Casino Game Review: Shelby Online Video Slot (NetGaming)


Casino Game Review: Shelby Online Video Slot (NetGaming)


Shelby online slot game screenshot.

Casino Game Review: Shelby Online Video Slot (NetGaming)


Shelby online slot game by Netgaming.

Lovers of speed and everything motor-related are sure to enjoy this online slot. As suggested by the game’s name, this slot is inspired by American automotive manufacturer and race car driver Carroll Shelby, whose most notable designs include the Mustang, AC Cobra, and Aston Martin. While online casino games all have their own level of excitement and thrill to offer, this slot will take you on an adrenaline-fueled adventure on virtual racetracks.

In keeping with the vintage theme, check out the guide to penny slots to see the evolution of these popular casino games over the years.

Game Overview

Played on a 5×4 reel with 30 fixed paylines, Shelby Online Video Slot is categorized as a medium-volatility slot. This makes it suitable for both casual slot players and more competitive players who have a high-risk appetite and are hoping to win big. There are two possible returns to player (RTP) in this game, depending on which mode of the game you choose to play. The RTP is 95.77% in Bet mode and 96.33% in Boost Bet mode. The minimum and maximum bets are $0.10 and $40, respectively.

One of the main highlights of this game is the fact that you can win up 16,000x your bet. While this is a substantial amount to look forward to, not all slots are as lucrative, which is a narrative that may be perpetuated by fake slot streamers. Part of responsible gambling is knowing your limits and always being mindful of your bankroll.

How To Play

If you’ve played online slots for real money before, you shouldn’t have a problem navigating Shelby Online Video Slot. To get started, you must set your wager and press the play button to get the reels spinning. The settings button appears at the bottom of the screen and allows you to adjust the volume, display options, rules, paytables, and autoplay. The autoplay function allows you to set a predetermined number of reel spins to automatically play out with no intervention from you.


Shelby online slot game screenshot.

When it comes to the visuals, NetGaming pulled out all the stops for this slot. The backdrop is a racecourse situated near a pavilion for spectators. Silver, red, blue, and black are the most prominent colors on this slot. However, the other symbols also provide a hint of an assortment of other colors. Playing card symbols, race cars, the cobra, and the game’s namesake are among the symbols you can expect to come across in this slot.

The game’s rock music soundtrack further enhances the gaming experience, as do the animations, which offer you a front-seat view of the game’s unique features.  


All slots generally have features that are distinctly associated with them and help to keep players engaged in the game, and this is true for Shelby Online Video Slot as well. The cobra feature in this slot only appears on the fifth reel and transforms all the car symbols into collection values, which result in immediate winnings. You can also look forward to free spins, which are triggered by the scatter symbols.

Bonuses and Jackpots

Shelby online slot game screenshot.

Competitive slot players actively pursue jackpot slots to try and win big. Even for casual slot players, unlocking a slot jackpot or bonus is always welcomed. In Shelby Online Video Slot, the bonus scatter symbols trigger the Auction Bonus. In the bonus round, there are 12 prizes that you could potentially win. If you’re playing in Bet mode, the maximum prize you can get is 2,000x your wager, whereas in Boost Bet mode, the maximum prize you can get is 4,000x your wager.

Similar Games

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