Reel Keeper Power Reels Casino Game Review

Game Reviews

Reel Keeper Power Reels Casino Game Review

Game Reviews

Screenshot of Reel Keeper Power Reels loading screen, showing the game's logo, a dragon's eye, a treasure chest, gold coins, and a yellow play button.

Reel Keeper Power Reels Casino Game Review

Game Reviews

Reel Keeper Power Reels logo, on a gold and red background.
  • Includes 8 reels and 40 paylines with a 95.73% RTP
  • Expanding wilds, locking wilds, and free spins
  • Win up to 16,060x your stake

Play the Reel Keeper Power Reels game right now at BetMGM, or read on to learn more about this enthralling game in this online review.

Step into a realm where magic and fortune intertwine in the Reel Keeper Power Reels game. Presented by the esteemed Red Tiger Gaming, this online slot machine invites you into a world of mythical creatures and enchanting treasures. With expanding wilds and free spins to add to the excitement, the game promises a thrilling adventure and the chance to claim winnings worthy of a dragon’s hoard.

Reel Keeper Power Reels Casino Game Bonus

Some ongoing or time-limited casino slots bonus offers at Borgata Online could apply to this game. Register or log in to Borgata Online to learn about any casino bonuses for Deposit Match, free spins, and more. 

Reel Keeper Power Reels Game Highlights

Red Tiger Gaming returns to its roots with visually stunning graphics that capture the theme perfectly. Each reel spins a story, wrapping players in a world as vast and captivating as the legends it’s inspired by.

The Dragon Wild feature adds a breath of fiery excitement. These full-reel wilds don’t just appear — they soar.

With a potential to win up to 16,060x your stake, the Reel Keeper Power Reels slot dares to dream big. As thrilling as the game is, this staggering max win adds a touch of magic and inspires players to keep spinning, hoping to lay their hands on one of the elusive jackpots.

Reel Keeper Power Reels Quick Facts and Features

Software ProviderRed Tiger Gaming
Jackpot TypeNon-progressive
Max Wager$600
Max Win16,060x
Screenshot of Reel Keeper Power Reels online casino game, showing gameplay, and gold crowns, gold dragon faces, dragon teeth, and gold goblet slot symbols.

Does Reel Keeper Power Reels Pay Real Money?

You can play this online slot for real money if you’re physically located in the U.S. states of New Jersey or Pennsylvania, where Borgata Online is legally active.

How To Play Reel Keeper Power Reels

Eager to play casino online games with a touch of magic and potentially huge wins? Jump into the adventure of Reel Keeper Power Reels by betting anything from $0.10 to $40 per spin. Adjust your stake using the “+” or “-” buttons.

Hit the “Spin” button on a desktop keyboard or press the spacebar. For faster gameplay, tap the spacebar again or click on the reels. On mobile, simply click the “Spin” button.

Hold down the spacebar or “Spin” button for turbo speed, or press the “Turbo” button for quick play.

Customize your autoplay experience via the Total Spins dropdown menu and “more autoplay settings,” including options to stop autoplay based on specific wins, losses, or triggering a bonus feature.

Then, watch in awe as the Reel Keeper unleashes expanding wilds onto the reels or flies across, shifting wilds to the left, ramping up your chance to snag big wins.

Any progress features, like symbols locked in place for subsequent spins, are saved at your current stake level. Switch stakes, and you’ll find your progress exactly as you left it, even after free spins from promotional campaigns. 

Reel Keeper Power Reels Game Features

During any spin, the Reel Keeper flies over and drops a massive 1×6 Super Wild Dragon Wild on the rightmost reel, covering it entirely. The Reel Keeper can swoop across at any moment, moving any Dragon Wilds one reel to the left. This could even happen while dropping a new dragon wild into the mix. When Dragon Wilds reach the first reel, they lock in place, skyrocketing your chances for massive wins. Once a Dragon Wild hits the leftmost reel, it disappears, clearing the way for new formations. And if two or more are side by side? They vanish after the next spin, making room for even more action. 

Reel Keeper Power Reels Bonuses and Jackpots

Watch the reels come alive as you land the magical Free Spins scatters. Get three of these enchanting symbols, and you’re whisked away on a thrilling ride with 10 free spins in your pocket. And the magic doesn’t end there — if you’re lucky enough to have Dragon Wilds on the reels as you trigger your free spins, they come along for the ride, promising an adventure filled with sticky surprises. 

Beyond the thrill of free spins, engage in the chase for hourly, daily, and big drop progressive slot jackpots — a win could strike any time, making each spin ripe with potential.

Note that only the first $2 of your stake qualifies you for a potential win. Any stake amount beyond this contributes directly to the progressive jackpot pool. The Daily Drop jackpot starts at a reassuring $2,000 and will reset to this amount after each win. Meanwhile, the progressive Mega Drop jackpot currently kicks off at $30,045.65, with the next cycle starting at a slightly lower value of $28,663.32. 

How To Win Reel Keeper Power Reels

Winning is all about getting lucky with special features for bigger payouts. Start by spinning for Dragon Wilds; these are your ticket to expanding wilds and extra spins. In the slot bonus rounds, stack those wild reels to the left for a better chance at huge wins. Keep an eye out for the reel keeper, as he can drop Dragon Wilds onto your reels or shuffle them to the left, boosting your win potential. Don’t forget scatter symbols — landing them triggers free spins, and your winnings could soar with locked wilds in play. 

With its high volatility, Reel Keeper Power Reels offers the thrilling chance to win up to 16,060x your stake, making every spin a possible epic adventure.

Reel Keeper Power Reels Graphics and Design

The game is a visual spectacle set against the backdrop of jagged rocks illuminated by the ominous glow of red hues. Surrounding the reels, an ornately designed frame calls to mind the intricate artistry of a mythical age, adding a touch of elegance to the thrilling danger lurking within. Accompanied by a soundtrack that could belong to an epic fantasy adventure, every win is celebrated with an explosion of coins and a chiming melody, immersing players fully into the realm of dragons.

Reel Keeper Power Reels Symbols

The most coveted icons include the majestic Golden Dragon, offering up to 50x your stake for a rare gathering of eight on the reels. Regal Crowns and Ornate Goblets follow, bestowing maximum wins of 20x and 15x your stake, respectively. The legendary Dragon Tooth grants a generous 10x your stake for a complete set. Lower-paying symbols from the deck of cards, 10 through to ace, reward the brave with 5–9x their stake.

The Dragon Wild is a formidable ally, transforming into any pay symbol to weave wins across the reels. Aligning eight wilds unveils treasure equal to the rarest of symbols — 50x your stake. Just remember, the Dragon Wild’s magic wanes with fewer than eight, yielding no bounty on its own. The scatter unlocks the realm of free spins.

Screenshot of Reel Keeper Power Reels online slot game, showing a £14.40 win.

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Reel Keeper Power Reels Experience

Crafted with the sorcery of JS and HTML5 technology, this virtual chronicle unfolds with grace across all devices — from mobile and tablet to desktop.

Whether you’re a squire in the digital world or a seasoned wizard of casino games online, Reel Keeper Power Reels lays out its secrets readily, making it a quest easily undertaken on any device.