Similarities Between Poker and Bingo Strategy


Similarities Between Poker and Bingo Strategy


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Similarities Between Poker and Bingo Strategy


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Since the start of e-casinos, online poker and bingo have been some of the most played casino games to date. Thanks to their consistent popularity, these two games have spawned endless variations, from Texas Hold’em and Omaha poker to Slingo and Starburst bingo.  

Whether you’re dealing with live sports or online gaming, strategy plays a huge role in the outcome of a game. Without it, players are left exposed to experienced players who know how to maximize situations. With it, you’re well-equipped in any game, making you a more versatile and economical player. We discuss the similarities between poker and bingo strategy.

Poker vs. bingo

Although the tips and strategies for beginner poker players differ from those for bingo players, there are more similarities between the two than you may think. Yes, poker utilizes cards, while bingo uses numbers shouted out by the bingo caller, but the way you collect and strategize based on your cards and numbers is not too dissimilar.

However, there are many experienced players who believe the two should be kept far apart. The main reasoning behind this is that poker is a game of skill, while bingo is a game of luck. Although, there are many aspects of luck that come with being successful in poker.

What are the similarities between poker and bingo strategies?

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There are many similarities in the way the two can be played. For instance, players can play in multiple rooms at the same time online. This is only advised for experienced players, or else you risk making silly mistakes and losing a few games at once – not good for the bank account.

Moreover, to be a strong player around the table in both formats requires one to be constantly observing and have a great understanding of statistics and probabilities. Online bingo is about staying alert to avoid missing the winning number. Good poker players are always analyzing their opponents to get the best understanding of what cards they may be holding. This is where the two games differ; poker is about deceiving others through aggressive and conservative moves, whereas bingo has no head-to-head where players are trying to outdo each other.

Another element within poker strategy is that players are always thinking of a card ahead. From the community cards placed down by the dealer, people are able to dissect what the nut hand is, how their hand weighs against other hands, and, with the right cards delivered by the dealer, what hands are possible. 

Regarding the best bingo strategy, you also want to be looking one step ahead. For beginners, an effective way of doing so is by looking for games with good added value and planning your bankroll strategy.

Patience and an understanding that it’s unrealistic to win every round are important abilities to practice while playing. Why? Because both games involve a considerable amount of luck, meaning no matter how good you are, you can never be certain of a win.

Can combining the strategies win you more games?

Regarding a combined strategy, it’s vital to remember that expert strategies for bingo and those for poker differ. With this in mind, we are focusing on simple strategies that boost your chances of winning. For example, buying more cards in bingo increases your chances of winning, while playing tight in poker means you only bet when you’re holding strong cards.

The drawbacks of combining the two strategies

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Following on from the above-mentioned comment, it’s best to intertwine the simple strategies rather than the complex ones. Bingo is about luck and ensuring you hear each number. Sure, there are strategies to improve your chances, but the winner is decided on whose number gets called out.

People can argue that poker is won on luck, and in some cases, that is true, but in the professional circuit (and online poker,) this statement is far off. The main difference between the two games is that poker allows players to make a series of moves according to the scenario – check, bet, raise or fold. Bingo has no alternative actions apart from stamping in your number.

Furthermore, poker includes mind games where players try to bluff one another or predict each other’s cards. Throughout a game, experienced players are constantly monitoring opposition betting behaviors in relation to the hand range and how they bet in certain moments. From this information, players are able to gauge each other’s playing personality, which allows them to take more calculated risks when in a head-to-head exchange. For instance, if a player tends to fold each round but plays when holding strong cards, you then know if they’re active in the round that they’re holding strong cards. From this and the community cards, you can predict whether your hand has a good chance of winning.

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