What Kind of Bingo Personality Are You?

Bingo, Casino

What Kind of Bingo Personality Are You?

Bingo, Casino

Two excited men looking at a phone shouting and celebrating.

What Kind of Bingo Personality Are You?

Bingo, Casino

Two excited men looking at a phone shouting and celebrating.

Online bingo is a casino game full of entertainment and surprises. People from all walks of life join online bingo games to get a shot at some old-fashioned good luck. The fact that bingo is so easy to play makes it a popular choice for people of all kinds of personalities, ages, and backgrounds. The chat room feature allows everyone to have their say and get to know one another, and it’s here that you are likely to find all sorts of bingo players with different personalities.

Although there is a huge variety of people, each with their own personality in bingo, there are a couple of fun and interesting stereotypes that you are bound to find. So, what type of bingo personality are you? Find out here.

The noob

Everyone is going to be given this title at some stage as they start to play online bingo. Also known as the rookie, novice, noobie, and beginner, this is all about those players who are just starting out in the online bingo world. Every player will be the noob before they progress into one of the other personality types. These are the people who are most likely to make mistakes, accidentally post a message in the chat that is meant to go somewhere else, and so on. Bingo chat rooms can have very specific bingo lingo, and the best thing to get out of your noob title is to learn all you can about bingo as quickly as you’re able.

The veteran

Of course, being at the pinnacle of experience and knowledge in the bingo world will earn you the veteran title. This is someone who has been in the chat room for many moons, and has taken on the lifestyle of bingo, knows the moderators and other players by name, and can help noobs with any questions that they might have. If you are one of these personalities, then you’ve achieved top status in the bingo verse, and many players will look to you for inspiration.

The hype guy/gal

A placard that says “bingo” with a bokeh background.

Every group of friends or social situation needs to have a hype guy or gal. A hype person, if you will. This is the person who is going to encourage other people no matter what. Thinking about going max in and buying more cards? The hype person will be there to encourage you. Won your game? They’ll congratulate you effusively. Lost your game? They’ll be there to support you and get you ready for the next one. Hype people are happiness in a bag, but they can sometimes be that friend who you know you might end up making rash decisions with just to please them. If you’re the hype person, then keep up the positive attitude – just make sure you are encouraging others to play responsibly.

The bragger

We all know a bragger, and the chances are that not many people are very fond of them. They’re the person who lets everyone know how much money they are making, how big their house is, or how great they are at bingo. They are the ones in the bingo chat rooms going on and on about how little they spent and how much they won. If you’re a bragger and you actually want friends, then it might be worth taking it down a notch.

The socialite

Some people are here for the bingo, and others are here for a chance to socialize with a side order of bingo. The socialite is the player who is going to be more active in the chat room than they are in bingo games. Chances are that they will crack jokes and become a popular figure with other players. Socialites are fun and friendly, but they can neglect their game a bit.

The drifter

You know those friends who seem to have a huge number of different groups that they drift between, committing to no one and going where their heart desires? Well, bingo has them too. These are the people who pop into a chat room, play a game, have some fun, and then move onto the next chat room and do the same. They mean no ill feelings through their behavior – they just choose to do as they please.

The ultra-serious

The ultra-serious bingo player is the complete opposite of the socialite. They are there purely to play bingo and to try to win. You won’t see this person in a chat room much; they tend to spend their limited time playing games and then checking out once their dealing is done.

The superstitious one

A horseshoe with a “good luck” engraving and a four-leafed clover in the middle on a white background.

Superstition is prevalent in the online casino community and definitely during bingo games. This is the type of person who will take their time to put on their lucky pair of pants, hold that rabbit tail, or ensure the horseshoe is right by their computer when they play.

The lucky son of a gun

We’ve all heard the saying about beginner’s luck, and while this tends to be true in many cases, there are those people who tend to get lucky in whatever they do. This is a player who isn’t super serious about bingo but who wins every time they decide to play. Although it’s hard to become fond of these players who seem to steal the thunder every time, they are generally likable. The only thing that sets them apart from others is a little old-fashioned jealousy from those who try time and again yet don’t seem to win nearly as often as the lucky son of a gun.

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