Know Your Role: The Ultimate Slots Glossary

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The Ultimate A to Z of Slot Machines

Slot machines are among the easiest and most popular games found in both online and brick and mortar casinos, though there is more to it than simply pulling a lever and spinning the reels hoping to hit the jackpot. In order to master the slots and win big, you need to master a bit of the language of slot machines.


ACTION – Also called ‘Play’, this refers to the total amount a player wages at a machine.

ACTIVE PAYLINE – Payouts will occur if the payline a player has bet on has a winning match.

ANNUITY WINNER – Jackpot winners who choose to get paid out in yearly instalments.

AUTOPLAY – A feature on many slots that can be triggered by the player to spin automatically.


BANK – A row of machines placed side by side that often match a theme.

BARS – The most common symbol found on reels are marked with the word ‘BAR’.

BET – The amount of money a player wages on per spin.

BIG BERTHA – A machine used by casinos as a marketing device to attract attention.

BIG WIN – The highest payout available on a specific slot game or jackpot.

BLANK – A blank space found between the symbols on a reel.

BONUS FEATURE – Reference to an additional feature that awards a win on top of the active payline.

BONUS MULTIPLIER – A game type that includes a bonus prize.

BONUS SLOTS – Specific machines that will award free spins or other bonuses.

BRANDED SLOTS – Themed slots often based on popular TV shows or movies.

BUY-A-PAY-SLOT – A type of slot in which each bet unlocks new potential winning matches.


CAROUSEL – Another term for the Bank.

CANDLE – The small light often found at the top of a slot machine.

CASHBACK – A feature on some slots that award players with money back on their bets.

CERTIFIED SLOTS – A type of slot game that has a 98% to 100% payout rate.

CICO – An abbreviation for ‘Coin in Coin out’ that tracks the coins in and out of a machine.

CLASSIC SLOT – A term for the earliest slots that featured only three reels.

COINS – The currency used by players to make bets at slot machines.

Lots of golden coins falling down with a dollar sign on each one

COIN SIZE – An indicator of how much a coin is worth.

COIN-FREE PLAY – This style of slot machine will pay out tickets instead of coins.

COINS PER LINE – The number of coins allowed, or required, to play a specific pay line.

COINS PER SPIN – The number of coins a player chooses to bet on a single spin.


DENOMINATION – The value of each credit played at a specific slot machine.

DOUBLES – A rare occasion where symbols come up two or three at a time for double payouts.

DRAGONFISH – A famous online slot gambling manufacturer.

DROPS – A feature where the symbols on slots fall into place on the reel.


EDGE – The advantage that the house (or casino) has over the player.

EXPANDING WILDS – A symbol that expands to cover the entire reel to increase chances of winning.


FEATURE – A feature in slots could be a reference to bonuses, free spins and more.

FILL – A slang term for a bag that contains coins that fills a coin hopper.

FIVE LINER – A slot type where the player has the chance to win on five payout lines.

FREEPLAY – Slots that can be enjoyed for free, without risking any money.

FRUIT MACHINE – A nickname for slot machines coined in the UK.

3 fruit machines lined up in a dim room


GAMES PER HOUR – Reference to the number of spins made by a player per hour.


HAMMER A MACHINE – The act of playing the same machine or game for a long time.

HIT – A term for a winning spin.

HIT AND RUN – A style of playing slots that involves rotating between machines frequently.

HOT SLOT – A term for a machine that seems to be paying out more than others.


INSTANT WINNER – Jackpot winners who get all their winnings paid out immediately.


JACKPOT – The top prize offered by a particular slot.


LINE BET – The total amount a player wagers on the pay lines.

LOOSE SLOT – A term for a machine with a high payout rate.

LOW-LEVEL SLOT – A machine with a chair or seat is referred to as a low-level slot.

LOW-VOLATILITY SLOT – A slot that pays out often but only on small to medium-sized bets.


MAJOR JACKPOT – The larger payout of a slot that offers multiple progressive jackpots.

MAXIMUM BET – The highest bet allowed at a particular slot per spin.

MULTI-LINE SLOT – A term for a slot that contains multiple paylines.

MULTI-SPIN SLOT – Specific slots that have up to 9 reel sets instead of only one.


NEAR MISS – When a player misses a win by only one symbol.

Golden slot machine showing it was only one symbol away from winning.

NICKEL SLOTS – Slots that are played only with a denomination of a nickel (5 cents).

NUDGE – A button found on some slots that allow the player to push a reel up or down.

NUMBER SYMBOLS – Symbols that pay the least and are commonly represented by 10, J, Q, K, and A.


ONE-ARMED BANDIT – One of the most popular slang terms for a slot machine.

ONE LINER – A game that only has one reel.

ONESIES – A slang term for playing with only one credit or coin per spin.


PAYLINE – The payout of each game depends on the pattern of symbols that must be matched.

PAYTABLE – A table displayed on slots that show all the possible payouts and bonuses.

PENNY SLOT – Slots that are played with the lowest denomination of just a penny (1 cent).

PICK TO WIN – A bonus game offered by some slots that is similar to a pick and match game.

POKIES – An Australian slang term for slot machines.

PROGRESSIVE JACKPOT – A jackpot that increases over time.

PROGRESSIVE SLOT – Refers to interlinked slots that offer a progressive jackpot.


QUARTER SLOTS – Slots that are played with only a denomination of a quarter (25 cents).


RAINING – When a slot machine pays out and it sounds like rain.

REELS – Rotating barrels that contain the game symbols that must be matched.

ROLL-UP – A suspenseful sound made by a machine when a player wins.


SCATTER SYMBOL – A symbol that doesn’t need to be in any order or combination in a spin.

SELECT LINES – The number of selected paylines in one game.

SHORT WIN – A win that doesn’t pay out due to a low denomination bet.

SKILL-BASED GAME – A common bonus round that resembles a video game.

SLOT CLUB – A rewards club for players in a casino or online.

SLOT TALK – When players exchange information about a game with a host.

STREAKY SLOTS – A slot that is referred to as both ‘hot’ and ‘cold’.

STRAIGHT MULTIPLIER – A type of slot that can have all winning matches triggered by a single coin.


TAKE – An assumption that slots have a cycle during which they will pay out after enough bets.

TICKET – A printed ticket that players receive that can be exchanged for their winnings.

TILT – A term for a malfunction or an error in a live or online slot machine.

TOTAL BET – The total amount of bets a player makes at a specific machine.

TWO LINER – A type of slot that has two reels allowing for a potential double payout.

TASTE – A small payout from a slot and the assumption that it will keep the player spinning.


VOLATILITY – A reference to how difficult or easy it is to hit a jackpot in a specific game.

VIDEO SLOTS – A type of slot with an electronic display that doesn’t contain mechanical reels.

Seven video powered slot machines lined up in a casino

VIRTUAL REEL TECHNOLOGY – A system that allows for more losing and fewer winning matches.


WELL – The tray into which coins fall after a payout.

WILD SYMBOL – A game symbol that can be used as a substitute for others in a winning pattern.

WINNING COMBINATION – A pattern of symbols that, when matched, pays out a win.


ZIGZAG – A winning combination that forms a zigzag pattern on the reels.


234 PAYLINES – A special game with a high number of paylines that cover every line.

3-REEL SLOTS – A slot game that features 3 reels.

5-REEL SLOTS – A slot game that features 5 reels.

Time to Spin

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