The Differences Between Free Bingo and Real Money Bingo

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The traditional game of bingo has taken the online world by storm. The game has become popular among a whole new generation. Thanks to online bingo, many players can engage in the chatrooms made available by online casinos. Online bingo also offers players a wider range of game variations and the opportunity to socialize with people near and far. From the standard 90-ball and 75-ball bingo variants to versions with fun themes, players are thrilled with the amount of choice now available at online casinos. 

If you play casino games online, it’s helpful to know that there are free bingo games available, too, before you start playing for real money. This way, you can become familiar with the game, as well as have casual fun socializing in the bingo chat rooms. Let’s take a look at what free bingo and real money bingo entails.

Free bingo

The online world allows game developers to innovate at impressive rates, which is great news for players because it allows them to engage with a large variety of games. And now players have the privilege of engaging in free bingo sessions! This means that players can play online bingo games without placing a deposit while still accessing cash prizes! 

Free bingo is a great way for beginner bingo players to find their rhythm while not wagering any money. It also feeds into the social aspect of the game, as players can focus on having fun with others and not so much on the risk of potentially losing. So, if you’re looking to play bingo online, free bingo will deliver an experience above and beyond, every time. Who knows? You might end up making some really good friends in the bingo chat room!

Why do online casinos offer free bingo?

It‘s important to understand that playing bingo online is formed out of two industries: land-based bingo and online gaming. As you know, brick-and-mortar bingo – usually at your local bingo hall, but sometimes just with a group of friends at home – is all about the social aspect unique to this traditional game, and this is what has made it possible for free games to exist in this industry. 

When it comes to iGaming, developers and online casinos know that it’s important to encourage people to sign up to their site and to play the games on offer. Free bingo creates a loyalty loop and a reputable identity for the casino site. Players are encouraged to sign up through free cash giveaways and no-deposit games.

For existing members, free bingo is a way to reward loyalty and to ensure that these members get better value for their time spent on the site. Online casinos often reward players with free game tickets or extra bingo cards, for example. 

Real money bingo

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Playing online bingo for real money means that there is some cost involved. These games require a deposit and often mean that bigger cash prizes are up for grabs. With real money bingo, the players’ buy-ins will cover the game’s prize pool, which is determined by the number of participants and the entry fee for the game. The notable difference with free bingo is that the prize pool is covered by the online casino and is honored once the game is won. One way of regulating these games is by creating a limited-access bingo “freeroll”, which means all players are given a fair chance of accessing these games. So once you sign up, you’ll either have a daily, weekly, or monthly quota of free bingo. If you’re feeling lucky, the option to play real money bingo means you can access a wide range of bingo titles on the site.

A distinct difference between free bingo and real money bingo

Now that you’re caught up on what free bingo and real money bingo are, we can talk about one distinct difference between the two. Once you’re signed up to a casino site and are ready to play, it’s important to find out what the specific bingo game entails and what rewards are up for grabs. 

  • Payout: When it comes to freerolls or free bingo, it’s worth noting that some prizes will need to be earned. This could mean that any payout, if you win, is bonus cash and cannot actually be withdrawn from your account. In some instances, the bonus cash will require that you place a wager before you can withdraw the cash. These requirements or stipulations are always laid out and explained in full detail in the fine print for the bonus – often referred to as “terms and conditions” or “T&Cs” – and it’s highly advisable that you read this information before you get too excited about any win. By contrast, when it comes to real money bingo games, players can withdraw any cash prizes instantly. Depending on your bingo skills and your bankroll, you can opt to play free bingo or real money bingo (or a bit of both). Either way, you can be sure you’ll have a fun time playing this great game!
  • Prize Pool: There is no cost involved with free bingo and you’ll get your hands on online bingo cards for nothing. This means that any prize pool that is available is covered by the online casino you’re playing at. Naturally, this results in pools that are smaller than what you’d get in real money bingo. In real money bingo, the prize pool increases with the number of participants that are playing and the entry fee that each person adds to it.
  • Access: When you play real money bingo, you can access as many games as your wallet responsibly allows. There simply is no limit on how many games you can play. In free bingo, however, things are a little more limited. Free games are often regulated to ensure that everyone can have access to these opportunities to play and you’ll often only be able to play a certain number of free games per day, week, or month.

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