Top Haunted Las Vegas Locations


Top Haunted Las Vegas Locations


Old Wild West desert town with cactus and saloon.

Top Haunted Las Vegas Locations


Old Wild West desert town with cactus and saloon.

Are you brave enough to experience some of the creepiest ghost tours in Las Vegas? While the glittering lights, luxurious hotels and bustling nightlife are all well-known attractions, there’s another side to Vegas that’s equally thrilling: the city boasts a rich history of haunted locations, each with its own unique story of paranormal activity.

From eerie apparitions at The Mob Museum to a cursed chair at The Haunted Museum, there are plenty of scares to find around the city. Keep reading to explore Vegas’ most spine-chilling experiences – and who knows, maybe you’ll win big playing some online slots after your ghostly encounters.

The Flamingo Hotel

As one of the oldest hotels on the Las Vegas Strip, the Flamingo Hotel has a long history of strange occurrences. Guests and employees alike have reported seeing the ghost of the hotel’s founder, Bugsy Siegel, who was famously murdered there in 1947.

Siegel’s ghost is said to roam the property, with sightings most commonly reported in the Presidential Suite, where he met his end. While the hotel doesn’t offer official ghost tours, guests have often reported experiencing paranormal activity in various parts of the building, adding to the hotel’s mystique and allure.

The Mob Museum

Step into the former courthouse and post office that now houses the Mob Museum in downtown Las Vegas and you may well walk away with more than a history lesson! Several witnesses claim that the ghosts of the mobsters who were tried and convicted there still haunt the halls. 

Visitors have reported eerie feelings of being watched, mysterious doors opening and closing on their own and the sound of footsteps echoing through empty halls. For a spine-chilling experience, join the haunted tour that takes you to areas not usually accessible to the public. Come for the history, stay for the scares at The Mob Museum!

Bonnie Springs Ranch

The entrance to Bonnie Springs Ranch in Las Vegas.

Take a trip about 20 minutes outside the Las Vegas Strip and you’ll find The Reserve at Red Rock Canyon. Not too long ago, the site was known as Bonnie Springs Ranch, a western-themed attraction with its fair share of paranormal activity and some of the most thrilling ghost hunting in Vegas.

Some claim to have seen apparitions of cowboys and other Western characters, while others have heard disturbing noises at night with a general sense of unease said to creep in as the sun sets. Unfortunately, the new ranch no longer offers ghost tours, but exploring the area on your own is an adventure in itself – and who knows what you might uncover in the process!

The Pioneer Saloon

Located in Goodsprings, the Pioneer Saloon is one of the oldest bars in Nevada. It’s also a hotspot for ghost sightings and other paranormal activity, with many visitors reporting sightings of the ghosts of workers who were killed in the nearby mine.

The saloon provides one of the most thrilling ghost tours in Las Vegas. Guests gain access to areas restricted from the public, ensuring that they get the most out of their paranormal adventure. Legend has it that the spirits of the deceased are still present in the saloon and many have reported unexplained phenomena, such as shadowy figures, orbs of light and strange noises.

Bally’s Hotel and Casino

If you’re looking for celebrity ghosts and spooky ghost stories, Bally’s Hotel and Casino on the Las Vegas Strip might just fit the bill. In addition to its glitz and glamor, Bally’s is said to be haunted by the ghosts of former performers who worked at the hotel, adding an eerie dimension to this popular destination.

After a devastating fire took the lives of 87 people in 1980, the building had to be renovated and reopened. When it did reopen, a beautiful and abandoned section of the old ruin had been incorporated into the new architecture as a haunting reminder of the hotel’s tragic past. It’s a must-see for those seeking an extra dose of paranormal activity.

The Haunted Museum

An old abandoned house on a stormy day.

Located in downtown Las Vegas, the Haunted Museum is renowned for its collection of creepy and mysterious artifacts, including haunted dolls and a cursed chair. Housed in a historic mansion with a sinister past, the property was once owned by a notorious killer who is said to have hidden his victims’ bodies in the walls.

As far as Las Vegas ghost tours go, this is one of the most chilling of them all. Some of the most popular attractions on the tour include a room full of haunted dolls, an exhibit dedicated to serial killer artifacts and the infamous “devil’s chair,” which is said to curse whoever sits on it.

The MGM Grand Hotel and Casino

The MGM Grand Hotel and Casino is an iconic landmark on the Las Vegas Strip. With over 6,000 rooms, it’s one of the largest hotels in the world. However, not all of its guests have checked out for good. Numerous ghostly sightings have been documented, including apparitions of former guests wandering the halls.

For those brave enough to investigate further, a visit to the hotel’s signature restaurant may offer a chance to encounter the ghost of a former chef who reportedly died on the property. Whether you’re a skeptic or a believer, a stay at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino is sure to be a memorable experience.

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