6 Easy Ways To Recenter Yourself


6 Easy Ways To Recenter Yourself


A young woman in a yoga pose with legs crossed and hands facing upwards with her index finger and thumb touching.

6 Easy Ways To Recenter Yourself


A young woman in a yoga pose with legs crossed and hands facing upwards with her index finger and thumb touching.

Have you ever been “on tilt”? It’s a poker term for when a player gets so frustrated that their strategy falls apart. The term also occurs in other games such as chess and esports. The most extreme kind of tilt is a “rage quit,” where the player gets so mad about how badly they’re doing that they turn off their device or even smash it.

If you think about it, people go on tilt in many situations outside of gaming. Life is full of extreme frustrations, and people often respond by having a meltdown. The results can be catastrophic. But there are ways to prevent yourself from going on tilt, whether it’s in your personal life, your work, or a game of online poker. Read our blog to discover how to recenter yourself for better chances of winning at life.

1. Breathe

“Take a deep breath.” It sounds cliche but it’s true. That’s because deep breathing increases the oxygen supply to your brain and promotes a state of calmness. So if you feel you’re about to go on tilt in gambling or have a meltdown at work, breathing is your first line of defense.

You can practice deep breathing in several different ways to relax your mind, connect with your body and stop thinking about whatever it is that’s stressing you out. One way is to take a stimulating breath. Keep your mouth relaxed but closed and breathe rapidly in and out through your nose. Do three stimulating breaths in a second, breathe normally for a couple of seconds, and repeat up to five times.

Another technique is called the 4-7-8 exercise. It’s more controlled than the stimulating breath technique, so it’s even more centering. You start by breathing out through your mouth until your lungs are completely empty. Then you close your mouth and breathe in through your nose while counting out four seconds in your head. Next, you hold your breath in for seven seconds, and then you breathe out for eight seconds. Do this four times over. You’ll soon be in a much better space to make decisions.

2. Visualize

Amplify the benefits of deep breathing with a visualization that helps you release your anger and frustration from your body. While you’re breathing, connect with the negative energy inside you and imagine yourself breathing it out into a balloon. Picture the balloon floating away into the sky until you can’t see it anymore. Now check in with yourself. Are you still feeling mad? Repeat the visualization process until you’re feeling more in control.

A different visualization with a similar effect is to imagine stuffing your anger and frustration into baggage cases. Then see yourself standing on the beach of a quiet lagoon (in, say, Florida). There’s a small sailboat on the sand. Put the baggage onto the deck and push the sailboat into the water. Picture the sailboat drifting away into calm waters until it – along with your baggage – is out of sight.

3. Get active

A woman runs on a tar road over a bridge in the sunset.

If you’re still feeling mad, it’s time to move your body. Doing physical activities such as running, dancing, raking leaves, or jumping rope is possibly the single best way for you to get a handle on your angry feelings (and get more oxygen into your brain). Punching a bag or whacking a tennis ball can help you to release your feelings physically. You can also dissolve tension by squeezing a stress ball or any other squishy object.

If you get active enough to break a sweat, you’ll also increase your level of serotonin. That’s the feel-good chemical that stabilizes your mood and promotes feelings of well-being and happiness – the very opposite to what it feels like when you’re on tilt in gambling. You’ll be in a much better state to play casino table games calmly and responsibly, and you’ll enjoy your games a whole lot more.

4. Call a friend

Sometimes it can help a great deal just to have an understanding person hear you out. Talking out loud to someone you trust can help you sort through what you’re feeling, so call a friend to vent your frustrations. It’ll help you to break down the problem that’s bugging you instead of keeping it inside, and it may even improve your game. Say you’re on the brink of tilt in online poker. What if your frustration stems from a misunderstanding of the game? A friend who shares the same interest in online casino games could suggest ways to overcome the problem. Think of it as a healthy gambling habit.

5. Snack healthy

A bowl full of healthy snacks like nuts, strawberries, broccoli and carrots.

Sometimes people have meltdowns just because their blood sugar runs low. It happens all the time in today’s fast-paced world, where it’s so much easier to grab fast food than take the time to eat healthily. And fast food tastes good too. Problem is, it doesn’t give your body the right nutrients to sustain your energy levels.

A combination of pressure and low blood sugar is enough to make anyone go on full tilt in gambling or any other high-stakes situation. A healthy snack can help with that. Fruit, nuts, or a granola bar may be all you need to restore your energy levels to the point that you can return to the game with confidence.

6. Take a nap

A young man sleeping on his side with his hands under his head.

Did you ever consider that your frustration might have arisen from a lack of sleep? If you’ve been playing online casino games for hours at a stretch – especially strategic games like online poker – your reaction times and critical thinking skills might suffer. You’ll naturally lose more as a result, so your frustration will increase, which will multiply your errors until you’re in a spiral of frustration, anger and loss. So quit playing and take a nap to refresh your brain.

It’s worth remembering that getting eight to nine hours of quality sleep a night has many health benefits. It helps you get sick less often and stay at a healthy weight while lowering your risk for serious health problems such as diabetes and heart disease. Overall, quality sleep reduces stress, improves your mood, and helps you get along better with people. It’s probably the most healthy gambling habit of all. You could even say that responsible gambling begins with a good night’s sleep.

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