Game Review: Loot’En Khamun and the Dead Sea Scrolls

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Let loose your inner Indiana Jones with a trip to ancient Egypt! Loot’En Khamun and the Dead Sea Scrolls, from game provider WIN Studios, offers players the chance to raid the long-forgotten treasures buried centuries ago. If hidden fortunes are your theme of choice, then you simply can’t go wrong here. Take a spin to the land of tombs and magic as you strive to uncover the ancient secrets that are waiting for you.

Game overview

There’s not much that players won’t love about Loot’En Khamun and the Dead Sea Scrolls! It’s an incredibly popular online casino game and just so happens to be part of “The Big One”: a spectacular progressive network. Since the game was launched, many players have found the hidden treasure, but not to worry – there’s a lot more where that came from.

There are five progressive jackpot levels in the online casino slots game, which we will go into more detail in the relevant section below. However, the Colossal Cash jackpot is worth mentioning, seeing as it seeds at $1.5 million and has an average value of $3 million. I think we’d all agree that this is certainly an amount worth playing for!

There’s also a 95.3% RTP (theoretical return to player) to look forward to, which is rather enticing for a progressive jackpot. A high RTP, amazing jackpots and entertaining gameplay make this one online casino game that you shouldn’t miss.

How to play

Loot’En Khamun is a bit different from many other online slot machines in that it has 5 reels and 3 rows, but no paylines. What does this mean? Well, no paylines means that it pays “all ways”. That gives you the chance to unearth priceless treasures in a whopping 243 possible combinations. The symbols pay out from the left to the right, and that includes the first reel.

As with most online slots, the idea is to match up as many of the same symbols across the reels as you can. The wild comes in the form of the Loot’En Khamun logo, and it can be substituted for all symbols except the 5 hieroglyphic symbols, which act as the scatter. You can use the wild to substitute normal symbols to create a winning combination.

The 5 scatter symbols each have a reel to themselves. They are the symbols that’ll trigger the Free Spins game. To do so, you must line up any 3 scatters. As mentioned, there are 5 different progressive jackpot symbols, and they’re awarded on a raffle basis. This means that you could have a progressive jackpot drop at any point during the game. 


Don’t expect modern, minimalist animation here! Instead you can look forward to beautifully designed graphics that richly portray the world of Ancient Egypt through the use of vibrant colors and symbols. Far from detracting from the game, the stylized graphics transport you straight into Tutankhamun’s tomb, where you’re surrounded by resplendent golds and yellows. A few spins in, though, and you’ll be surprised you’re not really surrounded by pyramids, sphinxes, and desert!.

Despite the graphics being a little less polished than many we’ve become accustomed to, the game doesn’t look or feel dated. It holds its own, and the graphics and sounds make it an easy game to play time and again without becoming repetitive. A neat and easy to navigate the display screen simply adds to this wonderful treasure-hunting adventure.


Due to its bounty of bonuses, the game is a little on the light side when it comes to standout features. But you can look forward to some really great symbols of varying values that feed right into the ancient Egyptian theme. Of course, there are the standard deck cards between 9 and Ace, which are the lowest value. But then you get awesome Egyptian-themed symbols including pyramids, Tutankhamun, the Sphinx, and a variety of hieroglyphics. You can look forward to the symbols coming to life – when you hit a winning combination – through some clever animations.

Bonuses  and jackpots

The 5 hieroglyphic scatter symbols are where all the excitement is! These scatter symbols are the key to unlocking the game’s best bonus features, from Free Spins to one of the 5 progressive jackpots. Scatter symbols can unlock these exciting bonuses:

Free Spins: Match any three of the scatter symbols and you’ll trigger a Free Spins bonus game. Once triggered, you’ll be taken to another room, where you select one of 3 slabs. Your character, a professor, will then jump on the slab you choose. From here, you could either win more Free Spins bonus games, get a great multiplier, or win nothing and go straight back to your normal screen. Even if you don’t win anything on one of your Free Spins rounds, you’ll retain whatever you have won previously. So what’s not to like!

The Big One Jackpot: The 5 levels of progressive jackpot run off a raffle system, so you’re more likely to win big with a higher stake. They’ll be triggered randomly during the game, even during losing rounds. You’ll then be taken to another screen, where you’ll spin a color wheel. Each color on the wheel matches one of the jackpots, and the color it lands on will be the one you get.

  • The Big One Blitz Cash Jackpot: To win this jackpot, land on any combination of 2 or more colors, or land on orange 3 times. Once won, this jackpot resets at $40.
  • The Big One Quick Cash Jackpot: Trigger this jackpot by landing on red 3 times. Once triggered, it’ll reset at $200.
  • The Big One Super Cash Jackpot: Land on blue 3 times for this jackpot. Once won, it’ll reset at $750.
  • The Big One Mega Cash Jackpot: Land on green 3 times to win and this jackpot resets at $10,000.
  • The Big One Colossal Cash Jackpot: This is the jackpot of all jackpots, and you can trigger it by landing on lavender 3 times. Once triggered, it will reset to $125,000.

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