How To Watch The Livestream of the Borgata Spring Poker Open Online Hybrid Championship


How To Watch The Livestream of the Borgata Spring Poker Open Online Hybrid Championship


How To Watch The Livestream of the Borgata Spring Poker Open Online Hybrid Championship


One of the highlights of the 2024 Borgata Spring Poker Open is the poker community that comes together for it. Live and online players converge in Atlantic City to enjoy the best of the game they love. And with BetMGM Poker and Borgata working as a team, they provide a little bit of everything for the community.

The BetMGM Poker Online Hybrid Championship brings it all together, perhaps better than any other tournament to exemplify how online and live poker can work so well together.

Now that the online portion of the event is over, the final table players are preparing to take their seats at the featured table on Thursday, May 9, to play for the title, trophy, and tens of thousands of dollars in prize money.

Finding the Final Table

The BetMGM Poker Online Hybrid Championship started online on Sunday, May 5. The buy-in of $950 + $50 delivered a total of 151 entries. The prize pool, with a slight overlay, landed on the promised $150,000 amount. 

Ultimately, play stopped with six people remaining, and all of them will gather at the Borgata on Thursday to play for the win. Their chip counts are slightly altered, having been rounded to the nearest 5K to accommodate chips in the casino.

  • Frank “FrankyFunk” Funaro – 4,545,000 chips (91 BBs)
  • Brian “pure_reason” Wood – 3,665,000 chips (73 BBs)
  • Tomasz “Tomasz1973” Zakrzewski – 2,965,000 chips (59 BBs)
  • Michael “BobMerwald” Bohmerwald – 1,910,000 chips (38 BBs)
  • Ryan “TheSims” Hohner – 1,510,000 chips (30BBs)
  • Noah “Guts.” Sharp – 505,000 chips (10 BBs)

Play will begin in Level 27 with 25K/50K blinds and a 50K ante. They will play 40-minute levels. 

What To Expect via Live Stream

As mentioned, the final table action will be live streamed from the Borgata, starting at 1 p.m. ET on Thursday, May 9. Look for some quick action from Sharp, who will need a double-up to stay in the game. A double for any of the middle stacks could change the course of play. Or Funaro could run over the table with his substantial chip stack.

There are some other factors to consider before the game begins. Most importantly, Wood has not only been in this position before, having final tabled the BetMGM Poker Online Hybrid Championship in January, but he also won it. Wood clearly knows how to adjust his game from online to live. 

That event was live streamed and has more than 1,200 views.

Chipleader Frank Funaro is not only well-known in the East Coast poker scene, he has nearly $2.8M in live tournament earnings to date, along with millions more from online poker success. It’s also notable that his brother, Nick, won the opening event of the Borgata Winter Poker Open in January for more than $420K. 

All of them do have something in common. They all want to win this tournament. And the prize money at stake is nothing to dismiss:

  • 1st place: $37,500
  • 2nd place: $25,500
  • 3rd place: $18,000
  • 4th place: $13,560
  • 5th place: $10,575
  • 6th place: $7,800

To follow along with the action and be a part of the rail, visit the BetMGM YouTube streams page.