How To Play Lightning Blackjack


How To Play Lightning Blackjack


Casino chips on a blackjack table.

How To Play Lightning Blackjack


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Similarly to online poker, blackjack is a popular game that includes several variations; while in poker, you’ll find the likes of Omaha and Texas hold ’em, blackjack has Spanish 21 and progressive, among others. 

There are multiple benefits to playing new variations, from exposing yourself to new gameplay mechanics to keeping your gambling experience fresh and exciting — you never know when you’ll find your new favorite game. This article focuses on lightning blackjack, a contemporary way to play this long-established game. 

Characteristics of Lightning Blackjack

Lightning blackjack is played with eight decks, making it harder to predict future cards, but it evens out the playing field — regardless of whether a player is a novice, intermediate, or experienced — in the process. 

The lightning aspect refers to multipliers, which require winning two consecutive hands in order to be triggered. The maximum multiplier is 25x, meaning if you staked $150 and activated the 25x multiplier, you’d be $3,750 in the green.

Your winning total determines the multiplier:

Winning TotalPossible Multipliers
17 or less2
182, 3, 4
193, 4, 5, 6
204, 5, 6, 8
215, 6, 8, 10, 12
Blackjack6, 8, 12, 15, 20, 25

Interestingly, to be eligible for a multiplier, you’ll need to pay a “flash fee” at the start of each round, costing you 100% of your initial bet, meaning that if you staked $5, you’d need to match it.

If a split hand occurs, which refers to when two players hold the same hand, you’ll receive your starting bet but lose the flash fee and any lightning multiplier.

Other niche characteristics include the game’s no side bets rule and the fact that you can’t double after a split but can double your first two cards. Additionally, you can opt for insurance, which offers a 2:1 payout, if the dealer receives an ace.This online casino game offers a fresh perspective on an ancient game. Dating back to the 1700s, blackjack has been a staple casino card game for centuries, captivating the worldwide gambling scene — fast forward three hundred years, and it still holds the same gravity but with a modern twist.

Blackjack blind chips and casino chips on a green felt table.

Best Blackjack Variations at Borgata Online

In addition to lightning blackjack, Borgata Online proudly hosts an array of blackjack games, from Infinite blackjack to the exhilarating Spanish 21 and progressive blackjack. You can even play online blackjack with a live dealer, replicating the authentic offline experience.

There’s also first-person blackjack, New York Jets blackjack, unlimited blackjack, and, in collaboration with live Evolution (which specializes in live dealer online casino games), live blackjack, which only allows seven players each game, creating an intimate and original experience. 

Remarkably, before the digital age, blackjack was prevalent in casinos for centuries, including through two World Wars, Prohibition, and the Great Depression. 

Having originated in France in the 17th century, it would take a hundred years for blackjack to reach the shores of America, where many historians believe French colonists brought it to New Orleans. An instant hit, blackjack was soon played across the country but became banned in the early 20th century before being legalized in the 1930s. 

And from 10 years ago, as the popularity of online gambling dramatically grew, the stream of fresh variations has become consistent, with lightning blackjack being one of the latest to grace the market. 

Blackjack Etiquette

Whether playing lightning blackjack or any other casino table games, adhering to gambling etiquette, such as waiting your turn before declaring a bet, is vital. 

Greeting the dealer and tipping them afterward, whether you profited or not, is also part of gambling etiquette. When opponents are betting, ensure you remain silent throughout their turn; otherwise, you might be a distraction and affect their decision-making.  

Practicing proper etiquette will improve your overall gambling experience and allow you to focus on implementing some of the tips and tricks you’ve learned while playing live dealer blackjack. This may include placing smaller bets in the opening rounds to gauge your opponents’ skill levels and understand their playing personalities.

Fun Facts About Blackjack

Considering it’s been around for centuries, it’s no surprise that blackjack has plenty of fun facts surrounding it. Probably one of the most fascinating facts about blackjack is how it got its name, which came from a specific hand — ace of spades and a black jack (clubs or spades). This is an instant 21, with the ace amounting to 11 and a jack of clubs or spades equaling 10. 

Want another astonishing info bite? The largest blackjack table belongs to California’s Viejas Casino, covering 2,226 square feet.

The Value of Cards

Blackjack cards and colorful chips on a poker table.

The aim when playing blackjack is reaching or getting the closest to 21, meaning you need to know when to hit or stick — this applies to lightning blackjack and all other variations. The difference between games is often the number of decks used. For example, lightning blackjack uses eight decks, while traditional blackjack commonly uses fewer. 

When playing lightning blackjack (and most other varieties), cards between 2 and 10 hold their face value; for instance, an 8-6 would amount to 14 (8 = 8 points and 6 = 6 points), while the royals — jack, queen, and king — offer 10 points. An ace can double as a 1 or 11. The fastest route to victory is being dealt an ace and a royal card (11 + 10 = 21). 

When this occurs, stick, but don’t make your strong hand obvious. A great way to do so is by hesitating before betting, suggesting to opponents that you’re unsure whether your hand is strong enough to win. 

Play Lightning Blackjack at Borgata Online

Want to play at a casino online? Along with lightning blackjack, Borgata Online proudly hosts other blackjack variations from traditional and progressive to live dealer and unlimited. 

Register today and explore an extensive selection of online casino games, from blackjack and baccarat to poker, roulette, and slots.