Every casino game has its own rules and strategies which you will have to be familiar with if you want to play successfully. One important thing to know is that casino games are categorized into games of chance and games of skill. When it comes to games of skill such as online poker, you’ll need to create a winning strategy to increase your chances of winning.
  • Play with a set goal – Before you start a new casino game, you should set goals to help you decide whether you are winning or losing. Having goals will keep you focused and determined while you gamble. To start, create a minimum target of how much you would like to win at a game — whether it’s slots, blackjack or craps. 
  • Know how to handle tilt – Tilt is a negative state of mind which can dramatically influence the way you play and cause you to make bad decisions. You can tilt yourself if you are stressed out, tired or experiencing a bad run of luck, or you can get tilted by another player when they intentionally try to get under your skin when playing, for instance, Texas Hold’em games . Regardless of what causes it, you need to be able to manage tilt so that you don’t end up making poor choices and taking unnecessary risks with your money. If you want to learn how to be good at gambling, you must learn to master your emotional state.

2. Know basic math

Empty craps table at the casino

Developing basic math skills will help your gambling strategy immensely. You don’t need to love math or have a degree in it, but it will definitely help if you can calculate the house edge as precisely as possible. Mathematics in the gambling industry is used to help both the players and casinos generate a profit. With basic casino math you can take well-calculated risks in various table games such as blackjack, roulette and poker. The simple math skills you should learn include calculating the house edge, payback percentage and the odds.

3. Practice good bankroll management skills

Aside from luck, your success at any casino will be determined by how well you manage your bankroll, which comes down to properly managing the money you have set aside for gambling in order to avoid spending more than you can afford. Every player should be clued up on good bankroll management skills! When you apply the basics of bankroll management, you will only risk a set amount of your overall gambling funds and in this way you will always have some money left, which you can use to play another day.

The benefits of good bankroll management include the following. 

  • You can play for longer with less risk — By never exceeding your allocated percentage you will make sure that you always have money set aside to cover your losses.
  • You’ll make smart gambling decisions —  If you track all of your losses and wins according to the time of day, type of game and your mood while playing, you can improve your chances of making smarter betting decisions.
  • Lower banking fees —  If you know how much money you’ll be spending while playing online casino games, you’ll end up making fewer payment transactions because you will be reducing the number of deposits you make.

4. Read casino books

It goes without saying that you can learn a great deal about how to be a good gambler by reading gambling books based on strategies for various games such as poker, blackjack and roulette. There is a near infinite range of books available on the topic for you to read, including books on how to be good at gambling. Of course, reading will only take you so far —  it is up to you to apply what you’ve learned at an online casino or on the floor of a real casino. 

5. Sharpen your skills with free online casino games

 Young woman sitting in a chair with a laptop playing casino games

Before you start playing for real money, free online casino games are a great way to learn how to master a particular game. Many online casinos offer free versions of their games, which means you can sign up, play and gain the necessary experience without running the risk of losing money. 

6. Improve your analytical abilities

To have good analytical skills you’ll need to learn as much as you can and constantly practice sharpening your skills. This will help you analyze each situation — whether at a slot machine or poker table — to figure out the best option. You should always be thinking one move ahead when you’re gambling. For example, to get good at poker, you will need to learn how to analyze your opponents’ game at various stages of the game.

7. Be observant

Observation goes hand in hand with being able to analyze any situation during your gameplay. When you’re gambling, you’ll need to pay attention and be as observant as possible. At table games, you should be observant of the dealer as well as your opponents to pick up any clues they might be giving away. 

8. Practice patience

In gambling, you’ll need to be patient and ride out the streaks, especially when you’re losing. If you become impatient and abruptly start changing the way you play, it can turn a great long-term winning strategy into a losing one. By applying basic math, you can understand the long-term expectations of the game you’re playing. You can use what you know to remain patient even in the most uncomfortable gaming sessions.

9. Memory is a great skill

Vector illustration of blue head puzzle memory concept

It’s always helpful to improve your memory when it comes to gambling. By remembering the things that don’t work, you can improve your strategy, which will help you become a successful gambler. If you love playing blackjack and video poker, you’ll need to learn and use the best strategy in order to keep the house edge as low as possible. It will count in your favor if you can memorize all the proper plays so that you can observe other things happening in the game. Remember, the best way to improve your memory is to use it.

10. Know when to quit

The last piece of advice to grasp is knowing when to quit. Avoid chasing your losses because this will most likely not work and negatively affect your bankroll management. You’ll be better off not playing for a while than continuing your losing streak. Remember that taking a break and practicing responsible gambling is essential to the overall success of a gambler!

Gamble responsibly at Borgata Online

Even if these tips don’t help you become the greatest gambler of all time,  the skills we discussed will provide you with the insights you need to have a better experience when gambling. 

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