Understanding the Gamble Feature in Online Slots


Understanding the Gamble Feature in Online Slots


A green slot reel with three gold 7s surrounded by gold coins and green paper cash.

Understanding the Gamble Feature in Online Slots


A green slot reel with three gold 7s surrounded by gold coins and green paper cash.

Many online slot features offer you fun, thrills, and potentially big wins when you play slots online. However, there’s one feature that stands out amongst all the others when it comes to risk and reward: the online slots Gamble feature. 

Whether you’re an experienced gambler or a beginner learning how to win at slots, read on to learn more about this feature, including what it is and how it works, and look at some of the exciting online slot games that offer it.

What Is the Gamble Feature?

The Gamble feature is one of many slot machine features that’s quite simple to understand. When you win in slots with this extra mechanic, you’ll be given a set of choices. In most slots, you can choose to claim the win or risk your winnings for a chance at an even bigger payday. Depending on the slot, this gamble might mean spinning a wheel or something similar to see if you can take home a larger cash win or trying your luck with free spins or a bonus minigame. 

It’s up to you to decide whether you’re happy with whatever you’ve won or if you’re willing to forfeit your winnings for a chance at an even bigger prize. But regardless of what you decide, make sure it fits in with your slot bankroll management strategy.

Online Slots With the Gamble Feature

There are numerous slots at Borgata Online that offer the Gamble feature. Here’s a quick look at some of these exciting titles and how the Gamble feature works for each of them:

Dwarfs Fortune

A screenshot of the reels in Dwarfs Fortune. The game is set against a rock wall with glowing gold veins. The reel has a variety of symbols, including different shaped and colored gems, as well as standard slot symbols like the A, K, Q, and J. Above the reels is a row of mining carts. These mining carts have slot symbols on their sides.
Software ProviderWazdan
Jackpot TypeFixed
PaylinesPay Anywhere
Max Wager$10,000
Max Win2,500x

Dwarfs Fortune is a mining-themed slot that takes you deep underground in search of valuable jewels and other slot symbols. If you’re lucky enough to find them, the gamble feature might activate and give you a chance to double your winnings. You do this by choosing a symbol and then seeing if your symbol matches the one chosen from a lucky draw. 

But if luck is on your side and you do win, the excitement doesn’t stop there. The Gamble feature has seven rounds in total, each offering you a chance to double your winnings by guessing the right symbol. At the end of each round, you can decide if you’re happy with your winnings or if you want to try again. This means that you have multiple chances to double your prize. However, if your chosen symbol doesn’t match during any of the gamble rounds, you forfeit your winnings, and the game ends.

Gold Cash Freespins

A screenshot of the Gamble feature in Gold Cash Freespins. There are three options on screen: gamble for cash, gamble for free spins, or collect your prize. Above each of the gamble options are two circles with a golden arrow above each. These circles are split into red and green sections, each of a different size.
Software ProviderInspired Gaming
Jackpot TypeN/A
Max Wager$100
Max Win$250,000

If you enjoy money-themed slots, you’ll enjoy Gold Cash Freespins by Inspired Gaming. This game has a Gamble feature that you can turn on and off, but you can also set it to activate on a win of 5x your wager or more. 

When this feature does trigger, you’ll be presented with multiple options. You can gamble for cash wins or free spins or collect your money. If you collect your money, the Gamble feature will immediately end. However, if you’d like to try for a bigger win, here’s how the Gamble feature works. 

Each gamble option has a circle split into two colors: red and green. The size of the red and green sections in the circles depends on the size of the prize that you’re gambling for. The higher your potential prize, the smaller the green section in each circle. You can adjust the values of each gamble option using the plus or minus buttons below each circle.

When you’re ready, tap the circle for a bigger cash prize or the circle for free spins, and it will start to spin. If it stops on a red section, you forfeit your prize. If it lands on a green section, you’ll win extra cash or free spins, depending on your chosen circle.

Reel King Megaways

A screenshot of the Gamble feature in Reel King Megaways. The game features a banner at the top containing six sets of numbers, representing the free spins you’re playing for. Your potential wins are 0 and 6, 0 and 8, 0 and 12, 0 and 16, 10 and 20, and 16 and 25. Below this banner, you have the option to take your current prize on the left or the option to spin for a chance to win free spins on the right. In the center is a wheel split into multiple red and green sections, with a black arrow pointing upwards.
Software ProviderInspired Gaming
Jackpot TypeN/A
PaylinesUp to 117,649
Max Wager$20
Max Win10,000x

Reel King Megaways is a slot that feels like a retro-themed game but comes packed with an incredible range of fun modern features. One of these thrilling gameplay mechanics is the Gamble feature. 

The Gamble feature activates after you trigger the Reel King feature and win a prize. When this feature activates, you can choose to take your winnings. If you do, the Gamble feature ends. You can also choose to forfeit your prize for the chance to play for Reel King Free Spins, which offer you even better prizes than the base game. You do so by choosing the Free Spins option, after which a wheel split into red and green sections will spin. If you land on red, you lose your prize, and the feature ends. 

However, the Gamble feature doesn’t stop if you win extra spins. Above the reels is a list of free spin prizes, and when you win, you’ll move on to the next prize with even more Reel King Free Spins up for grabs. As long as you keep landing on green in the wheel, you’ll keep winning more free spins until you reach the final free spin prize. Be careful, though. The more free spins you win, the higher your chance to lose as the red sections in the wheel grow in size.

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