Can You Surrender in Blackjack After Hitting


Can You Surrender in Blackjack After Hitting


Red felt blackjack table with croupier laying out cards.

Can You Surrender in Blackjack After Hitting


Black felt blackjack table with cards and poker chips scattered around.

Originating in France, blackjack has been synonymous with casinos since the 17th century, and with live dealer blackjack coming to fruition, its popularity continues to dominate the online sphere.

Compared to other online casino games like poker and roulette, blackjack’s rulebook is relatively simple. However, there are still some complex rules to learn. This blog discusses whether you can surrender in blackjack after hitting.

What Does It Mean To Surrender in Blackjack?

So, what does it mean to surrender in blackjack? Before understanding what surrendering in blackjack means, it’s essential to know the game’s rules.

Otherwise known as 21, the aim is to hold a combination of cards that reaches or gets as close as possible to a total of 21. Cards between 2 and 10 count as their face value, aces can be either one or 11, and royal cards count 10 each. Before the round begins, each player is dealt two cards. From here, players decide to stick, surrender, or hit.

A player “sticks” when they’re happy with their cards and doesn’t want to be dealt another one, and players “hit” when they request another card from the dealer in the hope of getting closer to the goal of 21.

Surrendering in blackjack means folding one’s hand, as you would in poker. In blackjack, though, the surrendering player also loses half of their original bet. Some variations and casinos allow players to surrender before and after hitting, while most only allow before.

In other instances, establishments don’t allow surrendering at all. To be safe, ensure you know the ground rules beforehand.

How Can I Surrender in Blackjack?

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Before a round begins, the dealer places two cards face up in front of each player. The dealer also receives two cards, but one is face up (upcard), and the other, known as a hole card, is face down.

Communication is key, and players must verbally confirm their move with the dealer during their turn, whether they choose to hit, stick, or surrender. Understanding when to bet is one of the most important rules in blackjack, as it allows players to prepare and avoid being caught off-guard.

Another method uses one of two hand signals to surrender: drawing a horizontal line with your finger behind the cards or holding both hands up while both palms face the dealer.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Surrendering

Experienced players often surrender to minimize losses when holding a weak hand or if the dealer’s upcard is strong, like a royal card.

With certain hands, players may choose not to continue as the probability of winning is significantly lower. For example, if your hand totals a number under 10, such as a 3-2 or 4-4, and the dealer’s upcard is an ace, it may be best to count your losses and surrender.

An effective strategy for bankroll management is to play strategically if your chip count is low. Otherwise, you risk losing everything to weak hands, whereas you could have avoided this situation by surrendering.

Patience is key. Understanding when to surrender in blackjack is just as important as knowing when to bet, so do your due diligence before betting if your stack is low.

There are disadvantages associated with surrendering, too. For instance, even when dealt a bad card, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to lose — the dealer and opponents could go bust, which is when a player goes over 21, resulting in instant elimination from the round.

So, you risk minimizing your potential winnings by consistently surrendering weak hands. Moreover, each time you surrender, you lose half your stake. Why not play until the end and take a chance since you’ll lose half my bet if you surrender?

Best Blackjack Games To Play at Borgata Online

Game of blackjack in session with stacks of poker chips and playing cards laid out.

One of the many fun facts about blackjack is that the game has numerous variations, each boasting unique rules and gameplay mechanics. Below are a few of the best blackjack games to play at Borgata Online:

  • Online Blackjack With a Live Dealer: This entails playing online with a live dealer streaming the game, creating an authentic in-casino experience.
  • Unlimited Blackjack: A unique variation of blackjack in which players can place a wager on a shared hand, making it ideal for large groups.
  • Blackjack Xchange: A variation of blackjack in which players can change their cards by buying new ones from the deck. Apart from that, traditional rules apply.
  • Themed Blackjack: This is a great way to keep your blackjack experience fresh and exciting; gamblers often play on themed tables, like a James Bond-inspired table.

Explore Blackjack Games at Borgata Online

From live dealer blackjack to themed tables, Borgata Online hosts an impressive selection of blackjack games, meaning there’s always a table for you whether you’re a low- or high-budget gambler. Register today and get your game on.

And if you‘re looking for something new, choose from thousands of other casino games like poker, slots, roulette, bingo, and baccarat.