Sugar Surge Casino Game Review

Game Reviews, Slots

Sugar Surge Casino Game Review

Game Reviews, Slots

The Sugar Surge logo on top of the game’s Grand, Major, Minor, and Mini jackpots as well as a representation of the slot’s Mystery Slide feature.

Sugar Surge Casino Game Review

Game Reviews, Slots

The Sugar Surge logo on top of the game’s Grand, Major, Minor, and Mini jackpots as well as a representation of the slot’s Mystery Slide feature.
  • An online slot with a funky retro fruit theme. 
  • hit winning combinations of up to 15 symbols.
  • Expands to seven reels in the mystery slide feature.

Casino Game Bonus

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Sugar Surge Game Highlights

There are four jackpots in this fruit-themed slot, ranging from mini and minor to major and grand.

Sugar Surge has a feature you don’t see often when you play online slots: every single symbol is a scatter. As winning combinations form, the reel set expands, creating even more winning possibilities.

Quick Facts and Features

Software ProviderIncredible Technologies
Jackpot TypeProgressive 
Max Wager$25
A screenshot of the slot reels of the Sugar Surge slot game featuring fruit symbols like Grapes, Watermelon, and Cherries, as well as a few Gold Bells and a Dollar Sign symbol.

Does Sugar Surge Pay Real Money?

When you play Sugar Surge at Borgata Online and physically play from the legal U.S. casino states of New Jersey and Pennsylvania, where Borgata Online is legally active, you’re eligible for real money wins. You can find the best online slots for real money here at Borgata Online.

How To Play Sugar Surge

This fun slot can form winning combinations of retro fruit machine symbols on a 5×3 grid. Since all symbols are scatters, the base game is very busy, but what you really want is to trigger one of the special features. The Mystery Slider feature expands the reels to 7×5 in the right circumstances, while during the Free Spins, you collect the special orange symbols that can unlock one of the four jackpots. 

To start playing Sugar Surge, use the intuitive controls at the bottom of the screen to select a bet level from 0.50 to 250 coins. Then, click on the “Play” button to start spinning the reels. 

Sugar Surge Game Features

Apart from the potentially win-enhancing scatter feature, where all symbols are scatters, the Sugar Surge slot has two main features. The first is the Mystery Slide feature, which is the engine of the entire game. It’s fueled by special mint “reveal” scatters, which appear randomly and lock on the reels, then reveal various fruit symbols awarded by the slider. Land three or more mint scatters to expand the reels to 5×4. The more mint scatters land in the expanded area, the further it expands, to a maximum of 7×5.

You return to the base game once all the mint scatters are revealed. That’s where you can win 10, 15, or 20 free spins by landing three, four, or five free spins symbols, respectively. Pay attention if you see a multicolored swirly mint scatter symbol during free spins. There’s a small scatter counter with 10 spaces underneath the slider, and every time you land a multicolored mint, a special orange symbol shoots into one of those spaces. Collect enough of those, and you trigger one of the four jackpots. Note that free spins symbols and multicolored mints aren’t available during the Mystery Slider feature.

Sugar Surge Bonuses and Jackpots

Sugar Surge is one of the more straightforward jackpot slots around, in the sense that you can immediately gauge how close you are to winning a jackpot by reading the scatter counter. Every multi-colored swirly mint you land gets you closer to one of the four jackpot categories. Collect seven to win the mini, eight for the minor, nine for the major, and 10 for the grand jackpot. Be aware that the scatter counter resets to zero at the end of a round of free spins.

How To Win Sugar Surge

Players must bet a minimum of $0.50 to play. A minimum of five-of-a-kind is required to receive a payout. What makes this online slot machine special is that players can land winning combinations of up to 15 symbols on the reels. Wins can occur in any position and are not limited to direction or reel placement.

Sugar Surge Graphics and Design

The enjoyment of playing Sugar Surge is all down to the slot’s graphics and audio, which perfectly match the retro fruit theme. The background includes a cotton candy sky, and players can see the jackpot prizes above the reels. The electro-funk soundtrack complements the commotion on the reels with a crazy bass line that intensifies the more combinations are unlocked.

The symbols stand out clearly and brightly, and their movements are comically animated. Sugar Surge is one of the more entertaining online gambling slots. It’s hard not to smile, for instance, when the Sugar Fairy swoops across the expanding reels or when a funny, deep voice announces “BIG WIN” while the music just keeps getting crazier. Based purely on the fun factor, Sugar Surge is one of the best online slots to come out in some time.

Sugar Surge Symbols

With 15 symbols, Sugar Surge has quite an extensive paytable. Look at what each symbol is worth and how much you need to land on the reels for a potentially significant payout. 

Bar5 = 5,0006 = 6,0007 = 7,000 8 = 8,0009 = 9,00010 = 10,00011 = 11,00012 = 12,00013 = 20,00014 = 30,00015 = 40,000
$5 = 2,0006 = 2,4007 = 2,8008 = 3,2009 = 3,60010 = 4,00011 = 4,40012 = 4,80013 = 20,00014 = 30,00015 = 40,000
Horseshoe5 = 1,0006 = 1,2007 = 1,4008 = 1,6009 = 1,80010 = 2,00011 = 2,20012 = 2,40013 = 20,00014 = 30,00015 = 40,000
Bell5 = 5006 = 6007 = 7008 = 8009 = 90010 = 1,00011 = 1,10012 = 1,20013 = 1,30014 = 1,40015 = ,
Watermelon5 = 2006 = 2407 = 2808 = 3209 = 36010 = 40011 = 50012 = 60013 = 2,000014 = 3,000015 = 4,0000
Grapes5 = 1006 = 1207 = 1408 = 1609 = 18010 = 20011 = 50012 = 60013 = 2,000014 = 3,000015 = 4,0000
Orange5 = 506 = 607 = 708 = 809 = 9010 = 10011 = 15012 = 20013 = 2,000014 = 3,000015 = 4,0000
Blueberry5 = 206 = 247 = 288 = 329 = 36 10 = 4011 = 150 12 = 20013 = 2,000014 = 3,000015 = 4,0000
Cherry5 = 106 = 127 = 148 = 169 = 1810 = 2011 = 15012 = 20013 = 2,000014 = 3,000015 = 4,0000

In this game, the mint symbol is a reveal scatter symbol. The mint scatter symbols will randomly appear and lock on the reels during the Mystery Slide feature. Three or more mint scatters expand the reels to 4×5. One or more mint scatters in the newly expanded area will continue to expand the reel height by 1, up to 7×5. 

A screenshot of the three smaller jackpots in the Sugar Surge slot game on top of a depiction of the game’s Mystery Slide feature that has landed on a BAR symbol.

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Sugar Surge Experience

Sugar Surge is a fantastic online slot game that offers players refreshing gameplay. It is compatible with desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. Once the game loads, players will find the user interface easy to navigate. For more sensational online casino games, check out the epic live dealer casino games and variety games on offer at Borgata Online.