Play Ongoing Poker Tournaments at Borgata


Play Ongoing Poker Tournaments at Borgata


A man protects his hole cards while he looks at them during a poker game.

Play Ongoing Poker Tournaments at Borgata


A man protects his hole cards while he looks at them during a poker game.

Online poker tournaments have grown tremendously over the last few years, with more and more players trusting online casinos. But when it comes to poker, does it match the overall feel that you’d usually get at a traditional casino? Here we’ll take a closer look at the regular tournaments that are found at Borgata and Borgata Online, including the various types of tournaments that can be found at our land-based casino, as well as our online poker site.

Playing in a regular poker tournament

If you find yourself in a Borgata or Borgata Online poker room, you’ll know right away that you’re in for an unbelievable experience. If you’ve reserved your place and registered to compete in the poker tournaments that take place at the casino, there’ll be a variety of prizes up for grabs, from cash to casino rewards. 

Each poker tournament has a set of differences that will make it stand out from the rest. Some poker tournaments will take place once or twice a year, whereas other tournaments take place on an ongoing basis. A regular poker tournament will usually be played in a day, while other competitive events will take place over a few days. These longer events are the most grueling, as they’re known to be mentally draining and quite stressful if there’s a lot of cash on the line. 

Ongoing poker tournaments

Ongoing poker tournaments are usually found at the best online poker sites. These include daily prizes and are scheduled way ahead of time. Borgata Online has a variety of online poker tournaments that can be accessed. All of the details regarding that tournament will be provided on the page. This includes the following information:

  • Date
  • Time
  • Game type
  • Betting structure
  • Buy-in
  • Guarantee
  • Late registration time
  • Tournament type
  • Blind structure

Many of the daily tournaments feature smaller guaranteed prizes and buy-in rates, but these are a great way to get you started with online poker. Daily tournaments are usually no-limit games, but some of them are Pot-Limit Omaha variants. 

Types of poker tournaments

Most tournaments use Texas Hold’em as the main type of poker for the contest. This is because it’s the most popular version and it’s usually the one that most players learn when getting started – especially with online poker. Because Texas Hold’em is the most common type of poker, it’s easy to use the same poker tournament strategy all the time. Even though Texas Hold’em is quite common, the tournament itself can be different from the next.

Freeroll tournaments

This type of tournament requires no entry fee and you’ll be playing for free, but the prize pool is real – albeit a small one. The origin of this type of tournament is linked to the early 1950s as casinos gave patrons a roll of nickels to use at their slot machines. This was used to entice players to keep playing, even after the roll of nickels was finished. Freeroll poker tournaments are one of the best ways for beginners to play poker online or at a land-based casino.

Freezeout tournaments

These are among the most popular tournaments because of the fixed buy-in amount. Once you lose all of your chips, you’re knocked out of the tournament. These tournaments can have as little as two people at a table, but can also be a multi-table event that involves thousands of entrants. Unless there’s a prize guarantee, the number of players will determine the prize pool – which isn’t always a good thing.

Re-buy tournaments

These tournaments are the same as freezeout tournaments, but players will be allowed to re-enter the contest if they were eliminated early. 

The difference between each poker tournament

Each poker tournament has a specific set of differences that would make it stand out from others. Certain events don’t have buy-ins and others might have faster blinds (forced bets by players to the left of the dealer.) 

The gameplay

Depending on the type of tournament it is, the blinds could be increased at a set point in the game. For example, turbo or super turbo tournaments increase the blinds at a higher rate, which needs a new strategy to win. Some tournaments have a different number of players at the table, with some having up to 10 or more.

Stack size

The number of chips that you have is called a stack, and some tournaments will start each player with a deep stack. If you have a deep stack at a standard tournament, you’re referred to as the chip leader.


The type of tournament you’re playing will determine the prize. For example, satellite tournaments offer tickets to invitational tournaments. However, most tournaments will have a cash prize based on the size of the pool. 


Some tournaments, such as super turbo and hyper-turbo variations, will increase the rate of the blinds, which forces players to switch their strategies. The blinds will increase at set periods, making these types of tournaments exciting to play and watch.


Some tournaments will allow you to re-enter the game if you were eliminated early. There are re-buy and unlimited re-buy tournaments. These tournaments usually encourage aggressive starts, making them very exciting. 


Also known as knockouts, these tournaments have other players attempt to get you out of your seat. Players will usually abandon a tight approach in an attempt to get you to fold early. 


This is the major difference between each tournament, as the cost of entry will differ depending on the prize and the overall prestige of the event. Buy-ins will vary, and there are some tournaments with buy-ins that are as low as $1 – this is perfect for players who are learning how to play poker. 

Popular Borgata tournaments

A man wearing a suit celebrates a win in front of his laptop. He is playing at a casino table, surrounded by poker chips.

Borgata has a range of ongoing tournaments and special events that offer large prizes with reasonable buy-ins. There are also online tournaments for those that prefer playing from their couch.

Land-based tournaments

There are a variety of land-based poker tournaments at Borgata, such as the following:

  • Presidents’ Day Weekend
  • Presidents’ Day $200,000 Multi-Day Tournament
  • Bad Beat Jackpot

The month of February also has a full line-up of tournaments with different buy-ins and prizes. 

Online tournaments

Borgata Online tournaments are packed with activity, which includes daily and weekly events such as:

  • Borgata Poker New Jersey Daily $10K
  • Borgata Poker New Jersey Daily Tournaments
  • Borgata Poker New Jersey Sit and Go Tournaments
  • Borgata Poker New Jersey Mega Tuesday $535 6-Max
  • Borgata Poker New Jersey Sunday $35k
  • Borgata Poker New Jersey Old School Tournament
  • Bounty Blitz Poker Fest

Try your luck with Borgata Online

If you’re keen to try real poker and you’re confident in your abilities to participate in a tournament, Borgata Online has what you’re looking for. Sign up today and take part in the most exciting tournaments online, and if you’re in New Jersey, you can head to the casino to reserve your place at a poker table. This is more than just poker; it’s an experience.