Four Card Poker Casino Game Review

Game Reviews

Four Card Poker Casino Game Review

Game Reviews

Four Card Poker logo in yellow and black over a playing card diamond shape. The background is green and the bottom of the screen is black with a blue and pink loading screen bar.

Four Card Poker Casino Game Review

Game Reviews

Four Card Poker logo in yellow and black over a playing card diamond shape. The background is green and the bottom of the screen is black with a blue and pink loading screen bar.
  • Fast-paced action for those who love the strategy of poker and the speed of slots.
  • Three payout structures run simultaneously.
  • Bonus prizes pay out regardless of losing the hand.

People constantly promote variants like Texas hold’em, Omaha, and stud as the best poker games online. While these are perfectly good variants for the majority, online poker fans who prefer a faster pace in their games have no doubt been frustrated. There are a few variants that just don’t get enough credit out there. SG Digital aims to change some opinions with this four-card poker online game.

Four Card Poker Casino Game Bonus

Borgata Online is one of the best places to play casino games online. It offers not only top-ranking games but also some of the best member benefits to use on games like Four Card Poker online. Members have access to Deposit Match, sign-up bonuses, Free Spins, and more. Log in or register with Borgata Online to see what’s on offer.

Four Card Poker Game Highlights

This game highlights the innovation in modern video poker, providing fast-paced action and multiple ways to win in quick succession. Main bets and side bets run on an incredibly high return to player (RTP), and the pay structures offer generous win potential even if you lose the main game.

Four Card Poker Quick Facts and Features

Software ProviderSG Digital
Max Wager$500
Max Win$8,400
Four Card Poker video poker screen with a green poker table. There are playing cards and casino chips on the poker table. The screen shows a win of 40 credits.

Does Four Card Poker Pay Real Money?

You can play casino games online for real money If you’re located in one of the regulated U.S. states where Borgata Online is available. The online casino operates legally in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

How To Play Four Card Poker

When you start a round, you must consider three bets. The ante, play bet, and side bet all run off the same denomination you choose before you start, so choose wisely.

When you’re ready, you can hit the Ante Bet button a few times to add increments of your denomination to your main bet and optional side bet and hit Deal to get going. The maximum total bet for a round is $500.

The dealer gets one card face up, and five cards face down, and the player gets five cards, all face up. You can then choose to place a play bet of 1x or 3x the ante or fold.

After the betting round, all cards are revealed, and the best four-card hands are compared. A draw will pay out 1x the ante and play bet, and a loss forfeits both. The side bet is evaluated separately from the main game and can still be won even if the main game is lost.

Four Card Poker Game Features

The best feature here is undoubtedly the speed of the game. You can flash through games and rack up wins in no time at all. If you’re really the betting type, you’ll definitely want to take advantage of the side bets, too. As explained, this technically gets you a second game off one round.

Both games have a relatively high RTP, with the main game sitting at an impressive 98.86% and side bets at 96.63%. The side bet action comes in the form of an ace-up game. This game doesn’t play against the dealer, and the outcome is based on the following paytable regardless of the main game outcome:

Player HandSide Bet Payout
Four of a kind50x
Straight flush30x
Three of a kind7x
Two pair2x
Pair of aces1x

Four Card Poker Bonuses and Jackpots

Surprisingly, SG Digital has included a special ante bonus for fast poker enthusiasts who find and enjoy this poker game online. Regardless of whether you win the round or not, if you happen to land one of the following hands, you’ll get the corresponding multiplier paid out for your ante bet:

Player HandAnte Bet Payout
Four of a kind25x
Straight flush20x
Three of a kind2x

How To Win Four Card Poker

Of course, the main game remains the main attraction, and with an $8,400 payout on the line, it’s a no-brainer. Once the dealer’s cards are revealed, you’ll square off using similar hands to standard rankings. If you already know how to play poker, you’ll get used to these quickly.

Because you only use four cards, the hand rankings omit the royal flush and full house. The other hands have restructured card values to accommodate only four cards. Card values in these hands apply to the main game, the ace-up game, and the ante bonus. The Four Card Poker online hand rankings look like this from high to low:

Hand RankCard Values
Four of a kindFour cards of the same rank
Straight flushFour sequential cards of the same suite
Three of a kindThree cards of the same rank
FlushFour cards of the same suit
StraightSequential cards in two or more suits
Two pairTwo pairs of cards of the same value
Pair of acesTwo aces
High cardHighest ranked single card (ace is high except for an A-2-3-4 combo)

To reach peak RTP, it’s obviously advised to play with a strategy. But that said, even a beginner poker strategy is good enough to get you started. These tips can definitely help:

  • You should fold if you don’t at least have a pair.
  • If you have less than a pair of 9s on the play bet, you shouldn’t raise the bet more than 1x.
  • If you have more than a pair of 10s, take the shot and up the bet with 3x.

Four Card Poker Graphics and Design

This Four Card Poker online game draws on a classic casino table game aesthetic. It features the iconic green felt table top with outlines on the spaces for your cards and betting chips. Even the ante bonus and ace-up tables are printed on the table, much like you would find in brick-and-mortar casinos.

The layout fits well across most screen sizes, and the game should run smoothly on most devices thanks to HTML5 and Javascript frameworks. The controls are easily accessible and also scale well on different screens.

Four Card Poker video poker game with playing cards and casino chips on a green felt poker table.

Similar Games To Play at Borgata Online

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