Insider Tips to Become a Super Successful Poker Player


Insider Tips to Become a Super Successful Poker Player


Vector illustration of four black playing cards featuring shining gold suits.

Insider Tips to Become a Super Successful Poker Player


Vector illustration of four black playing cards featuring shining gold suits.

If you’re someone who enjoys playing online poker and other online casino games in your free time. In that case, you may have wondered what exactly goes into becoming a super successful poker player, both online and at the table.

We’ve got you covered. Here’s a round-up of our top insider tips to keep in mind both on and off the felt. They will help to optimize your game and give you the confidence boost you need to make thoughtful, calculated decisions when the cards are dealt.

Why poker?

It’s undeniable that poker is considered one of the best casino games to play regardless of your skill or experience level. There are many reasons for this. For starters, it’s one of the only casino games that relies more on skill than luck. Ultimately, this means that it’s possible to get better results if you’re willing to put in the work. 

Secondly, it’s a social game that involves playing against other people instead of playing against the dealer or the house. 

Thirdly, it’s extremely competitive and unpredictable, making it exciting to play.

Now that you know why poker is so popular let’s delve deeper into what you should be focusing on to become a better player.

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1. Surround yourself with, and learn from, other serious players

Lots of people play poker, and it can be fun to surround yourself with anyone who savors the thrill of the game. However, most professional poker players agree that it makes sense to spend more time with other serious players. This is because it’s possible to bounce “win” strategies off one another – strategies that have been tried, tested, and have produced results.

Playing alongside serious players is also sure to lend itself to your overall success. You’ll learn the tricks of the trade when it comes to the way you carry yourself during a game, such as mastering the art of controlling (and concealing) your emotions.

2. Don’t fixate on the win

This may sound counter-productive but obsessing over winning can distract you from fully immersing your mind in the game. Do your best to tune out the noise around you, any lingering self-doubt, and any pressure you may feel, and simply give it your all. Lean on the preparation that you’ve put in along with your experience and, of course, your well-rehearsed poker face.

3. Make poker a part of your everyday life

You can’t only think about poker when you’re playing it. To become a successful poker player, it’s vital to weave the game into aspects of your everyday life. Work on your poker face the next time you’re negotiating with a client or when making an important business decision. You can also weigh up risk vs. reward in the same way you would at the table, and talk about poker to anyone who will listen! The only way you will achieve greater success is to take the game seriously.

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4. Avoid focusing on short-term results

It’s easy to overthink everything that went wrong after each session of poker, to worry about every “bad” hand or every “wrong” move you made. This won’t help your progress, but it will also break down your confidence. 

The reality is that short-term results mean very little. Instead, what you want to pay attention to are your long-term successes – what your overall results look like over the course of thousands of hands, not individual ones. Avoid playing reactively and try not to take losses personally or to discount a new strategy if a single session doesn’t play out the way you’d hoped. 

Also, keep in mind that while skill is crucial in poker, there is an element of luck involved, too. You simply can’t win them all!

5. Study, study, study

Any poker player worth their salt will attest to the fact that champions are made both on and off the felt. While working the game into aspects of your daily life is a good start, it’s also important to be dedicated and disciplined when studying your craft. This means finding and hiring a poker coach, signing up to take online poker courses, reviewing Texas hold’em poker hands using a poker tracking app, reading books about poker, and studying potential new strategies. 

The general rule of thumb, according to most professionals, is to spend the same amount of time studying the game’s many intricacies as you do playing it.

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