How To Deal With Casino Game Issues at Borgata Online


How To Deal With Casino Game Issues at Borgata Online


A smiling customer support agent sitting at his desk in front of his computer.

How To Deal With Casino Game Issues at Borgata Online


A smiling customer support agent sitting at his desk in front of his computer.

There are few things worse than gambling at your favorite online casino only for a technical error to occur. Whether you’re spinning the reels on your favorite virtual slot machine, about to roll the dice in craps, or enjoying some banter with the dealer in a game of live blackjack, these unnecessary game problems can be mildly annoying at best or anger-inducing at worst. 

To help minimize the impact of these disruptions, it’s important to know how to handle them. Here’s what you should do to handle any casino game issues that may arise. 

1. Make Sure Your Gaming Device Is Suitable Before You Play

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Online casinos support a variety of different gaming devices, including Windows and Apple computers, smartphones, and tablets. While online casinos do their best to support these platforms, they can’t control the specifications or condition of these devices. If your device is below spec or in poor condition, this could affect your experience when you gamble online. 

To avoid any problems, make sure your device meets the minimum hardware requirements of the game you’re playing. These hardware requirements are generally very low. Although most computers from 2010 onward offer more than enough power to run online casino games, you’ll likely need a more modern smartphone or tablet to ensure a smooth online gambling experience. If you’re not sure whether your devices meet the minimum specifications, you can reach out to Borgata Online’s support team to verify that your device is suitable.

If your hardware is up to scratch, make sure that all the software on the device is up to date. This includes operating systems, drivers, anti-virus tools, and apps that may need updates to correctly support the latest online casino games. This will also ensure that the risk of any game issues caused by the device itself is reduced or eliminated.

2. Check Your Internet Connection Stability

You’ve checked your gaming device, and it’s ready for any casino game you can throw at it. While you may be tempted to join your favorite online casino game and start placing bets, you must first ensure that your internet connection is stable. You can do a basic test using a variety of services like Ookla Speedtest,, or Google Fibre Speed Test to ensure your connection is stable. It’s recommended that you run these tests a few times to confirm that the results are consistent. 

If you’re using Wi-Fi, it’s also important that you perform these tests in all the spaces where you may play to ensure that your signal is strong enough to avoid any interruptions.

3. Check Where a Problem Is Originating From

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After performing the previous two checks, you’ll be ready to play your favorite game. However, if you experience a game issue, such as a crash or a random disconnect, your first step should be to restart the app or log back onto the Borgata Online website. This should allow you to automatically pick up where you left off. 

If a problem persists, you’ll need to verify its source. While you may have checked your device recently, anything from a software update to an accidental drop might be causing your gaming device not to operate optimally. Similarly, if you’re playing on your mobile phone or tablet and you walk out of Wi-Fi range, you’ll need to reconnect your device to resolve the issue.

If you troubleshoot both your device and internet and are unable to identify any problems, the issue could exist either on Borgata Online’s platform or in a specific game. In such a case, you need to follow the following steps to solve the problem.

4. Review Borgata Online’s Help Documentation

If you’re unable to determine the source of the issue, or you suspect that it might be a rare issue with Borgata Online’s platform, there’s an extensive set of Borgata Online help and support files that could help you with your problem. These help files address a variety of topics, including questions regarding accounts, mobile web betting, security and privacy, and technical questions. And if you’re experiencing problems with other players, take a look at this guide on dealing with online harassment in gaming.

If you’re having issues with a casino game, select “How to” followed by “Technical Questions” to find a wealth of information on different matters such as browser problems, connection issues, and Borgata Online software difficulties. 

You can also find more relevant information if you scroll down to the Casino section and select “General.” These help files will help you address a variety of issues, including browser choice, device compatibility, or what to do if you get disconnected during a game.

5. Contact Borgata Online Casino Support

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If you can’t resolve the issue yourself or by using Borgata Online’s help files, you can also contact Borgata Online’s support team for assistance. And, if you’re wondering how to contact Borgata Online casino support staff, Borgata Online has email support and 24/7 live chat to help you resolve any difficulties you may be having. Regardless of which support channel you use, Borgata Online’s friendly support staff is ready to help you resolve your difficulties as easily and quickly as possible.

Once your issue is resolved, it’s time to have fun at Borgata Online.

Enjoy Great Online Gambling With Excellent Support at Borgata Online

With the knowledge that you have the necessary support to help you deal with any rare game challenges that may occur, it’s time to sign up to play at Borgata Online. At Borgata Online you have a wide selection of games to choose from, including online slots, table games, variety games, and live dealer experiences. You also get to enjoy great ongoing and limited-time promotions, such as welcome offers, free spins, and loyalty rewards, as well as the reassurance that Borgata Online is safe and secure.

If you’re a resident of New Jersey or Pennsylvania, register at Borgata Online to enjoy all the online gambling excitement.