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Game Review: Fortune Coin

Fortune Coin logo on blue and black background

Game overview

Fortune Coin is a Chinese-themed online slot from developer IGT Slots, which has had a good run of Asian-themed slots. These include classics like 100 Pandas and Dragon’s Temple, although its extensive catalog of online slot machines doesn’t feature that many with this theme.

Let’s take a look at how Fortune Coin works, including what kind of bonuses and features you can expect, and we’ll reveal why it is one of the best online slots.  

How to play

When you first load up Fortune Coin, you’ll be greeted by a screen that offers the player a quick overview of the rules and some instructions for how to play. Once you’ve moved on from the welcome screen, you’ll be met with a 5×3 reel screen that has the available jackpots listed above them, as well as the control dashboard at the bottom of the screen containing everything you need to play the game.

On the red and gold control dashboard, you’ll find information that tells you how many coins you’re playing with (which is equal to the number of paylines), the value of each coin, as well as your total betting value. On the right, you’ll find two boxes that display your current available balance to bet with, and the big red spin button.

Simply select how much you want to bet by clicking on the betting value and adjust the amount you want to bet per spin. All that’s left to do after that is hit the spin button to get those reels going.


Big win with the Fortune Coin bonus feature with gold coins

Fortune Coin does an amazing job of capturing the glory and decadence of Ancient China in its graphics. The beautifully bold blue background frames the 5 reels, which are loaded with symbols that jump out at you with their 3D design, and the animations of the reels get your heart pumping as they spin and lock in one at a time.

Top-and-tailing the reels are the jackpots and your betting options, as well as your balance and the big red spin button. Above the reels in the centre, you’ll find two animated Chinese dragons made of gold “guarding” a pot of gold coins between them. The symbols themselves are mostly trimmed in gold, or feature objects made of gold, such as the lucky Chinese coins that unlock bonus features. The wild symbol contains the image of an Oriental dragon, and the large scatter medallion features an animated dragon’s face.


The Fortune Coin features and bonuses are great opportunities for winning big! The multiway feature pays for any matching symbols in adjacent columns, no matter what position they’re in. What’s great is the symbols can stack on the same reel too, and matching symbols in the same column multiply the reward.

Synced reels are the name of the game: to win, you need to sync at least 2 or more columns starting from the left. Above the reels you’ll see 4 fixed jackpots, labeled Mini, Minor, Major and Maxi. These jackpot values can be boosted by adding multipliers found in the jackpot bonus round (more on that in a bit).

One of the great features of this casino game is the Fortune Coin event, which occurs any time a coin lands on the reels. These coin symbols can pay out cash rewards, free spins, or even trigger the jackpot bonus round.

Free spins can also be triggered by hitting 3 or more of the scatter symbols. These symbols will give you 10, 15 or 20 free spins if you hit 3, 4 or 5 scatter symbols respectively. This feature can be triggered again during your free spins, so with some luck you can stack them up!

Bonuses and jackpots

As we mentioned before, there are 4 fixed jackpots displayed above the reels while you play. To land the jackpot bonus, you first need to trigger the Fortune Coin bonus feature. The Fortune Coin feature is triggered when there are 2 or more coins anywhere on the reels, and is available during free-spins bonus rounds too. During the Fortune Coin bonus, the reels will fill with coin symbols, each of which could trigger the jackpot bonus!

Once you’ve triggered the jackpot bonus round, you’ll be taken to a new screen with an opportunity to win either the Mini, Minor, Major or Maxi jackpot. To win one of these jackpots, you’ll need to match 3 symbols by flipping them over. Keep your eye out for the Boost, Super Boost and Mega Boost symbols, which will place a respective 1x, 2x and 3x multiplier on the jackpots.

If fortune does favor you, you might even hit the Award All symbol in the jackpot bonus round, which will award you with all four jackpots!

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