Lesser-Known Live Dealer Games at Borgata Online


Lesser-Known Live Dealer Games at Borgata Online


A female casino dealer in a silver dress gestures toward a baccarat table.

Lesser-Known Live Dealer Games at Borgata Online


A female casino dealer in a silver dress gestures toward a baccarat table.

Live dealer casino games have taken the world by storm, with many excellent titles capturing the hearts and minds of online gamblers across the globe. At Borgata Online, you can find a great selection of popular and lesser-known live dealer online casino games. Read on to discover which live dealer games you might have missed and what makes them such thrilling gambling experiences.

What Are Live Dealer Games?

Before you discover which less popular live dealer games are still very exciting to play, you might be wondering what live dealer games even are. 

Live dealer games are gambling games hosted in a real-world studio. These live casino games are run by flesh-and-blood dealers, the same way a real dealer would host a game in a brick-and-mortar casino. A live dealer game uses multiple technologies to stream the video directly to players, who can interact with it through various digital tools. 

These live dealer games act as a bridge between real-world casino games and digital gambling games. They offer many of the benefits of real casino games, including a live dealer, an authentic casino atmosphere, and a more social experience. They also offer the advantages of digital games of chance, such as convenience, variety, and better bonuses and promotions.

This blend of two gambling worlds has helped this game category become one of the most popular ways to bet online. Learn more about these unique games by exploring the past, present, and future of live dealer games.

3 Lesser-Known Live Dealer Games To Play

When you log on to play your favorite live dealer casino games, you might have noticed some other live dealer online casino games listed on the site, but rather than taking a chance with these titles, you’ve stuck to what you know. While many people tend to stick to familiar experiences, you might be missing out on a grand time with lesser-known live dealer games. 

Here are some of these less popular titles and the thrills they have to offer.

1. Crazy Coin Flip

The Crazy Coin Flip live dealer game. The game host is holding a mic and the game coin while dressed in a red and gold game costume.
Software ProviderEvolution
RTPUp to 96.05%
Reels5 and 3

While the name might have you thinking this live dealer game is all about flipping coins, that’s only a part of the fun in Crazy Coin Flip. Crazy Coin Flip is actually a blend of slots gameplay and a live bonus game where flipping coins could help you unlock big wins. 

When the game starts, you must spin the reels of a virtual slot with the goal of landing matching symbols to receive a payout or three scatters to unlock the highest-paying wins with the Coin Flip game. The three scatters can also have multipliers to boost your potential prize during the Coin Flip game.

When you land the three scatter symbols, you must first play the top-up game with the dealer. During the top-up game, you spin the reels of a smaller slot machine to boost your multiplier before the main event. 

Finally, you play the Coin Flip game to receive your payout. Before the coin is flipped, additional random multipliers are awarded to you. Once the timer has finished counting down, the coin is flipped, and you’ll receive a multiplier based on whichever side of the coin lands face up. The initial scatter, top-up, and coin flip multiplier count toward your final prize.

If you’re a fan of slots but are looking for a more social experience, you might want to try Crazy Coin Flip (or a spin).

2. Football Studio

The U.S. version of the Football Studio live dealer game. A game show host reveals cards on a table that looks like an American football field. There are two football players in red and blue uniforms on the studio background.
Software ProviderEvolution
RTPUp to 96.27%

Football Studio takes the core idea of baccarat and blackjack, simplifies it, and wraps it up in a sports-friendly theme. The main goal of Football Studio is to correctly bet on one of two hands: the home hand and the away hand. Before the cards are revealed, you must place a bet on whether the “home” team or “away” team will win. Once bets are locked in, the dealer deals a card face-up for both the home and away options. Whichever card has the highest value wins. The lowest-value card is 2, while the highest-value card is the ace. If you guess right, you get a payout of 1:1 (odds of ±100). You can also choose to bet on a draw. If you do, the payout becomes 11:1 (odds of +1,100). 

That’s all there is to it in this simplified card game with a fun sports theme. Be sure to give this live dealer title a go the next time you feel like playing some blackjack or baccarat.

3. Lightning Dice

The Lightning Dice live dealer game. The game host holds a microphone and stands in front of the transparent game tower.
Software ProviderEvolution
RTPUp to 96.57%

Lightning Dice is a game that draws influence from the betting options of roulette, the visual appeal of pachinko, and the dice of craps to create an entirely new experience. 

In Lightning Dice, you must place a bet on the total value of three dice. Like roulette, you can bet on a specific total value or a range of values. Once bets are placed, the dealer feeds three dice into the top of a transparent tower with obstacles inside it. The dice fall through the tower, bouncing around as they do until they eventually reach the bottom. The numbers facing up are added together to determine whether you guessed correctly or not.

However, there’s even more to this game, as random multipliers appear as the dice fall. Depending on the multipliers that appear, you could stand a chance to win 1,000x your original wager. 

This may be a mash-up of multiple gambling games, but there’s no doubt that it offers fans of casino games something truly special.

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