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Know Your Role: The Ultimate Casino Glossary

When you are at the tables and someone goes all-in on a big 8, or if your croupier leans over to you and hands you the bones, you might want to know how to bet without holding the table up. We look at some of the classic jargon used on the casino floor, so you can feel like a shark at the table.

An illustration of a blue brain being hit by blue signals and hitting the front of the brain which has a red tint.

Not Just a Game: The Cognitive Benefits of Poker

Poker isn’t just a way to make some quick cash, or spend time with friends – it has many cognitive benefits. The mental stimulation honed while playing poker can benefit you in real life, and could even help to prevent neurological degenerative diseases.

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Know Your Role – The Ultimate Poker Glossary

To hold your own against the whales and sharks of the poker table, you’ll need some confidence, a keen eye for the cards, and to be able to speak their language. We’ve put together a glossary of poker terms that are sure to get you comfortable at the table.