The Biggest Poker Tournaments Around the World


The Biggest Poker Tournaments Around the World


Purple casino chips against a purple background.

The Biggest Poker Tournaments Around the World


Purple casino chips against a purple background.

When you think of some of the most prestigious and extravagant events in modern times, a few poker tournaments may come to mind. As expected, these live poker tournaments and online poker tournaments attract an equally impressive crowd that includes world-renowned players. With poker being a classic game that has evolved over the years, it appeals to both young and old. 

Poker enthusiasts from all over the world eagerly await these tournaments, some to learn from the best, others for the sole purpose of witnessing the thrill and vibrancy of it all. By watching the best at play, novice players can also pick up some poker tournament tips to implement in some of their games. 

Below are some of the biggest poker tournaments around the world, renowned players that have participated in them, and some of the life-changing prizes. 

Most notable poker tournaments

 A woman playing poker at a green felt table with casino chips and playing cards.

World Series of Poker (WSOP)

Possibly one of the most popular poker tournaments in the world, the WSOP is a key feature on the events calendar for poker enthusiasts. It is a series of poker tournaments that are held annually in Nevada. Established in the early 1970s, it has been around for decades and subsequently garnered a loyal following and hosted some of the biggest names in poker. 

If you’re familiar with this tournament, then you probably know that the Main Event is Texas Hold’em poker is a key part of the festivities. The best player in the world at the WSOP is the player who wins the Main Event. The first person to ever win the Main Event was Johnny Moss, during a time when live poker games were the only option. 

Of course, industry heavyweights such as Stu Ungar, Doyle Brunson and Phil Ivey, just to name a few, are among the WSOP Main Event winners. In terms of the biggest winnings, a whopping $12 million was awarded to Jamie Gold in 2006, $10 million to Martin Jacobson in 2014 and $10 million to Hossein Ensan in 2019. 

European Poker Tour (EPT)

According to reports, about 974 million people tune into the EPT season on TV! If that doesn’t prove the popularity of poker, nothing will. It is hosted in various parts of Europe throughout the year. Three of the major events from the tour are The Barcelona Open, The French Open, as well as The Irish Winter Tournament. The last two are held in Deauville and Dublin, respectively. 

Some of the notable poker players that have participated in the EPT over the years include Noah Boeken from the Netherlands, Patrik Antonius from Finland and Vicky Coren Mitchell from England. In 2005, Boeken walked away with €170,000 while Antonius bagged €288,000. A year later in 2006, Mitchell was awarded the first prize at EPT London, securing a whopping €750,000 in the process. 

World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP)

Touted as the biggest online tournament, one could draw parallels between the WCOOP and the WSOP. Both have been integral in increasing the reach of live and online poker. Founded in 2002, the WCOOP has attracted players from all over the world who participate in their favorite poker games online. Online poker has proven to be quite convenient, especially with the option to play video poker online. 

Some of the biggest winners of the online tournament have been Tyson “POTTERPOKER” Marks, who walked away with $2,285,759 in the 2010 Main Event. Yevgeniy “JovialGent” Timoshenko bagged $1,733,944 a year earlier in the 2009 Main Event. While an unidentified online player named Liberace placed second in the 2008 Main Event. The player won $1,431,865. 

Triton Poker

This particular poker tournament takes place in various parts of the world, from London to Montenegro, and even South Korea. While some might liken it to the WSOP, it is not quite as big in comparison. However, it has gained much popularity since its inception in 2015. 

The stakes have been high in previous tournaments, with millions to be won in prizes. Bryn Kenney from New York has been one of the tournament’s biggest winners. In 2019, he placed second overall but walked away with the most money, just over $20 million! Aaron Zang from China placed first in the same year and walked away with a satisfying $16,775,820. 

Immerse yourself in the online poker experience

Although poker has been around for decades, some might say that the introduction of online poker has made it more accessible. Given the increased recognition of the classic casino table game, it’s no wonder that many are opting to play poker online and participate in tournaments. You can enjoy the thrill of an online casino when you sign up at Borgata Online for a world of exciting games.