Bingo Superstitions From Around the World

Black and white bingo balls.

Bingo is ingrained in American popular culture. It’s also one of the fastest-growing online casino games. People consider bingo to be one of the best games to play at the casino for various reasons. It’s a social game where players make friends quickly. People of all ages enjoy the camaraderie of trying to win together. Another important reason for bingo’s popularity is that it’s really simple to play. They say if you can count and mark a card, you can play bingo. The numbers are drawn at random, so everyone has the same chance to win. Nobody can influence the outcomes of a bingo game – or can they?

Gamblers the world over believe in the superstition of luck, and bingo players are no different. No matter whether they play at a land-based venue or in an online casino, many players believe that there is something they can do to influence their luck. It could be bingo lucky charms, lucky numbers, or even lucky chairs. And so what if it’s superstitious? It’s scientifically proven that people who believe in good luck are more optimistic, more satisfied, and better tempered. That’s bound to improve a player’s gaming experience. We’ve taken a survey of the most popular bingo superstitions out there today. Here’s what we learned.

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Bingo good luck charms

The belief that some objects have the power to attract good luck goes back to the origins of humanity. It doesn’t attract attention when a player puts their lucky charm for bingo on the table. It’s likely they won’t be alone. In fact, nearly half of bingo fans confess to a belief in lucky charms. Even online casino bingo players adhere to it.

Coins and leaves

It’s a widespread belief that finding money is a sign of good fortune, so don’t be surprised if you see a lucky penny on another player’s bingo card. Luckier still would be to find a four-leaf clover. The clover is the national plant of Ireland, and the three sections represent hope, faith, and love. A fourth leaf is considered to add luck to the equation. The chances of finding an actual four-leaf clover have been calculated as being one in 5,000-10,000, so it’s no wonder many bingo players believe they attract the “luck of the Irish.”


One of the more popular bingo good luck charms is the horseshoe symbol. It’s an icon associated with good fortune throughout the world. Players accessorize horseshoes as jewelry and keyrings, and sometimes they place them on a wall or above their front door in hopes of getting lucky with their online casino games. This popular icon has an interesting back story that’s linked to the legend of St Dunstan. The story goes that St Dunstan was once a blacksmith. The devil came and asked Dunstan to shoe his horse, but Dunstan tricked the devil. He placed the horseshoe on the devil’s foot and not the horse! The devil pleaded with Dunstan to remove it, and he extracted the promise from the devil that he would never enter a house with a horseshoe on the door.

Personal charms

Instead of these traditional lucky charms, many players have their own lucky charm for bingo. Toys like Trolls, Care Bears, My Pretty Ponies, and stuffed animals are popular. In many cases, they bring back good memories, which puts the player in a good mood. Another player might believe that a particular marker will bring luck because they won with it before. Or they might believe that certain colors can influence their ability to win. Family photos and heirlooms are another popular category of bingo lucky charms. Then there are lucky charms from other cultures, like the Maneki Neko, the beckoning cat of Japan. You’ll find it outside restaurants and businesses and inside bingo halls.

Numbers that bring good fortune

Bingo superstitions aren’t limited to bingo good luck charms. Many players believe in the power of lucky numbers. These numbers often relate to the dates of important personal events, such as birthdays and anniversaries, but there are many other reasons. Lucky numbers are traditional in many cultures, with the number seven being considered the luckiest number in the world. Eight is considered lucky in China and Japan, and don’t forget that “good things come in threes.” Some people choose the number of their childhood house or the number of pets they’ve had. Others resort to numerology and horoscopes, and there are always lucky number generators on the internet. If a bingo player wins a jackpot, chances are that the winning numbers will make it onto the “lucky list.”

Bingo players will often go to great lengths to lay hands on a bingo card with their favorite numbers. They will even swap cards with other players. Of course, there’s no way that any “lucky numbers” are going to influence the outcome of a randomly determined game. But you can spread your numbers if you buy multiple cards and make them as different as possible to cover the widest range of numbers possible. The more numbers you have, the better the chance that some of them will be called.

Lucky seats, lucky clothes, lucky people

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Further bingo superstitions you may encounter have to do with the player’s environment. Probably the most common of these is the belief in lucky seats.

People who play in bingo venues tend to develop habits over the years, so they’ll often play in the same seat. If a player wins big in a particular seat, they may very well be reluctant to sit in another, just in case the lucky influence returns. It can be a problem when a new player shows up and sits in somebody else’s lucky seat. This doesn’t really apply to online casino bingo. That said, it is important to sit comfortably when you’re playing online casino games of any description, and if your gaming chair helps you relax and play your best game, it might turn out to be your lucky seat after all.

A good many bingo players will have a particular item of clothing that functions as a lucky charm for bingo. Lucky jackets, hats, scarves, socks, and many more. It doesn’t really matter, provided that wearing the item makes the player feel optimistic. Reasons for this could be anything ranging from sentimental value to individual theories concerning color. Outfits could also be an attempt to tune into the energies of a particular date, such as St Patrick’s Day. If you have a four-leaf clover, you might as well double down and wear green. Bingo players have been known to wear the same outfits every time they play, believing that this will bring good fortune. Once again, it comes down to what makes you feel optimistic and comfortable, whether you’re playing at a bingo hall or an online casino in the USA.

A third belief that’s often overlooked is the concept of “lucky roomies.” This is the idea that other people can also be bingo lucky charms! When friends play together, cheer each other on, swap cards, and pledge to share jackpots, a sense of collective good fortune can develop. If this is accompanied by wins, then the group may feel superstitious about playing with any other people.

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