Top Indoor Plants for Your Work-From-Home Space


Top Indoor Plants for Your Work-From-Home Space


A plant on a desk beside a laptop, cup and pencils, against a blue background.

Top Indoor Plants for Your Work-From-Home Space


A plant on a desk beside a laptop, cup and pencils, against a blue background.

Gone are the days for many of us of leaving the office at the end of work and heading home to relax and play our favorite online casino games. What used to be your downtime chair is now also your office chair and the same goes for the table your computer’s on. Even the view out the window has to do double duty during work and leisure time.

Having a collection of lush, green plants to complement your space is about a lot more than indoor decoration. Plants have health benefits and can even increase your levels of productivity and focus, which is good news for your professional life and also when you choose to play games, whether online slots or online poker. Let’s find out more about the best plants to use in your work-from-home space.

A woman works at a desk surrounded by plants.


Cacti are ideally suited to the home office environment because they’re slow-growing and need little water to survive. This means that if you’re a first-time plant owner or you don’t want the hassle of having to care for one, you’ll get all the benefits of an indoor plant without the extra work that can go into watering, feeding and pruning less-hardy plants.

And just as the casino table games offered at BetMGM give you a number of variants to choose from, it’s the same with these plants. You can be sure that there’s a succulent to suit every taste, from the minimalist Bunny Ear Cactus and spiky Zebra Cactus to the cascading Christmas Cactus and the delicate Mountain Rose.

All that cacti need to bring color and interest to your work-from-home space are natural light and water once a week in spring and summer, and every three weeks in fall and winter.

Air plants

If you’re worried you won’t remember to water your plants or you’ve resisted bringing green in because you absolutely don’t want to have to care for a plant, there is something you could try that’s even lower-maintenance than a cactus. Meet the air plant – a spidery bit of flora that doesn’t need soil or water to survive. It gets most of its nutrients from the air around it.

A distant relative of the pineapple, these plants need to be misted occasionally and dunked in water for a couple of hours every 10 days (mark it on your calendar,) and they’re not too fussy about the state of the water either. In fact, they thrive on dirty water that’s full of nutrients, so you don’t have to wrap your head around the pH levels of water or soil. Just dunk them in a pond or birdbath every couple of weeks or scoop up a jar of water from an aquarium, rain barrel, or lake if you live near one.

Again, when it comes to variety, there’s plenty to choose from. If your local nursery doesn’t have what you’re looking for, go online to see what’s available. The owners of air plants tend to get attached quite quickly and you’ll find online communities dedicated to sharing the particular “personalities” and “behavior” of these fascinating plants.

Chinese Evergreen

 A Chinese Evergreen plant in a red container on a tabletop.

If you want to get into a bit of indoor gardening, get your hands on a Chinese Evergreen. These plants, which were originally native to tropical and subtropical regions of Asia and New Guinea, have wide leaves that are variegated with silver or pale green to add interest all year round. And while they may look as if you’ve been paying special attention to their care, they’re one of the most durable houseplants that can tolerate poor light, dry air (although they do prefer some humidity if your space is heated,) and will even forgive you if you sometimes forget to water them.


Maranta is also called the “prayer plant” because the leaves respond to the light and turn up in the evening like hands that are being held up in prayer. The leaves are dark green with light green accents and red or pink stripes. They’re a solid choice for a work-from-home space because they thrive on extra humidity and you’re more likely to have the heat turned up all day in the colder months if you’re working from home. They do like regular watering – every one to two weeks, but take care to let the soil dry out halfway down between waterings – and you’ll need to place them where they can soak up the natural light (but be careful to never expose them to direct light.)

If you need to be reminded to get up from your desk and take a break at the end of a day’s work or after a session playing poker online, keep a lookout for those upturned leaves and use this as your cue to step away from your desk for a while.  

Umbrella Plant

If you’re looking for a larger indoor plant with a profusion of delicate leaf growth for your home office, you’ll love the umbrella plant. With several stems instead of just one, and a thick canopy of leaves that give this plant a lush, shrub-like appearance, you’ll want to show this one off in selfies and video calls.

The umbrella plant is surprisingly undemanding and asks only for medium to bright indirect light and that you never over-water it, making sure the soil dries out between waterings.

Keep in mind that while these plants are incredibly rewarding to grow and will undoubtedly brighten your home office space, they are toxic to dogs and cats, so you’re advised to avoid them if you have pets. You’ll also want to speak to an expert at your local nursery about the variety that’s best suited to your space because some varieties can grow up to 10 feet!

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