2 animated winning slot machines in neon colors

Know Your Role: The Ultimate Slots Glossary

There is a lot more to slots than an array of blinking lights and pictures. In order to hit the jackpot that everyone is after it is important that you know how to walk the walk and talk the talk. To help you spin the reels for success we have put together the ultimate slots glossary.

Cross-platform gaming demonstrated by multiple devices, PC, phone and TV.

How Cross-Platform Functionality is Changing Online Gaming

Cross-platform gaming is all the rage, but where did it start? We chart the beginnings of gaming communities, from Spacewar and Mortal Kombat all the way through to mobile games like PUBG and online casino games, with insight into all of the hardware and software developments in between.

Man in smart clothes shuffling cards on a table with poker chips

How to Become a Card Dealer

With so many options on the job market today, it’s always a good idea to get some background information before diving in. If you have a passion for poker and want to know how to become a card dealer or how deal cards like a casino dealer then this blog post is for you!

Blackjack 101 written on a blackboard with white chalk

Take a look at this comprehensive guide on the basics of blackjack. We’re here to help you go from beginner to expert with one of the most entertaining casino table games.

1 plastic toy brown horse and jockey on a stack of blue poker chips, 1 plastic toy black horse and jockey on a stack of red poker chips and 1 plastic toy brown horse and jockey on a stack of green poker chips

An Explanation of Sports Betting Terms

If you don’t know your accumulator from your arbitrage or your point spread from your straight bet, then chances are you aren’t going to win at online sports betting. Here’s a handy guide that simply explains the terms you need to know if you want a chance of winning with online sports betting.