The Top Instant Win Games at Borgata Online


The Top Instant Win Games at Borgata Online


The word “jackpot” in bright lights in front of a red lottery wheel.

The Top Instant Win Games at Borgata Online


The word “jackpot” in bright lights in front of a red lottery wheel.

The best online slots for real money can be a lot of fun, but if you’re pressed for time, you might want to try instant win games instead. Read on to learn more about these action-packed gambling games and what they have to offer.

What Are Instant Win Games?

Instant win games are online casino games that offer quick betting experiences, making them ideal for gamblers who are short on time or enjoy action-packed gambling. They cut out much of the “unnecessary” gameplay you’d find in other games of chance to give you the answer to one simple question as fast as possible: did you win or did you lose? Some online instant win games you can enjoy include scratch card games, pick-em games, LuckyTap games, and lottery-style games. 

The Top 5 Instant Win Games

If you’re ready for some fast and fun gambling games that you can enjoy while also making your bankroll go further, here are five of the best instant win games that you can enjoy at Borgata Online:


A screenshot of the Medusa instant-win scratch game. On the left is the beautiful but deadly Medusa’s face spread across nine squares. The prizes are listed just to the right of her portrait, with the betting slider, Play button, and setting options further on the right.
Software ProviderNextGen Gaming
Max Wager$4.00
Max Win1,000x

Medusa is an enchanting scratch card game by NextGen Gaming that offers a traditional scratch card experience. Decide how much you want to wager, press Play, and then “scratch” each square to reveal the symbols, or use the autoscratch feature to automatically reveal them. If you get three matching symbols, you’ll receive the matching multiplier prize. Multipliers can add up, resulting in an even larger prize. If you land five of the game logos, you’ll receive five free games that offer double the rewards. 

Don’t let Medusa’s gaze turn you to stone. Scratch to see what prizes lie behind her mesmerizing face.

Merlin’s Millions

A screenshot of Merlin’s Millions. A portrait of Merlin, his owl, a magic potion, and his spell book is visible across nine squares. Next to the squares are the various prizes. On the right is the betting slider, Play button, and settings option further on the right.
Software ProviderNextGen Gaming
Max Wager$4.00
Max Win1,000x

Merlin’s Millions is another classic scratch card game that offers quick and thrilling gameplay. Just like Medusa, all you need to do is decide on your bet, hit Play, and then scratch to reveal each square, or use the autoscratch feature. Match three symbols to receive the associated multiplier reward, with the potential for big wins if you land multiple multipliers. You can also enjoy five free games with double the wins if you scratch and reveal five of the magical orb symbols. Join Merlin on his marvelous magical journey, and you could land big wins.

Test Your Strength LuckyTap

A screenshot of the Test Your Strength LuckyTap game. In the center of the screen is a strength-testing machine surrounded by various cash payouts. On the left are the betting options, and on the right are the play and autoplay options.
Software ProviderDesign Works Gaming
Max Wager$50
Max Win71,785x the bet

The LuckyTap series of games by Design Works Gaming takes the core gameplay of slots and streamlines it to offer you a thrilling series of instant-win games. One of the best LuckyTap games that demonstrates this is Test Your Strength LuckyTap. Based on the classic strength testing machines you can find at carnival games, all you need to do is set your bet and select Play. Within a matter of seconds, you’ll know whether you’ve gotten lucky or if you should try again. Test how strong your luck is when you play Test Your Strength LuckyTap.

The Price is Right Come On Down

A screenshot of The Price is Right Come On Down instant-win game. On the right are the four rows with various values and prizes revealed. The player has received a matching win of 20.00 in row one of game one.
Software ProviderIGT
RTPUp to 93%
Max Wager10.00
Max Win250,000.00

If you’re a fan of the game show “The Price is Right,” you’re going to want to try your luck with The Price is Right Come On Down. This instant-win scratch card game features not one but two games, as well as two bonus games. 

In the base games, you “scratch” to reveal the prizes behind each square. In game one, you must match three prize values to win on either row 1 or 2. In game two, you must match a symbol from rows 3 or 4 to one of your winning symbols to receive a reward. 

While most instant-win scratch card games stop there, The Price is Right Come On Down has two exciting bonus games: Cliff Hangers and Showcase Showdown. In Cliff Hangers, you must spin a wheel to guide a Yodeller up a mountainside, collecting prizes as you do. The game ends when the Yodeller reaches the top of the mountain or falls off the other side. Showcase Showdown gives you a chance to boost your win by spinning a wheel filled with multipliers. 

This game might be a little less “instant” than other instant-win games, but you can still come on down to enjoy some great The Price is Right-themed thrills.

Luck of the Dead

A screenshot of Luck of the Dead. On the left and right are the various symbol combinations and their payouts or effects. In the center is the nine-square scratch card with various symbols revealed, including a woman and man in Day of the Dead makeup, various skulls with traditional Day of the Dead designs, and a bright red and yellow flower.
Software ProviderGreentube
RTPUp to 96.03%
Max Wager$100.00
Max Win27,810x

Celebrate the Day of the Dead or enjoy some good old-fashioned instant-win fun any day of the year with Luck of the Dead by Greentube. This beautifully designed instant-win scratch game draws you into the world of this traditional day to remember the dead with remarkably detailed illustrations, including a man and woman in traditional makeup, three skulls with intricate designs, and a bright red-and-yellow flower. 

All you need to play is set your bet, tap Start, and then tap each square of the beautifully illustrated traditional Day of the Dead meal to reveal the symbol behind it. You can also tap the Start button again to autoscratch all the squares or use the Turbo and Autoplay options to reveal what lies behind each square on the card quickly. Just press Stop when using the Autoplay feature, or the game will continue until you run out of funds. You’ll receive the symbol’s associated prize if you land three matching symbols when you play. 

If you are interested in big wins, you don’t need to worry; you also stand a chance to take home some big instant wins with this game’s stacking multipliers. There are 3x, 9x, and 27x multipliers that could dramatically boost your final prize if you’re lucky enough to land them.

Don’t wait until death knocks on your door to play this game. Scratch to see what you could win.

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