Roulette Bets: Examples, Odds, and Payouts


Roulette Bets: Examples, Odds, and Payouts


A close-up of people placing chips on a roulette table.

Roulette Bets: Examples, Odds, and Payouts


A close-up of people placing chips on a roulette table.

One of the most common questions among gamblers is, “What casino games have the best odds?” While there may be a few with slightly higher odds, roulette is undoubtedly still one of the most popular casino table games in the world, both in online casinos and brick-and-mortar establishments. It may not be leading the pack, but roulette is still one of the casino games with the best odds. This game’s simple yet thrilling gameplay, where players bet on where a small ball will land on a spinning wheel, has earned it a widespread and enduring appeal among gamblers. 

Plus, this is a luck-based game, so you don’t need any special skills to be able to play. You just need to understand a few things about how the game works so that you can make smart betting decisions. Despite its straightforward premise, roulette offers a surprising depth of betting options, each with unique odds and payouts. And there are even more bet types in online roulette games. So, while it’s a fun casino game that can provide hours of entertainment, it can also really affect your gaming experience if you aren’t sure what kind of bets you can make. 

This blog unpacks everything you need to know about roulette odds, payouts, and bets so you can confidently navigate the wheel.

Consider the Type of Roulette Game

Before jumping into the different roulette bets, odds, and payouts, it’s essential to understand the different types of roulette. 

The two main types are European and American roulette. Although they are similar, there is a significant difference in the number of green pockets or zeros. The European version has one green pocket (0), while the American version has two (0 and 00).

This impacts the odds for the different games. European roulette has slightly higher odds for its bets. As a result, it also has a lower house edge of 2.7%, compared to the American version’s house edge of 5.26%. 

To help you decide which is the right game for you, this blog will cover the roulette odds and payouts of both variations below. 

Types of Roulette Bets

So, what are some of the most widely used roulette bets? Which bet has the best roulette odds? Does one type pay more than another? Here are some of the most common types of bets in roulette and their payouts: 

Roulette bet typeExample roulette betPotential payout oddsPotential payout odds in moneylineEuropean roulette oddsAmerican roulette odds
ColumnAny number in the second column2:1+20032.40%31.60%
DozenAny number of 1–122:1+20032.40%31.60%
Even betsRed over black1:1±10048.60%47.40%
Single number535:1+3,5002.70%2.60%
Two numbersEither 10 or 1117:1+1,7005.40%5.30%
Three numbersAny of 13, 14 or 1511:1+1,1008.10%7.90%
Four numbersAny of 16, 17, 19, or 208:1+80010.80%10.50%
Five numbersAny of 0, 00, 1, 2, or 36:1+60013.50%13.20%
Six numbersAny of 10–155:1+50016.20%15.80%

As you consider the different bet types, weighing the options of the bets with the best casino game odds, it’s helpful to remember that while there are several types of roulette bets, they can usually be grouped into one of two main categories: inside and outside bets. That said, there are a few other bets to consider — mainly for the European version of the game, which will be discussed further down in this blog. 

As a general rule, the house edge is always the same for inside and outside bets since it refers to the casino’s overall advantage over players in any particular game.

What Are Outside Bets in Roulette?

A roulette wheel with the ball in red 23, surrounded by betting chips.

In roulette, outside bets are wagers placed on broader categories of numbers rather than individual numbers on the wheel — for example, odds or evens or red or black. This type of bet has a higher win probability, given that it covers half the possible outcomes of the game. This is why outside bets are a great choice for beginners.

Because outside bets have a higher chance of winning, they also have a lower payout average. The column and the dozen are the outside bets with slightly better payouts, given that they only cover 12 numbers on the wheel rather than 18.

Some examples of outside bets include:

  • Red or black: You bet on whether the ball will land on a red or black number.
  • Odd or even: You bet on whether the ball will land on an odd or even number.
  • Low or high: If you choose low and the ball lands on numbers 1–18, you win. If you choose high and the ball lands on numbers 19–36, you win.
  • Column: There are three columns of 12 numbers on a roulette table, of which you choose one. If your ball lands on one of the numbers in your chosen column, you win.
  • Dozens: You can bet on the ball landing on the first dozen numbers (1–12), the second dozen (13–24), or the third dozen (25–36). If the ball lands on one of your selected numbers, you win.

Outside Bets in Roulette: Odds and Payouts

Bet TypePayoutPayout in moneylineEuropean oddsAmerican odds
Red or black1:1±10048.65%47.37%
Odd or even1:1±10048.65%47.37%
High or low1:1±10048.65%47.37%

What Are Inside Bets in Roulette?

A croupier selects the winning bet on a roulette table.

Inside bets are specific bets made on the numbers themselves or on the lines between the numbers on the inside of the betting table. Compared to outside bets, these have a lower chance of success but a bigger payout. So, it’s recommended to place these types of bets when you’re a bit more comfortable with the game and are prepared to handle the added risk of these bets for the chance at bigger rewards.

Some examples of inside bets include:

  • Straight-up: This is when you bet on a single number. If the ball lands on your number, you win.
  • Split: Here, you place your chip on the line between two numbers. If the ball lands on either of them, you win.
  • Street: Similar to the split, except you bet on three adjacent numbers, e.g., 9, 10, 11. If the ball lands on any one of them, you win.
  • Corner: Essentially, you are betting on four numbers. Place your chip on the center point of the four numbers, which is the corner that joins them together. You win if the ball lands on any of these numbers.
  • Basket: A basket bet will cover five numbers, such as 0, 00, 1, 2, and 3 (if you’re playing American roulette). If the ball lands on any of these numbers, you win. Keep in mind that this is only possible in American roulette.
  • Double street: This bet is on six numbers in total, as you will select two adjoining rows. This is also called a line bet. You win if the ball lands on any of these numbers.

Inside Bets In Roulette: Odds and Potential Payout

Bet TypePayoutPayout in moneylineEuropean OddsAmerican Odds
Double street6:1+60016.20%15.80%

What Are Call Bets in Roulette?

A croupier holds the ball above the roulette wheel.

In European variations of roulette, you can place call bets, which are not available at all casinos. These bets are grouped according to the specific positions on the roulette wheel rather than the numbers on the table. Here are just a few examples of call bets:

  • Les voisins du zéro or neighbors of zero: This is when you bet on all 17 numbers near the green zone. Keep in mind that the winning number will determine the payout. A payout of 17:1 (+1,700) is granted for the split numbers, 8:1 (+800) for the corner bet, and 11:1 (+1,100) for the combination of three numbers.
  • Jeu zero or zero game: Placing a bet on the seven numbers close to the green zone. The payout depends on the number the ball lands on. If number 26 comes up, players are paid out at 36:1 (+3,600), but if any of the remaining six numbers are landed, the payout will be 18:1 (+1,800).
  • Tiers du cylindre or third of the wheel: Place a bet on the 12 numbers next to the neighbors of zero. Winning this bet has a payout of 17:1 (+1,700).

Side Bets in Roulette

While the core gameplay of roulette revolves around the classic inside and outside bets, many roulette games offer enticing side bets to add variety and the potential for bigger payouts to the gaming experience. These optional wagers often involve secondary elements like dice rolls or special bonus wheels. While you can find casino roulette games with side bets, you’ll find a wider variety when you play roulette online. This is mainly due to the flexibility online casinos provide, allowing developers to be more creative with their games and giving players easy access to all of them. 

Though riskier, side bets can add an extra layer of excitement to the gaming experience by giving players the opportunity to aim for more lucrative wins than traditional roulette bets offer. Plus, if you’ve been playing the game for a while, roulette side bets can add a refreshing sense of variety to your game.

The Lucky Number Side Bet

One popular side bet, often found in live dealer roulette games, is the “lucky number” or “lucky chip” bet. With this bet, players can wager on a specific number or chip position on the wheel. If the ball lands on the chosen number or position, the player receives a significantly higher payout than a standard straight-up bet.

The odds of winning a lucky number/lucky chip bet are the same as a straight-up bet — 35:1 (+3,500) on a European wheel and 37:1 (+3,700) on an American wheel. However, the payouts can be much higher, typically ranging from 30:1 to 1,000:1 (+3,000 to +100,000), depending on the game and casino.

Finals or Finals Bets

Finales, also known as finals bets, are side bets available in some European roulette games. These bets involve wagering on the final digit of the winning number. For example, a “finale 7” bet would win if the ball lands on any number ending in 7 (7, 17, 27, etc.).

The payout for finals bets typically ranges from 7:1 to 11:1 (+700 to +1,100), depending on the specific bet and the number of possible outcomes. 

Jackpot Streets Double Six

This specialty roulette side bet blends the game with a separate dice or wheel element. This side bet introduces 12 additional bets that cover rows of three numbers each, complementing the regular street bets in online roulette. 

This side bet most often relies on the outcome of two six-sided dice. After placing a bet on one of the street bets, the dice are rolled. If the roll is double sixes, and the ball lands in your chosen street, you win a payout of 9,000:1 (+900,000). Rolling just one 6 pays 1,700:1 (+170,000), while any other roll still pays the standard street bet odds.

Roul 8

Roul 8 features a separate betting area with three custom dice with infinity symbols on one side. These dice are rolled inside a dome simultaneously with the roulette spin. If the ball lands in the 8 pocket, and the infinity symbols on the three dice align in a specific prescribed pattern, you can win the roul 8 jackpot that may reach payouts as high as 88,800:1 (+8,880,000) depending on the casino’s rules.

Some Quick Roulette Betting Tips

Now that you understand the different types of bets and how they work, here are some quick general tips to help you improve your game:

  • For the best chance of winning, bet on red or black, evens or odds, 1–18 or 19–36. 
  • In terms of odds, columns are the second-best bet. So, if you’re looking for a higher payout with slightly lower odds of winning, this is the bet you should look at.
  • If you’re willing to risk the odds, the best bet with the highest payout is the straight-up bet, which pays 35:1 (+3,500).

While these tips may help, it’s important to remember that roulette is a game of chance, so sometimes fortune will not be in your favor. 

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