Fire Drake Game Review

Golden slot machine wins the jackpot 777 on the background of an explosion of coins.

Fire Drake is one of several online slots available to play at Borgata Online. Line up any of the medieval-themed icons on the reels to win big. This includes knights, princesses and the fearsome Fire Drake. Three or more of these get you to the dragon’s lair, where you’ll access bonus features and more. 

Game Overview

Fire Drake is a 5 reel, multiline progressive jackpot casino slots game, where you could find yourself winning big by lining up different combinations of several medieval-themed icons on your screen. In this progressive slots casino game, you never know when you might strike it lucky and win some free spins and added bonuses!

In the meantime, lining up three more of the fire-breathing dragons (or drakes) will lead you into the dragon’s fearsome lair, and gain access to bonus features. This includes getting to open up 3 out of 5 golden chests, which contain a variety of prizes.

How to Play

Once you’ve signed up to Borgata Online and set up your account, play Fire Drake by spinning through the reels and seeing how the medieval icons line up and give you the chance to access their own individual bonuses and prizes.

Lining up three or more Fire Drakes gives you access to the fiery dragon’s lair, where you can click on any three gold chests to open them and access 3 different bonus features. These include 3 free spins when you find a green gem, 10 free spins for a sword and anywhere from 15-100 free spins when you get hold of a rare dragon’s egg.

Note that all free spin wins are multiplied by 4 when playing in this mode. Free spins are also re-triggerable, which means that you can add to your number of free spins when you line up 3 or more of the scatter symbols (i.e. the Fire Drake). 


As you would expect from a medieval-themed jackpot slots casino game, all of the icons include key archetypes from the Middle Ages, including the brave knight, the princess, castles and of course, the fire breathing dragon, who guards a bounty of secret treasure.

This medieval theme is also enhanced by the letters and numbers on the slot lines, which are all set out in a medieval font. The feel of the game is more basic, with the main visual focus being on the bonus feature of the fiery dragon’s lair.


Fire Drake does not include any wild symbols, but the Fire Drakes act as the scatter symbol, taking you deep into the dragon’s lair to open up the 3 golden chests in search of the prizes inside. 

Other features include being able to set up the number of lines you choose to play per spin, and adjusting these from 1-9 using the up and down arrows on your screen. This can also be used to set your max bet per line. 

Spinning can also be set to automatic if you prefer, although this is reserved for players using real money as opposed to those who are playing for free. This automatic spin feature can also be set to stop under certain conditions — set a number of spins or stop automatic spins when the bonus feature is triggered. This adds a whole lot of convenience to your online playtime.

Bonuses & Jackpots

As mentioned above, the key bonus feature of this game is lining up 3 or more of the Fire Drake scatter symbols to enter into the dragon’s lair and open up the 3 golden chests to win a number of different bonuses, which include a certain number of free spins.

Line up 5 knights in a row, and you will get a payout of up to 10,000 coins. Add this to the running jackpot tally at the top of the screen, and you have a wealth of potential winning opportunities!

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