How to Choose an Online Bingo Site in the US

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Gone, almost entirely, is the idea of playing bingo at your local bingo hall, so it makes perfect sense that some brick-and-mortar players (and newcomers to the game) are trying to figure out how to play bingo online. It can be daunting to find an online bingo site that’s safe and suits you best – that’s where we come in.

There are some quick and easy ways to determine if an online bingo site is safe, fun, and worth your valuable time. Let’s take a look at a few things to keep an eye out for when choosing one. 

Find a bingo site that offers variety

A typical game of good old American 75-ball bingo is the traditional game you’re likely used to if you played mostly in bingo halls, but one of the greatest features of bingo sites is that you’re able to play a multitude of different types of bingo games all “under one roof,” so to speak. 

There is a massive variety of bingo games available at online casinos and online bingo sites, and if you choose a site with a decent enough choice, then you could try them all! If you’re a bit tired of the standard 75-ball experience and want to try something new, then why not try out some 90- or 80-ball bingo? If you’ve got the need for speed, then there’s also a 30-ball variant, aptly and fondly referred to as Speed Bingo. 

The more variety you can expose yourself to, the more likely you are to have the best possible experience when you play online bingo. So pick a site that offers you as much choice as possible when it comes to the types of online bingo games you can play. 

Look for good bonus offers and promotions

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Many players feel that an online casino or bingo site is only as good as the welcome bonus, prizes, and promotions it offers. That’s why it’s always a good idea to check what kind of bonuses you can receive if you were to play online bingo at the site you decided to check out. 

“Welcome bonuses” are the most common of these promotional offers and will typically match your initial deposit with bonus money or free games to the same value or a percentage of that value. There will likely be a cap on the maximum amount that the bonus will reward players with, and a minimum number of games that you will need to play before you can claim any of the bonus money – this is referred to as a “wagering requirement,” and will be detailed in the terms and conditions (or “T&Cs”) for that offer. 

Online bingo chat hosts will also sometimes make you aware of promotions or small bonuses that you can play for in the chat room of any online bingo game you’re playing. So be sure to keep a lookout, and participate in the chat, if you want to scoop up some bonus funds for your bankroll or a few free bingo cards for the chance to grab an extra win. 

One of the best and easiest casino promotions to capitalize on is “refer a friend” bonuses. The name describes these promotions perfectly – simply have a friend sign up to the bingo site, have them name you as their friend, and the bingo site or online casino will typically reward you with a small bonus for each friend you get to sign up – it’s that easy!

Trustworthiness and safety online is key

Most new players can feel uncomfortable providing personal or banking information to an online casino or bingo site – and that’s a good thing. Caution is always advised when offering any such information to a website. 

There are a few ways to determine if a bingo site is trustworthy – they’re quick and easy, and you should always do your best to verify that a site you are going to put any of your own money into is safe so that you can play without worrying about anything going wrong. Let’s take a look at a few quick ways you can determine the trustworthiness of any bingo site.

  • Validate the site’s reputation Once you’ve found the online bingo site you think might be the one for you, it’s a good idea to do a quick search online to find any user reviews from players who have previously visited the site in question. Oftentimes these reviews are left by players who had notably good or bad experiences and can offer great insights into what it’s like to actually play at that bingo site.
  • Check that the bingo site is licensed – One of the best ways to determine that a bingo site is trustworthy is to make sure that it is licensed by the appropriate gaming or gambling authorities for that region or state. Licensed sites will proudly display their badge on the front page of their site – if you don’t see an appropriate license, then don’t play at that site!
  • Payment methods Some payment methods are simply more trustworthy than others, as they have a reputation for safety and security to uphold. Keep an eye out for payment methods offered by big banks or popular and trusted online payment systems, such as PayPal, for example.
  • Customer support Another great way of checking what kind of service a bingo website offers is to check the satisfaction rating when it comes to its customer support. When dealing with real money and your personal information, it’s good to know that if any issues arise, the site will be able to effectively and efficiently work with you to help resolve the issue. 

Look for good bingo card prices

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This isn’t always as important a factor when choosing a bingo site like the others, but when playing online casino games or online bingo games of any kind, it’s nice to know that you aren’t being ripped off. It’s only natural to want to minimize the amount of money you’re spending where you can – after all, we’re just trying to snag some modest wins here, not pay off the house! 

So, keep an eye out for good deals or promotional offers on bingo cards – whether that’s simply a good price per card or some package deals that offer free games when you purchase a certain number of them at one time, for example. 

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