Shipwreck Casino Game Review

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Do you like to scour the seas for sunken treasure when playing online slots? We look at what lies in store for fans of ocean adventure-themed games in our Shipwreck online slot review!

Game overview

With Shipwreck, game developers Bwin.Party have added another simple but fun slot experience to the ocean adventure genre of casino games. This game puts players in the shoes of an explorer searching for long-lost ships that may contain unimaginable wealth. But treasure is not all that awaits the player in the ocean’s depths!

Players who are new to this genre may be interested in a demo of Shipwreck, but unfortunately there is no longer a free version of the game online. However, thanks to adjustable Min Coins Size and Min Coins Per Line, players can place very affordable wagers and still enjoy a reasonable number of spins when they start playing this online casino game.

They will also be able to enjoy the game on any device of their choosing, as Shipwreck is fully compatible with desktop devices and standard web browsers. Players can also enjoy the game on-the-go using their tablets and mobile phones, either by using a browser or through a casino games app.

How to play

Shipwreck offers players the standard 5×3 reel with 20 paylines and takes steps in its design to avoid over-complicating the traditional slot experience. Players who enjoy simpler online casino games will appreciate the old school approach in Shipwreck, which avoids overwhelming the player with too many mini-games.

The only two things players need to know about for this game are the wild symbol and the scatter symbol, which we’ll unpack in the features section of our review.


Overall, Shipwreck offers players good graphics that may not be outstanding but undeniably do the job pretty well. 

In line with its ocean theme, Shipwreck’s color scheme primarily consists of blues and other cool colors. Players also get to enjoy some bright sea creatures and other key ship iconography that introduce a wider variety of colors to the reel.

The reel itself consists of five transparent blue columns set against a shipwreck background. Below this is the user interface, which may not win any awards for flash or design but is undoubtedly clean and easy to navigate. 

The symbols themselves also match this approach to some degree, with the different images being easy to differentiate, if not the most detailed or eye-catching of designs.


When it comes to symbols, Shipwreck throws the standard symbol set overboard in favor of a complete rework with ocean-themed images. The player is presented with (from lowest to highest value):

  • An eel and jellyfish
  • A shark and octopus
  • A coin and anchor
  • A ship’s wheel and treasure chest
  • A royal letter
  • A Victorian captain

In addition to these standard symbols are The Ship, the substitute or wild symbol, and the Diving Helmet scatter symbol. 

Unfortunately, Shipwreck does not have a free spins feature.

Bonuses & jackpots

While Shipwreck may offer a basic experience when it comes to casino slots, that’s not to say it doesn’t have any bonus features. As we mentioned earlier, there are two symbols that can help players strike it rich if they are lucky enough to land them.

The first symbol, the Ship, only appears on the second, third, and fourth reel in the game. As with many other wild symbols, it substitutes for all other symbols in the game, excluding the scatter (Diving Helmet) symbol. Players will be happy to know that the prize that you win is doubled for each Ship in the payline.

The second symbol, the Diving Helmet scatter, can also trigger Shipwreck’s bonus game. Players must land three or more Diving Helmets in a row to trigger the bonus game. 

In this bonus game, players must help the Diver get more air so that he can dive deeper and deeper. The player gains more coins the deeper the Diver goes, as well as a growing multiplier. The bet will be multiplied by the final multiplier after the bonus game ends. 

Shipwreck may not feature a progressive jackpot, but it does offer players a very healthy 2500 coin max win if they are lucky. It also has an RTP of 95.45%, offering gamblers who enjoy the game and regularly play it a reasonable chance at winning big.

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