Superheroes and Villains Who Love Casino Games


Superheroes and Villains Who Love Casino Games


Roulette red signage in a casino

Superheroes and Villains Who Love Casino Games


Roulette red signage in a casino

There are many exciting comic books covering an incredible range of genres. There are comics about casinos and gambling, pirates, and space adventures. The most popular ones, however, feature mighty superheroes and dangerous villains. 

Marvel and DC are the two most famous superhero-based media publishers, including comics and movies. Over the last decade, the original comics have been turned into blockbuster movies that have grossed billions of dollars. Yes, these characters may have incredible powers and abilities, but their relatability keeps people returning for more. Despite some of these characters being gods, aliens, or even robots, they all have their vices, heartbreaks, and hobbies that help us connect with them. 

If you’ve visited a brick-and-mortar or offline casino, you’ll find many online casino games are superhero-themed and that there are many superhero slots for fans of comic books to enjoy. This is because many characters in superhero comics, whether they’re superheroes or villains, enjoy gambling.

Here are some of the most popular villains and superheroes that enjoy a spot (or a whole lot) of gambling in between their incredible adventures.


Gambling is often portrayed as a villainous affair in movies, with mobsters, drama, and a seedy underworld. In the past, comics were also aimed at a younger audience, meaning certain subjects were off-limits. However, as the comic audience has grown up, certain topics have become safer to include, such as superheroes enjoying a game of poker during their downtime. It’s also important to note that gambling has become more accepted in society (when done safely and in moderation,) as millions of people around the globe now enjoy it as a hobby. No wonder there are several superheroes that enjoy some form of gambling as entertainment today.

Iron Man

Iron Man character against a red background

It’s hard to talk about Tony Stark without remembering the final touching scenes in ”Avengers: End Game.” But whether or not you’ve watched this incredible climax to the first generation of Marvel films, you’ll get to enjoy learning more about one of his favorite hobbies. 

Being a billionaire, a playboy, a genius, and a superhero, can certainly take it out of a man. This is why Tony Stark occasionally turned to the casinos to let off a little steam. In fact, the first time viewers were introduced to Tony Stark in the first “Iron Man” movie was at a craps table. He decided to skip the glamor and splendor of an awards ceremony (that was held in his honor) to spend some time at the casino. 

His insistence on enjoying life and having fun is one of the endearing qualities of the Iron Man character. Gambling certainly tops his list as one of the best ways to have fun. With more money than he could spend on building himself superhero suits, the casino certainly makes sense as the ideal spot where he’d spend a lot of his downtime.


Cards on a blackjack table

Probably the most famous card-loving character from Marvel, Gambit is a hugely relatable personality that changed from a villain into an antihero. What could have taken him further down the wrong road (including his gambling and card tricks) is what helps his character.

Cards are his weapon of choice and he is often seen playing poker. What we love about Gambit is that his character is flawed. He’s a bit arrogant, a ladies man, and he loves to gamble. But rather than letting his life fall apart, he is a clear example that gambling, when done responsibly, can be a safe and entertaining hobby.


When it comes to a theme that’s not about being evil masterminds, it seems gambling is a popular pastime in both DC and Marvel comics. Many of people’s favorite comic villains have characteristics that allow fans and viewers to sympathize with them on some level. 

These are the most famous villains that like to think things like casino odds are always in their favor.

The Joker

Is there a villain more famous than the Joker? While some may be close, there isn’t anyone that is quite as notorious. He’s one of the first supervillains that readers were introduced to in the “Batman” comics and has remained a fan favorite for decades.

While the Joker does enjoy gambling from time-to-time, you have to acknowledge the fact that his name is derived from a playing card. He also has razor-tipped playing cards as one of his main weapons. 

Joker is probably one of the most complex villains in DC Comics and he’s been portrayed amazingly in many of the films. His complicated and sad past makes him one of the easiest villains to sympathize with. Just as his name suggests, he is the trickster of the deck and always hard to catch.

The Penguin

We were first introduced to the Penguin in 1941, in Detective Comics #58. He is a villain that is seen time and again ruling Gotham City’s underworld. The Penguin, otherwise known as Oswald Cobblepot, is a villain boss that runs his shady dealings from The Iceberg Casino. This casino-come-nightclub is a safe haven for criminal masterminds and colleagues to indulge in gambling, drinking, and criminal schemes.


hands at the poker table with poker chips and cards

What is more synonymous with gambling than a villain whose name is based on the fact that he likes to leave everything to chance? Introduced to us in #15 Web of Spiderman, Chance is one of the most memorable enemies of the man with the arachnid-induced powers.

Nicholas Powell is the man behind the Chance villain. He was a professional gambler that wanted more than the thrill he got from the casino. Now a hired mercenary, he uses his card and gambling skills to complete his villainous deeds. In fact, his first interaction with Spider-Man came as a double or nothing bet. He had to kill the target he was after and Spider-Man at the same time.

Amos Fortune and The Royal Flush Gang

Amos Fortune is a man obsessed with luck. He believed that he had discovered the “luck gland,” which could show him how lucky or unlucky an individual would be. He joined up with the like-minded Gambler and also created the Royal Flush Gang in order to take down the Justice League.

King, Queen, Jack, and Ten were the names of the gang members, and Fortune (as the leader) went by Ace. The original gang was a set of clubs, after which Green Lantern set up a gang of spades — all four suits now represented.

Honorable Mentions


When people think of Batman, gambling is usually not one of the skills they’d describe first. However, if you really look through the comics and movies, it’s possible that it’s a pastime he enjoys.

Coming from a family of opulence, it wouldn’t be surprising that Bruce Wayne dabbles in a little gambling, even if it’s just to keep up appearances. Considering the number of charity events he attended, it’s safe to assume he’s gambled at least a little at various events. 

However, the main reason why gambling is such a prominent feature in Bruce Wayne’s life has less to do with his wealthy status and more to do with the villains he fights. 

His main adversaries include Two-Face, Joker, and the Penguin, who all love a game of chance and have sometimes even set up their own gambling operations. 


Ozymandias may not be as famous as the other superheroes on this list. However, we’ll take the chance in boldly saying that he’d enjoy online casinos if he had the chance. The famous villain turned anti-villain from Watchmen certainly would be able to put his abilities to use. He has a photographic memory that could help him win by counting cards.

When it comes to a round of poker or any casino game where skills matter, Ozymandias could be pretty much unbeatable. Anyone brave enough to oppose him would be going home with very empty pockets if they came up against him.


Two-Face, otherwise known as Harvey Dent, is another one of Batman’s prominent nemeses. He is also extremely fond of gambling and betting. 50-50 coin betting tosses are his personal favorite way to decide the fate of those who get caught up in his plans.

The split personality of Harvey Dent is portrayed well with the coin toss — one part former cop and one part villain. You won’t find Two-Face in a casino as such, but he’s all about taking chances and gambling on outcomes.

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