Casino Game Review: Pets Go Wild (Microgaming)

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Casino Game Review: Pets Go Wild (Microgaming)

Game Reviews

loading screen from online game Pets go Wild by Microgaming

Casino Game Review: Pets Go Wild (Microgaming)

Game Reviews

Background image from online game Pets go Wild by Casino.

Apparently, even pampered pooches need a vacation from time to time: Pets Go Wild slot-not-really-a-slot game follows the vacation adventures of canine Dexter and his friends Fred the fish, Katie the cat, Parker the parrot, and Robin the rabbit. The game plays more like Candy Crush than a true online slot but is captivating and fun to play. It can also be played on all devices, and like many similar-looking game apps, is especially suited for mobile devices. It can be played in demo mode if you want to have a peek before playing on online slots real-money sites.

Game Overview

Of all the slot games to play, this might not be for purists as it isn’t like jackpot slots in the true sense of spinning reels, but it has a reasonable return to player (RTP) of 95% and medium volatility. Its different levels will keep players interested — how do these animals experience a rock concert, the circus, and other experiences and destinations? You’ll have to play to find out.

How To Play

The layout of this game isn’t traditional. In each round, the configuration of the colorful tiles may differ, with up to seven wide and seven high. The objective is to find clusters of three or more of the same color tiles. The tiles each represent a different animal; there’s a pink ball of wool for the cat, a blue paw print for the dog, orange bunny ears for Robin, a green fish for Fred, and a yellow feather for the parrot. If you struggle to spot the clusters, the symbols pulse to attract your attention. When you click on a cluster, the points accumulate on a counter next to a picture of each of the animals at the top of the screen and more symbols cascade down. When you’ve exhausted all the combinations, the game will indicate “no more moves,” and the next configuration commences. When you fill any one of the animals’ counters, players win from 0.5x–10x for the highest value Robin the rabbit.

When bonus or multiplier symbols overlay other symbols, and they’re part of a cluster, points are multiplied, and in this way, players progress through the levels of the game.


gameplay from online game Pets go Wild by Microgaming

Pets Go Wild starts on a beach, and, in each scenario, the animals are dressed accordingly. They’ll start off with hats and sunglasses against a backdrop of the idyllic sandy beach. Specific sound effects open each scenario: seagulls and lapping waves in the beach base game, the whirr of the projector at the movies, and the cheer of the crowd at the rock concert. The overall soundtrack is a strumming, catchy and repetitive tune that matches the light-hearted mood of the game. It’s amusing to see the animals dressed for the occasion in each level, set against a well-drawn backdrop. Overall, this game is a colorful visual feast.


Several features make each level of the game more entertaining than the last. Although there are no slots bonus games in the base game on the beach, each subsequent level opens up different opportunities for free games and additional experiences. In the circus level, for example, one of the animals is shot into the air by a cannon, and its trajectory is viewed on the screen through binoculars. The altitude that they reach determines the bonus points. In all games, the bonus and multiplier symbols may sit on top of any other symbol to create bigger wins.

As you accumulate XP (experience points), you unlock new destinations or experiences for the animals to enjoy.

Bonuses and Jackpots

gameplay from online game Pets go Wild by Microgaming

Although there is no slot jackpot in Pets Go Wild, there is a special cruise bonus — and who wouldn’t love to go on a luxury cruise — so collect five twinkly stars and send the animals on the vacation of a lifetime and score 1,000x for yourself. And if the idea of pets on a cruise is wacky, you should see what they get up to in Animal Antics by Inspired Gaming.

There are also bonus multipliers and free games that you can unlock once you’re past the beach scene, with popcorn at the film festival, rocket shooting fun at the circus, additional multipliers and free games at the rock concert, daring to open doors in the haunted house, and helping Robin reach various milestones on the moon to increase the multiplier.

The Pets’ Museum and Safari Blast are the final chapters. In Safari Blast, players can unlock a 10x multiplier, although the ultimate prize is a 1,000x payout for landing seven lucky symbols in a cluster.

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