Long and Happy Life Game Review

Long and Happy Life online slot casino game.

Attracting wealth and abundance through symbols and rituals are an important part of Chinese culture, and many can be seen and experienced in homes and public spaces. You might not be able to go to China and see them yourself, but you can get to know them when you play online slots with a Chinese theme! 

Experience many of these symbols as they come to life in the Long and Happy Life online casino slot, brought to you by game provider Ainsworth.

Game overview

Similar to many other online slot games, Long and Happy Life has 5 reels. You’ll see all kinds of symbols on these reels, including the 10, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace playing cards, which are very popular in casino games. Those associated with good fortune are the peach, peach tree, bowl, a lucky coin, or ingot.

Some symbols that might need more introduction include the 888 symbol. Eight is a lucky number in Chinese culture (both traditional and modern), making triple 8 particularly lucky. Others are the Wild, which is a scroll with the “Double Happiness” symbol on it (another sign of good fortune), and the dragon turtle – a mythical creature that represents courage, wealth, and longevity, especially when it’s sitting on top of coins!

The game also has 50 paylines, high volatility, and an RTP (return to player) value of 94.74%, which is slightly lower than the recommended average of 95% for these casino games. You’ll also get to enjoy some uplifting singing in the background, plus some resonating gong and bell sounds that indicate your wins.

How to play

As at any other online casino, the first step is to place your bets. You’ll see on the screen that you can choose a number between the minimum and maximum wager, depending on your budget. Once you’ve done that, you’re ready to play, and all you’ll need to do is click the green play/circular arrow button to start spinning.


Long and Happy Life online slot casino game.

This game has a vibrant red and blue background, with rich curtains draped around the reels’ sides, and a patterned background.

As gold is symbolic of wealth, you’ll find most of the symbols are this color, along with red and blue. The graphics include many of the good fortune symbols that you might be looking for in a Chinese-themed slot game. 

One symbol we haven’t mentioned before is the red Pan Chang knot. As the knot seems to have no beginning and no end, this symbol represents infinity, according to Buddhist tradition, and is associated with longevity. It appears on the reels with a prize number and is your ticket to the two bonus features of the game. 


If you get 6 or more of the Pan Chang symbols in the base game, this will trigger the Pan Chang feature and 5 free games. The prize that you won when triggering the feature will be awarded immediately, followed by all of the Pan Chang symbol prizes that you win during this round.

When you play this online slots feature, you’ll see the “+1 Free Game” symbol coming up on the reels, which will award you one more free game. In this round, you also have a chance to win the Major, Minor, or Mini bonus prizes. These provide wins of 2,000, 100, and 20 credits, respectively. 

If you’re fortunate enough to get 15 or more Pan Chang symbols on the reels, these will be collected, and at the end of the Pan Chang feature, you’ll be taken to the Lucky Lantern feature, where you’ll have a chance of winning big with the Grand Jackpot slots prize, which is only available in this round!

Bonuses and jackpots

All jackpot bonuses in the game are fixed, with the Grand Prize max win set at 30,000 credits. As opposed to other kinds of online slot machines, these jackpots aren’t progressive and are extra prizes that you can win by getting through to the free spins bonus round.

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