Different Types of Poker You Must Try at Least Once


Different Types of Poker You Must Try at Least Once


Aces against a black background.

Different Types of Poker You Must Try at Least Once


Aces against a black background.

Regardless of which part of the world you’re in, chances are you’ve either heard about, seen or personally participated in poker tournaments. This is because poker is one of those card games which have truly stood the test of time while evolving over the years to produce new and exciting variations. Those who are familiar with different types of poker will know that it’s a game of both strategy and skill and that its popularity has increased over the last couple of decades with the introduction of online casinos.

That said, there’s a wide selection of poker games that casino enthusiasts enjoy which we take a closer look at below. The good news is that if you know and understand the basics, you’ll likely be able to adapt quite easily to the quirks that set each of the variations apart.

Different Types of Poker

A poker player holding cards.

Texas Hold’em

Texas Hold’em is arguably one of the most popular types of poker around. Some of the industry’s greatest and most renowned poker players are professional Texas Hold’em players. There are two variants of Texas Hold’em, limit and no-limit, with the latter being a classic variant. Despite being relatively simple to understand, Texas Hold’em is difficult to master! Many will attest to that, freely admitting that not everybody can do well at Texas Hold’em. And yet, it remains one of the most popular poker game variants.

The premise of Texas Hold’em is simple: you have to use your hole cards and, combined with the community cards, achieve the best five-card hand. 


Some might say that Omaha is a bit like Texas Hold’em … but with a twist! If you’re familiar with Texas Hold’em and you’re wondering how to play Omaha poker, you’ll be glad to know that it’s played in a relatively similar way. In Omaha poker, however, the number of cards is different. Instead of two-hole cards (as in Texas Hold’em,) you get four.

In Omaha, the highest hand is a royal flush, followed by a straight flush. The three variations of Omaha poker are pot limit, limit and no-limit play.

Stud Poker

Stud poker is often played either as five-card or seven-card stud poker. The premise remains the same in each variant even though the number of cards dealt may change. Although the origins of stud poker can be traced back decades, it’s a rather uncommon variant. 

In Stud Poker, each player is dealt two cards: one facing down and another facing up. After each betting round, an additional card is dealt to the remaining players. Each round is referred to as a “street.” After the fifth or seventh street (depending on which variant you’re playing) and the last card facing up has been dealt, players turn their cards up. The best hand then takes the pot.

Five-Card Draw

Cards and poker chips on a dark blue table.

The different versions of poker require different skills and tact. But when it comes to Five-Card Draw, some might call it a game of pure chance! That’s not to say that no strategic thinking is required. Like all the other versions of poker, it’s not enough to simply understand and master the basics of the game. You need to be able to adapt to different situations and playing tactics. At the end of the day, the aim is to come out tops, right?

Fortunately, Five-Card Draw is widely considered one of the easier poker games to learn, which means that even novice poker players can give it a try.

In Five-Card Draw, the aim is to make the highest-ranked five-card poker hand in one round of drawing and two rounds of betting. The main advantage of this variant is that you can play more hands per hour than you would be permitted in other poker variants. 


This type of poker will have you feeling nostalgic and possibly even reminiscing about your childhood. Inspired by the very popular Tic-Tac-Toe (or Noughts & Crosses) game, it’s a modern and updated take on the classic. 

In Tic-Tac-Toe poker, each player gets four cards, with nine cards placed on the board in 3×3 style (that is, in true Tic-Tac-Toe style). The aim is to create the strongest five-card hand according to standard poker rankings. The basis of the game is pretty easy to understand, but the level of difficulty and chances of success differ because players tend to tweak the rules as they please! 

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