How Do the Many Varieties of Bingo Differ From One Another?


How Do the Many Varieties of Bingo Differ From One Another?


Colorful bingo balls.

How Do the Many Varieties of Bingo Differ From One Another?


Colorful bingo balls.

Modern-day bingo is a far cry from the classic bingo of yesteryear’s bingo halls. Back in the day there were only a couple of variations on the game,  but that number has since exploded into hundreds of unique games.

Online bingo has been a key factor behind this phenomenal growth, with most players now having access to a vast library of digital titles. The nine most popular variations are listed below, along with all the info you need to decide which type you find most appealing. 

1. 75-ball bingo

75-ball bingo is a US version of bingo. Most online bingo games use this format mainly because of its capacity for fast-paced gameplay, the potential for multiple prizes per round and the wide range of winning patterns.

A 5×5 card with a total of 24 different numbers is used. Each column represents a letter of the word “BINGO,” but the central square is left blank. Any straight line of marked numbers counts as a win, but you can also form different combos depending on which game you’re playing.

2. 80-ball bingo

White bingo balls set.

Unlike 75-ball bingo, you won’t find 80-ball bingo in a bingo hall. It’s an online-only variation found mainly in the UK, where the cards are known as tickets and they get sold in bundles called “strips”.

A strip contains five tickets each, one of which consists of a 4×4 grid. There are no blank squares or letter-specific columns, which means that all numbers are covered by every strip. In other words, it’s only a matter of time before a lucky player gets a full strip.

3. 90-ball bingo

90-ball bingo is the UK equivalent of 75-ball bingo. It remains a firm favorite in parts of Europe and Australasia and its slower pace makes it particularly appealing to anyone who wants to learn how to play bingo.

Tickets are sold in strips of six, with each ticket containing three rows of nine columns. Each row has five numbers and four blank spots. Winning combinations can either be horizontal or a full house, but you can also win by getting all four corners of a ticket.

4. Blackout bingo

Best described as a pattern-based variation, blackout bingo is a US version in which you only win when all 25 spots on your card are filled in. Five in a row is just the beginning and no other pattern matters.

If rounds are taking a bit too long, you can always try the 4×4 version of blackout. The 4×4 pattern can apply to any block of numbers, reducing game time significantly and opening up the possibility for additional winning patterns to be added.

5. Bingo bonanza

Bingo bonanza can be played using any variation of bingo, provided the host is willing to give every player a head start. The game involves giving each player marked numbers right from the start, which speeds up the process and allows for more rounds in less time.

Some hosts give out as much as half the total of available numbers. As you might expect, this leads to a more streamlined experience and it’s quite common for rounds to finish within the first few callouts.

6. Death bingo

Death bingo is one of the rare variations that you won’t find in most bingo rooms. It’s the complete opposite of any other form of bingo and requires players to avoid any traditional patterns if they want to win.

The aim is to be the last player standing, with no filled lines at all. Any classic win is considered a loss and that player is eliminated from the round. Rounds take longer to complete than in other variations, but it’s a worthy alternative when you feel like shaking things up a bit.

Wooden bingo cards and barrels on a table.

7. Jackpot bingo

When you play bingo online, jackpots can either be fixed or progressive. Fixed jackpots remain the same no matter how long it takes to get a winning card, whereas progressive jackpots increase over time until someone marks off a winning pattern.

Some games go so far as to focus solely on the jackpot, with no prizes for classic combinations such as matching rows or pattern-based victories. This variation tends to have low odds for winning, but the prizes are much larger when you hit the jackpot.

8. Slingo

Slingo is a combination of bingo and slot games. It’s one of the best online bingo variations right now and is often praised for its innovative take on two of the oldest casino games in existence.

Players get 20 turns to spin a set of numbers. Five numbers can appear on every spin, but there are also special items such as coins, jokers and devils. The winner is the player with the most points at the end of the game.

9. Speed bingo

Speed bingo uses 30 balls and 3×3 cards. It’s the quickest variation of bingo out there since each round takes less than a few minutes to complete. This makes it a great game for people on the go – after all, you only have nine numbers to worry about.

Bingo in an online casino is all about convenience for the player, which is why the best online bingo sites will always feature compact, no-fuss games such as speed bingo. Ultimately it all comes down to personal preference, with player choice becoming more and more varied by the day.

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