Things You Might Not Know About Bingo Daubers


Things You Might Not Know About Bingo Daubers


A bingo card with a green bingo dauber.

Things You Might Not Know About Bingo Daubers


A bingo card with a green bingo dauber.

Bingo daubers are among the most important tools you will need to play bingo. When you’re not playing online bingo and opt for a bingo hall or a game with friends instead, you will need a bingo pen. Let’s look at some interesting things you might not have known about bingo daubers.

What Is a Dauber?

A dauber is, basically, a pen used to mark numbers on a bingo card when they’re called during a bingo game. As opposed to ink pens, these markers are shaped like plastic bottles and have a sponge-like tip that comes in various colors. Daubers typically come filled with 1.5 oz of ink. However, some avid bingo players prefer 2.7 – 4 oz daubers that will last for several games.

The History of Daubers in Bingo

Of course, bingo has quite a long and interesting history. Bingo daubers were created in the 1960s and 1970s when the game became more popular worldwide. The main goal of bingo pens was to mark the numbers without obscuring them to reduce the chance of cheating.

Different Kinds of Daubers

Bingo card with a red bingo dauber.

Translucent ink is used so that bingo players can see the numbers marked off on their cards. Players can change the tip of the dauber so that it can create a shape on the ticket. Avid bingo players often change their inks and shapes to create a fun and aesthetically pleasing ticket. The range of daubers available today includes disposable, large, plain and novelty daubers that can be refilled with new ink. Daubers are also how bingo players express themselves. Some players will opt for simple round nibs or shaped nibs such as a moon, star, sun or superhero.

Various Names for Daubers

Daubers go by many names. The word comes from “daub,” which actually means to smear a substance onto a substance. People also call them dabbers or dobbers. 

Choosing the Best Dauber

When choosing your dauber, look for one where the ink flows freely – but not so freely that it spills on your hands. Make sure that the ink is transparent so that you can see the numbers on the bingo card when they’ve been marked. Choose a large, colorful dauber that’s easy to find when you sit down at the bingo table. 

Different Ink Options

Bingo dauber on a bingo card.

Believe it or not, there’s an enormous variety of ink options available. Many bingo halls and bingo game organizers will use standard bingo ink. However, players have the option of choosing different ink and different colors. Generally, the popular colors are pink, aqua, orange and purple. Younger players prefer coral, teal, lime green and lilac in fluorescent daubers. 

Of course, manufacturers ensure that the ink is safe to use. Most manufacturers use non-toxic ink. These daubers are also non-staining, which is great if it gets on your clothes or hand. Nevertheless, you should always check the details on the packaging.

Online Bingo and Daubers

When you play bingo online with friends and family, enjoy Slingo online or any other bingo variations, you don’t need to travel to bingo halls. All the action is just a click away on your electronic device. Online casinos have been able to replicate the bingo hall fun and present it through a virtual world. Bingo players can now use virtual or digital daubers with multiple colors and shapes to mark the numbers on their digital bingo cards. 

With advancing technology, bingo sites created an auto dab function that allows players to choose the color, size and other dauber features in advance. Moreover, the numbers will be marked automatically on the digital card, which is helpful when players forget some numbers or miss any by chance.

Bingo Is Fun

There you go! These are just some fun facts about bingo daubers, showing how much people really care about the social game. Bingo players even go out of their way to ensure they have daubers that set them apart from the crowd. Playing bingo is so much fun, whether you play bingo online or at a traditional bingo hall.

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