Fictional Characters Who Would Make Great Gamblers


Fictional Characters Who Would Make Great Gamblers


A man holding two dice up with sixes on them.

Fictional Characters Who Would Make Great Gamblers


A man holding two dice up with sixes on them.

What makes a skilled gambler? It’s a mixture of several skills and traits. Analytical and observational skills, intelligence and mathematical skills, perseverance and patience. Being ‘lucky’ helps too. Some pop culture heroes and villains possess skills and personalities that would make them perfect contenders in an online casino. Join us as we analyze fictional characters we think would make excellent punters. We’ll look at the skills that stood out in their stories and their hypothetical online casino game of choice.  

Will Smith – Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Sure, Will Smith’s problems all began when he was innocently ‘shootin’ some b-ball outside of the school’ and he got into a messy fight. But his love of basketball followed him to the fancy streets of Bel-Air. With his deep passion for his roots in the East Coast and his love for the Philadelphia 76ers, we think Will Smith would love NBA sports betting.

It’s true, Smith isn’t exactly what you picture when you think of level-headed responsible adults, but his quick wit when he’s teasing his shorter cousin Carlton shows he’s a fast thinker. In fact, his charisma and larger-than-life personality would be an excellent addition to any game-viewing party or sports betting event. With his ’til death do us part’ dedication to the team, the kid would never miss a game.

Marty McFly – Back to the Future

Having his family constantly insulted and being thrown 30 years into the past was not enough to stop Marty McFly’s confident, determined attitude. He’s also one of the luckiest kids on the block in our opinion. In addition to becoming the second time traveler in history due to his friendship with Doc Brown, he manages to power up a dead time machine with a well-timed lightning bolt to get home. He found a way to bring his parents together even after his mom fell in love with him.

It’s a miracle that McFly makes it back to the future at all, proving that determination and luck go hand in hand. After all those fast-paced shenanigans and almost disappearing from existence, he still found the time to perform a guitar solo at the high school dance.

McFly is a teen who’s always on the move. He wouldn’t have the patience to sit down for a whole casino table game. We think his fascination with futuristic gadgets would make him a big fan of online slots and their ingenuity. And because he loves playing the guitar and rock music, we doubt he’d be able to resist the Jimi Hendrix slot based on his favorite musician. Of course, he’d have to wait until he was old enough to play. But with a time machine, we doubt that would be an issue. 

Andy Dufresne – The Shawshank Redemption

A prison guard tower behind a fence.

In the 1994 film The Shawshank Redemption, Andy Dufresne pulled off the biggest bluff of all time and we all fell for it. We thought Andy had given up and played all his cards. We believed he was ready to throw in the towel and commit suicide. But, Dufresne surprised us. He was playing with us the whole time. While we thought he was sullen and depressed, he had come up with the most brilliant plan to escape prison, and it worked.

It is clear that Dufresne is intelligent and very adept at numbers. He does the taxes for the warden in the film, after all. At the end of the film, we realize every single step he took, every detail, was just part of his elaborate plan. If these traits don’t make for an incredible poker player, then we don’t know what will. His calm yet calculating manner could easily fool anyone. He would be the deadliest loose-aggressive poker player in a Texas hold’em game.  

Dr Strange – Marvel Cinematic Universe

Remember that scene in Infinity War where the Avengers were losing against Thanos and Tony Stark asked Dr Strange what the chances of winning were? After calculating for a while, Dr Strange estimated more than 14 million possible outcomes and only one where they would win. Well, if Dr Strange’s wizard abilities let him calculate odds on the go, he’d likely make a formidable baccarat opponent. 

Working out which hand will win between a banker and a player must be easy when you have the Time Stone dangling around your neck. Also, Dr Strange’s background as an esteemed surgeon means he’s used to making quick decisions and taking high risks to save lives. Aside from that, playing in a live dealer online casino will be a lot like astral projecting into a real brick-and-mortar casino for a powerful wizard. 

 Will Hunting – Good Will Hunting

Will Hunting is a genius. In fact, some people believe Hunting and Matt Damon’s character in the Rounders poker movie are the same people. Hunting has so much talent, even his friends believe he’s ‘sittin’ on a winning lottery ticket.’ Could Hunting be Mike Dermott before he became a brilliant and intuitive poker genius? 

To some, the Good Will Hunting story is about using what you’re given. In Hunting’s case, that’s his intelligence. But the film is primarily about emotional growth. It’s his emotional balance and inner demons that Hunting needs to master and overcome. This is why we don’t believe his improving EQ and explosive inner emotions are suited to poker. Instead, we think his high IQ would give him an edge if he played blackjack in an online casino. Blackjack can be won using skill and strategy, and we think this genius would give the house a run for its money. 

Forrest Gump – Forrest Gump

 A man takes a chip and has a royal flush on the table.

Forrest Gump might not be the smartest kid on the block or on this list, but he may have made better decisions than a whole lot of people. Call him a simpleton, but Gump bet on Apple and invested in the company when it was worth nothing and nobody else would. He knew what he needed to hold on to and give up on. He doubled his bet on Jenny, someone we all thought he would never end up with, and it paid off in the end. Gump might be seen as the most gullible character in the story, but he’s also the wisest and most successful.

We don’t know if it’s luck, intuition or karma. Perhaps it just comes with being a good person. Either way, that Forrest Gump magic could do wonders in a roulette game. Even against strategic players, Gump’s wise decision-making and positive karma would win him the pot.

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