Color Cubes Casino Game Review

Game Reviews

Color Cubes Casino Game Review

Game Reviews

Color Cubes online casino game logo in yellow, orange, green, blue, red, and purple cubes with a white font. The logo is against a dark background.

Color Cubes Casino Game Review

Game Reviews

Color Cubes online casino game logo in yellow, orange, green, blue, red, and purple cubes with a white font. The logo is against a dark background.

Stunning visuals and engaging gameplay with an arcade slot game theme are what you can expect from the Color Cubes slot machine. If you’re looking for a unique experience when you play slots online, this instant-win game from IGT fits the bill. Find out all the details in this online slot review.

Color Cubes Casino Game Bonus

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Color Cubes Game Highlights

Color Cubes is a totally unique take on the online slot gaming experience. The refreshingly innovative gaming mechanic, with its intersecting laser beams and short game rounds, is worth the price of the ticket alone. Then there’s the theme, which brings your screen to life with multiple hues of gorgeous colors. Wrapping up the offer is high win potential — up to 10,000x the bet — in a low-volatility game with stakes that are comfortable for all players.

Color Cubes Quick Facts and Features

Software ProviderIGT
Max Wager$10
Max Win25,000x
Color Cubes online casino game with green buttons at the bottom of the screen. There are colorful cubes on the right side of the screen. The left side shows the prize value of the cubes.

Does Color Cubes Pay Real Money?

The Color Cubes slot pays real money when you win. Borgata Online is exclusively available to players physically located in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

How To Play Color Cubes

To play the Color Cubes online slot for real money, simply purchase a ticket and press “GO.” Use the “+” and “–” buttons to adjust the price of your ticket up to a maximum of $10. Pressing Go sets the selector beams in motion. When they stop, they will pinpoint a cube, bomb, or star where their beams intersect. One ticket gives you a game round of nine intersections, after which your collected prizes are paid out, and you can play another round.

Color Cubes Game Features

In addition to colored cubes, you’ll notice two special symbols on the reels — a bomb and a star. If the selector beams pinpoint the bomb symbol, it will explode, and all cubes surrounding it, regardless of color, will be collected to the prize table. Should the beams pinpoint a star symbol, it will pay out a random instant win.

Color Cubes Bonuses and Jackpots

Color Cubes doesn’t have any of the usual bonus features like wilds, free spins, or slot multipliers. That said, if you manage to fill the top win meter with purple cubes, you’re in for a 10,000x bet payout, which is a real bonus in anyone’s language.

How To Win Color Cubes

The Color Cubes slot plays out on a 7×7 grid powered by a unique gaming mechanism. Instead of spinning reels, two lasers — one horizontal, one vertical — appear and intersect at a randomly selected position on the grid. Whatever cube occupies that position, together with all adjacent cubes of the same color, is collected to the win meter of its color, to the left of the reels. Meanwhile, new cubes fall into the vacant positions. When a win meter is full, you win its credit value. 

A game round consists of nine attempts to fill one or more meters. Bomb symbols can speed up the process by blasting multiple colors to the meters. Color Cubes is a low-volatility slot, so you can stay entertained for lengthy sessions without putting pressure on your bankroll — ideal for budget-smart slot players.

Color Cubes Graphics and Design

As the name implies, the Color Cubes slot machine is a riot of color. All the colors of the rainbow are present on the grid, as well as the background and the prize table, with its six different-colored win meters. There’s plenty of animation, too, with lasers zapping cubes from the grid, cubes lighting up and zooming over to the win meters, and bombs going off. Overall, this makes for a creative and entertaining gaming experience.

Color Cubes Symbols

Six different colored cubes are the symbols you’ll see on the reels, as well as bombs and stars. The win meters on the prize table are ordered like the colors of the rainbow (only indigo is missing), and they pay as follows when filled with colored cubes:

  • Violet: 10,000x
  • Blue: 500x
  • Green: 40x
  • Yellow: 15x
  • Orange: 4x
  • Red: 1x
Color Cubes online casino game with the Color Cubes logo on the left-hand side of the screen. The right-hand side of the screen shows the prize values of each cube.

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