Ultimate Texas Hold’Em Casino Game Review

Game Reviews

Ultimate Texas Hold’Em Casino Game Review

Game Reviews

Yellow casino chips on a green felt table.

Ultimate Texas Hold’Em Casino Game Review

Game Reviews

Casino chips on a green poker table.
  • Take on a new poker challenge and play against the dealer
  • Enjoy fast-paced, exhilarating gameplay
  • Make side bets for more chances to win

Ready to take the dealer on and put your Texas hold’em online skills to the test with one of the most popular poker variants in the world? Then get ready to play Ultimate Texas Hold’em, where instead of going up against other poker players, you play against the house. If you already know how to play Texas hold’em poker, you’ll have no problem giving the dealer a run for their (or the casino’s) money. This Texas hold’em poker variant is played with a standard 52-card deck, and most of the Ultimate Texas Hold’em poker rules remain the same as the original.

Read this online casino game review to see the action that awaits you.

Ultimate Texas Hold’Em Casino Game Bonus

Some of Borgata Online’s ongoing and limited-time casino bonus offers may apply to Ultimate Texas Hold’em and various other casino table games on the menu.

Even if you’ve been honing your poker skills for some time, most players would never say “no” to a little boost that gives them the edge against the dealer when playing Texas hold’em poker games.

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Ultimate Texas Hold’Em Game Highlights

This game is the rapid-fire version of traditional Texas hold’em, with multiple betting rounds — a great fit for players who enjoy fast-paced gameplay when playing online poker. Strategic decision-making is a crucial element, as you must assess your hands and betting options carefully throughout the game (and as quickly as possible). Plus, if you play your cards right and bet wisely, you have the opportunity to win an attractive amount of money — just remember to keep a close eye on your bankroll and to play responsibly. 

Ultimate Texas Hold’Em Quick Facts and Features

DeckStandard 52-card deck
House Edge2% – 2.5%
Pace of PlayFast
Best HandRoyal flush
Poker cards and casino chips on a poker table.

Does Ultimate Texas Hold’Em Pay Real Money?

If you’re physically in one of the legal U.S. gambling states in which Borgata Online is active — Pennsylvania or New Jersey — you can win real money when you play Ultimate Texas Hold’Em.

How To Play Ultimate Texas Hold’Em

The game begins with you placing an “ante” bet, while the “blind” bet is placed automatically. The ante and the blind must be of the same value.

The dealer will deal two hole cards to you and themselves. You can then view your hole cards and decide to “check” (bet nothing more at this point) or place a “play” bet of 3x or 4x your ante bet value. One raise is available per round.

In Ultimate Texas Hold’em, if you haven’t raised until the fourth and the fifth community cards are handed out, you can raise 1x the ante. Otherwise, you must fold and automatically forfeit your ante and blind bet. 

Once any play bet is made and the five community cards have been dealt, you and the dealer can select the five cards from your own hole cards and the five community cards that will give you the strongest poker hand. Your hands are then compared, and the best hand wins. 

The dealer is required to have at least a pair to have a qualifying hand. If not, your ante bet will be returned to you.

Ultimate Texas Hold’Em Game Features

Ultimate Texas Hold’em is a firm favorite because it’s the closest you can get to playing real high-stakes poker — when it’s limited to just playing against the dealer.

You’re paid out according to your hand, which is common in all online poker games. Here’s what each hand means:

  • Royal flush: Ace, king, queen, jack, and 10 — all of the same suit.
  • Straight flush: Five numerically adjacent cards with the same suit. If the player and dealer have a straight flush, the hand with the highest card is the winner.
  • Four of a kind: Four cards of matching rank (e.g., 8♥8♣8♦8♠). 
  • Full house: Three cards of the same rank and two cards of a different but matching rank (e.g., 7♥7♣7♦ and 10♥10♠). 
  • Flush: Five cards of the same suit (e.g., A♠8♠5♠2♠Q♠). 
  • Three of a kind: Three cards of the same rank with two unmatched cards (e.g., 9♠9♣8♠ with any two other cards that are not the 9♦8 or a matching pair).
  • Two pair: Two sets of two cards with a matching rank and one unmatched card.
  • Pair: Two cards of matching rank with three unmatched cards.
  • High card: Any five unmatched cards ranked as the highest card (e.g., 5♠9♣7♣2♥A♦ would be considered “ace high”).

Ultimate Texas Hold’Em Game Bonuses and Jackpots

You can take advantage of the “trips” bet in Ultimate Texas Hold’em. This side bet allows players with a good hand that’s still weaker than the dealers to win some money. The bets are won according to the value of the player’s hand and don’t factor in whether you beat the dealer.

Take a look at the trips paytable below:

  • Royal flush: +5,000
  • Straight flush: +4,000
  • Four of a kind: +3,000
  • Full house: +3,000
  • Straight: +400
  • Three of a kind: +300
  • All other: ±100

Of course, this is an optional bet that you can choose to place before the hand starts to pay. But it’s nice to know you can receive a bonus should you hit a big hand.

Depending on the online casino, Ultimate Texas Hold’em also features a progressive jackpot and hole card bonus.

How To Win Ultimate Texas Hold’Em

The secret is simple: you need to aim to beat the dealer’s hand with a higher-ranked hand of your own. The game follows standard Texas hold’em poker rules, where players make strategic betting decisions during different rounds of play, including preflop, flop, turn, and river.

Strategies for Ultimate Texas Hold’em differ slightly from regular hold’em, though. The house increases if you place your bets at the wrong times, increasing to 14% for a 4x play bet on every hand.

If you decide to place a play bet before the flop, be sure to make the maximum wager. If you choose not to bet preflop, it’s advisable to bet 2x in the play box with two pair or better, a hidden pair, or a flush draw with a hidden 10 or better. Hidden cards or hands are those that don’t appear on the board — you’ll use your hole cards to create the hand.

At the river, you want to place a bet equal to your ante bet if you have a hidden pair (or better) or if the dealer has fewer than 21 outs to beat you. 

Ultimate Texas Hold’Em Graphics and Design

Ultimate Texas Hold’em uses simple graphics while still allowing you to feel like you’re playing at a real-life Texas hold’em poker table. The game is played on a blue felt table with the chips and cards on the screen. The classic casino table has the look and feel of the poker tables in Las Vegas. Thanks to the simple and effective layout of the table, you can expect a smooth and easy gameplay experience.

Poker ace cards and colorful casino chips on a poker table.

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Ultimate Texas Hold’Em Experience

Ultimate Texas Hold’em poker online offers a fast-paced and exhilarating poker experience, with loading speed varying depending on the platform. When playing on a dedicated app, loading times are generally optimized for quick access to tables and gameplay. Compared to desktop play, the app interface may offer a more streamlined experience, allowing you to enjoy games on the go with convenience. Learning and navigating Ultimate Texas Hold’em is relatively straightforward, especially with user-friendly interfaces common in both the app and desktop versions available at Borgata Online, one of the best online poker sites for gamblers.