How You Could Win Big Playing Borgata Bucks Jackpots


How You Could Win Big Playing Borgata Bucks Jackpots


The words “Big Win” in red and gold with bright lights on it and around it. Coins are flying around the text.

How You Could Win Big Playing Borgata Bucks Jackpots


The words “Big Win” in red and gold with bright lights on it and around it. Coins are flying around the text.

Following its success as a land-based casino, Borgata eventually opened its virtual doors to accommodate online gambling enthusiasts in New Jersey and, later, Pennsylvania. Some reasons for Borgata Online’s continued growth are the varied offerings, including online slots, table games, live dealer games, and incentives to increase players’ winning potential. Among these are the Borgata Bucks jackpots. Read on to discover what these are.

What Are Borgata Bucks Global Jackpots?

Online casino bonuses and promotions are among the most appealing reasons for returning to try your luck at your favorite games. While there are several casino online promotions at Borgata Online, the Borgata Bucks global jackpots stand out because they’re exclusive. When you play qualifying games, this Borgata Online promo offers three jackpots: the Mini Mystery Jackpot, the One and All Jackpot, and the Community Share Jackpot.

When playing for one of the above-mentioned predetermined jackpots, you win the jackpot when the purse reaches the target amount. The Mini Mystery Jackpot triggers if its value reaches a maximum of $300, and the One and All Jackpot triggers if its value reaches a maximum of $1,000. In contrast, the Community Share Jackpot triggers once per week on a Friday at 10:00 PM (ET).

Borgata Bucks Jackpots Qualifying Games

A montage of casino games including a slot reel, roulette, and playing cards against an orange and black background. A neon yellow crown outline hovers above the roulette wheel.

There are several types of games the Borgata Online casino offers that are eligible for these jackpot wins. When playing, it’s important to note that the percentage of your wager that counts toward the wagering requirement varies based on the game you’re playing, as outlined below:

  • Table, roulette, live dealer (all games), video poker, baccarat, craps: 20%

If you wager $125 on these games, only $25 is considered wagered because they count 20%.

  • Blackjack (non-live dealer only): 10%

If you wager $125 on blackjack, only $12.50 is considered wagered because blackjack counts 10%.

  • Slots, jackpot slots, scratch cards, fixed odds games, virtual games: 100%

If you wager $125 on any of the above games, you can release up to $125 because they count 100%.

Some of the slots you can play that are eligible for these jackpots are:

Big Fishing Fortune

A screenshot of Big Fishing Fortune. The reels contain various symbols including fish with cash values and fishing reels, as well as standard symbols such as A, K, Q, and J. The background is a crystal blue ocean and the ocean floor.

This is one of the many sea-themed online slots. However, Big Fishing Fortune stands out because of its graphics and the many incentives it offers.

Software ProviderInspired Gaming
Jackpot TypeNo progressive jackpot
Max Wager$100
Max Win2,500x

Call of the Wild

A screenshot of Call of the Wild. The reel is set against the American desert and contains various wild animals including a horse, bear, mountain lion, and wolf.

The Call of the Wild slot is themed around wolves and is ideal for players who enjoy interacting with wild animals or the sound of nature.

Software ProviderInspired Gaming
VolatilityMedium to high
Jackpot TypeNo progressive jackpot
Max Wager$400
Max Win539x

Perfect Peacock Coin Combo

A screenshot of Perfect Peacock Coin Combo. The background is a beautiful green and blue sky with a forest below. The reels contain various Asian-influenced symbols including a gold fish, umbrella, crown, and a blue peacock.

This East Asian-themed slot puts one of the proudest animals, the peacock, front and center.

Software ProviderLight & Wonder
Jackpot TypeGrand jackpot of 1248x your stake
Max Wager$100
Max Win5,000x

Borgata Bucks Jackpots Terms and Conditions

A close up of a person sitting and reading a tablet while sitting with their leg over one knee.

To play for these daily jackpot online casino incentives, participants must be 21 years or older and be playing within New Jersey or Pennsylvania, the two states where Borgata Online is legally active. This promotion is currently running until 11:59 PM, Friday, January 31, 2025. Only Borgata Online casino accounts can participate and play for these jackpots. Players must have made a minimum of one deposit into their Borgata Online casino account to be eligible to get started and play for the Borgata Bucks jackpots. Players previously excluded from Borgata Online promotions are not eligible to participate.

Why Participate in Borgata Bucks Jackpots

There are countless reasons to play for these Borgata Online casino bonus jackpots, most notably the thousands of dollars you put yourself in line to win daily. Additionally, Borgata Online has a way of creating a truly immersive and captivating experience through sophisticated software that brings the games to life. Keep your eye on the Borgata Bucks jackpots page to track progress and the total winnings in real time.

Capitalize on Borgata Bucks Jackpots When You Play Online

To maximize your online casino experience at Borgata Online, make sure you play during the promotional period to potentially win big with the Borgata Bucks jackpots. With all these exciting games and incentives just a few clicks away, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t take the fun home with you and see if you can strike it lucky with one of the progressive jackpots. Simply register at Borgata Online to gain unlimited access to a world of thrilling casino games. If you’re ready to spin the reels to success or to go head-to-head with other players, you can do so for real money when you physically play from the legal casino states of New Jersey and Pennsylvania, where Borgata Online is legally active.