Melon Madness Casino Game Review

Classic slot machine symbol collection on dark background

Melon Madness takes the classic slot experience and gives it a modern update. In this review, we’ll take a look at what Bwin. Party Digital Entertainment has done to bring the fun of traditional slots into the digital era.

Game overview

People who’ve played casino slots for many years are likely to find a nostalgic appeal when playing Melon Madness. This fruit-themed online casino game is designed to suit the tastes of players looking to enjoy some exciting spins, without many of the sometimes distracting mini-games.

While players may not have access to a demo to test out Melon Madness, as with many other slots, low betting fees and the option to adjust betting lines means that players don’t have to commit large wagers to see if they will enjoy the game.

This online slot is also playable across all desktop and mobile devices, thanks to the latest developments in HTML5 technology. Where players needed fast computers to play in the past, the shift to this new standard means that players can play through their browsers on their desktop and laptop, or through their browser or casino games app on their mobile devices.

How to play

Melon Madness features a standard 5×3 reel, with 30 paylines. Players can adjust the number of paylines they want to wager on, as well as the coin value, to suit their budget when they play. The minimum coin value is 0.01, up to a maximum of 0.25. 

The game features some classic fruity symbols but also includes a seven (unfortunately not triple seven) and bar symbol, which are the highest value symbols in the game.  


Melon Madness uses bright, cartoon-style graphics to engage the player. The game uses rich, primary colors on the reel itself. This is contrasted against a cool blue background, which helps the player stay focused on the action taking place.

Below the reel, players can easily see their Total Bet value and Credits. The Help, Bet, Lines, Paytable, Autospin, Max Bet, and Spin options are all clearly visible at the bottom of the screen, with the Bet, Lines, and Spin buttons standing out the most. The Bet and Lines buttons are rich and juicy-looking watermelon slices, while the Spin button is a bright and luscious orange fruit.

While these visuals may not be the most flashy, they are undoubtedly easy to understand and help create a fun and appealing game.


Melon Madness features a wild symbol—a bright exploding watermelon with the game’s name, and a scatter symbol—an updated version of the classic bell. The wild symbol, as with many other online slots, can substitute for all symbols but the scatter symbol. 

The scatter symbol may contribute towards your winnings with a 1x, 3x, 6x or 50x multiplier, or trigger the Free Spins game. Players can also trigger the Free Spins game if they land three or more symbols on the reel.

Bonuses & jackpots

When the Free Spins bonus round is triggered, players can choose from the scatter symbols to select the number of free spins and the multiplier they want for the bonus round. Lucky players can acquire a maximum of 25 free spins and a multiplier of 10x.

Players who are worried about the casino odds will need to know that Melon Madness has an RTP of 92.89. This is undoubtedly on the lower side, but it is a medium volatility game with a massive jackpot called The Big One. 

The Big One is a progressive jackpot, which means the player can win increasing amounts as they work their way through the jackpot’s five stages. These five stages are (from lowest to highest):

  • Blitz Cash
  • Quick Cash
  • Super Cash
  • Mega Cash
  • Colossal Cash

Players should note that unlike some other casino games, the jackpot can be triggered at any time during the game, and not just during bonus rounds. 

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