The Ultimate Tourist Guide to Playing Poker in Las Vegas


The Ultimate Tourist Guide to Playing Poker in Las Vegas


Las Vegas city skyline at night.

The Ultimate Tourist Guide to Playing Poker in Las Vegas


A sign captioned “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada” against white clouds and a blue sky.

Welcome to Las Vegas, the poker paradise, where you’re guaranteed to find an enticing poker table with lots of high stakes. Whether you’re going as a tourist or specifically for the breathtaking casinos, you’re sure to find the highest forms of entertainment and the best poker tables in Vegas. It’s not just about the neon lights, glamorous shows, and fine dining restaurants. Las Vegas poker rooms are in a class of their own and deserve a spotlight. 

Here’s the ultimate guide to poker in Vegas.

1. Practice Playing Poker Online

If your goal is to succeed at Las Vegas poker games, then the best advice would be to look at the poker experts for advice and to see their poker strategies. Of course, there are many different poker books that can help you sharpen your poker knowledge. However, you’ll need to apply these strategies and skills, and playing online poker is the easiest and best way to practice. Competing online with other poker players will help develop your confidence and prepare you for the poker tables in real life.

A person holding poker cards on a green felt table with casino chips.

2. Don’t Show an Unsportsmanlike Attitude

The love and passion for the casino table game bring people from all over the world together. Whether you believe that poker is all down to luck, skill, or a mixture of both, you must show professionalism at the felt table. For this reason, there are a few unspoken rules you must follow at all times. For instance, never insult your poker opponents, do not cheat, and don’t fall into the trap of getting overly confident about your victories.

3. Take Advantage of Poker Room Comps

Las Vegas poker rooms are known to give out exciting comps. Look out for top poker rooms like Aria and Bellagio, which give out the best comps ($2 per hour on cash games). Many poker rooms will give players $1 per hour in comps on cash games. Sign up for a player’s card before you start playing, and give your card to the dealer when you sit down at the table so that you can earn comps straight away. Due to so much local competition amongst casinos, poker players will get the best comps in Las Vegas compared to other casinos around the world.

4. Avoid Blowing Your Poker Winnings on Other Casino Games

If you planned a Las Vegas casino poker tour, stick with it — after all, “Sin City” can present many temptations you wouldn’t find anywhere else. From musical slot machines to the social craps table, it can be challenging to resist these temptations. Of course, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have fun in Vegas, but you should be aware of your bankroll. If you’re not keeping tabs on how much you’re spending, you could spend your entire poker bankroll, so be sure to gamble responsibly.

5. Stay Hydrated

Remember where you are; Las Vegas boasts a desert climate that can be unforgiving. It is essential to stay hydrated to remain focused during long poker sessions.

6. Research the Best Places To Play Poker in Las Vegas

A poker table with casino chips and playing cards.

Las Vegas is proud to boast a plethora of poker rooms, and each presents something unique. Look at some poker rooms worth visiting before you begin your trip.

Bellagio Poker Room

Here, poker players can get set for hand after hand of classic poker action. Considered one of the famed World Poker Tour stops, these legendary poker rooms are known for their luxurious atmosphere and high-stakes games. The Bellagio Poker Room is a stylish 7,000-square-foot space with 40 tables and two high-limit areas. The famous Bobby’s Room is a must-see if you’re interested in exclusive and private games.

Aria Poker Room

The Aria Poker Room has a modern touch, a sleek design, and an incredibly comfortable environment. It’s the place to go for a taste of real Las Vegas high-roller poker. Many professional poker players enjoy the luxury of the Aria Poker Room, including Phil Helmuth, who is frequently seen wearing an Aria cap. There are 18 tables, six high-roller tables, and an elevated upper high-limit section. Poker players can enjoy various cash games and stakes that suit all levels.

Park MGM

Conveniently located on the Strip, poker tourists can easily access Park MGM from various points in the city. If you’re looking for the ultimate Texas hold’em in Vegas, Park MGM has it, as well as 3-card poker and face-up pai gow poker. So, whether you’re a seasoned pro or just seeing a shuffle for the first time, this is the place to try out your skills.

Enjoy Las Vegas Beyond the Poker Tables

Playing poker can be intense, so taking breaks is important to avoid burnout, especially when you’re playing poker tournaments in Vegas. You could watch one of the longest-running shows in Vegas, enjoy a spa treatment at your hotel, or visit one of the incredible museums, such as the Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition and the Las Vegas Natural History Museum. There is much to do to keep you entertained and fresh between poker games.

So, if you’re wondering if Las Vegas is still the gambling capital of the world, why not head there and see for yourself?

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