Why Bingo is Best Enjoyed with Friends


Why Bingo is Best Enjoyed with Friends


red bingo card and balls against a dark red background.

Why Bingo is Best Enjoyed with Friends


red bingo card and balls against a dark red background.

If you’ve been playing online casino games for some time, you’ll have come to find that some are great for playing solo while others have a strong, built-in social aspect. Bingo is one of those games best enjoyed with friends and a top choice for anyone looking to get competitive while bonding with loved ones at the same time.

When most people think of bingo, they picture spacious halls, a charming caller standing on a platform with a microphone in hand and crowds of people. Nowadays, though, it’s also possible to play bingo online from the comfort of your home without losing out on any of the social benefits. 

Read on to discover why online bingo is always better when enjoyed alongside others, how to optimize its social potential in various ways and the many other wonderful benefits of this long-standing classic pastime.

Why it’s great to play bingo games with friends

Even though everyone taking part in a bingo game is competing for the grand prize, bingo is very much a game of chance. This means that it’s not quite as competitive as some casino table games like poker and blackjack, which require skill and strategy and can sometimes cause tension even in the closest-knit friendship circles! Bingo is the type of game where everyone can sit back, relax and enjoy, making it a fantastic opportunity for combining bonding with stress relief. Most friends or relatives who play bingo together do so in relaxed environments while sharing some delicious snacks and drinks, listening to music and catching up on everybody’s news. The excitement of the game only adds to the pleasant experience!

How to optimize the social side of online bingo

Men playing bingo at a table.

It’s traditional to play bingo in person inside bingo halls but, in recent times, the popularity of online bingo has started to soar. This is especially true since the start of the pandemic when bingo halls were closed, the world was under lock and key and people were looking for enjoyable ways to pass the time. Luckily, online bingo can be just as social as traditional bingo. Here are a few ideas for making it so.

Throw an online bingo party

Why not throw a bingo party, inviting all friends and family members who enjoy playing the game round to your place? Do some research into online sessions that everyone can join at the same time and set the date and time accordingly. You could serve some tea and treats to your guests and have a chat before getting started, allowing you to revel in the social setting. Just be sure to remind everyone on the guest list to bring their own laptop or another device along with them to be able to take part when it’s time to play.

Invite friends to play a bingo game together online

Most online casinos specializing in bingo make sure that the social aspect isn’t lost even if you’re not playing with friends in person. There’s usually a chat box in the corner of the screen, allowing you to type messages and converse with other players during gameplay. 

Play bingo online while chatting on the phone

If the chat box function isn’t to your liking, another option is to call your friends on the phone before logging in to play a game together. That way, you can play and chat in real-time.

Other benefits of playing bingo online

Bingo has many benefits outside of encouraging you to spend time with loved ones and to meet new people with similar interests. For instance, some studies have shown bingo to be beneficial to the brain, helping to improve cognitive function. After all, the game demands concentration, which is terrific for keeping the mind sharp!

Another notable benefit is decreased stress and anxiety. Bingo is a useful way to take your thoughts away from any troubles you’re experiencing, often leaving you feeling more relaxed and at peace after a session, win or lose.

The best bingo online casino games

The bingo menu at Borgata Online is extremely diverse. There’s sure to be something for everyone, regardless of your playing style. If you enjoy the social aspect and you like a faster-paced playing environment, our live bingo rooms are an ideal choice. However, if you prefer playing at your own pace and enjoy exciting visuals and themes, then our video poker games are another option to explore.

There are also plenty of Slingo games on offer (a mash-up of bingo and online slots,) including Slingo Fluffy Favorites – an adorably colorful game where you select a toy as it floats past, revealing a prize multiplier of either a 2x, 5x, 10, or 100x.

Bingo games at Borgata Online

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